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Kala / Smooth Groovers EP [Forestdelic records]

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If you’ve checked Kala’s album ‘Cosmic Caravan’ early this year on Forestdelic records, you’re already familiar with the very exciting sound creations the guys from this project brought in their production. As the summer season is slowly approaching the closing point, they are back again with some refreshments from their studios, bringing three new tracks as a teaser for their upcoming work.
Advancing the style of their sound towards more groovy lines and juicier sounds, Kala are definitely becoming a well recognised name on the globe, and for all those that heard Kala playing this summer and are still wondering what was that stuff shaking the ground and setting the dancefloor wild, this piece is the answer. Dive into a dancing frenzy and give your ears a proper dose of infusion with ‘Smooth Groovers’.

Artist: Kala
Title: Smooth Groovers EP
Label: Forestdelic records
Format: Digital
Release date: 27.08.2016.


1. Kala / Smooth Groovers
2. Kala / Unsolved Mystery
3. Kala / Wicked Moves

Written & produced by Darko Toromanoski
Mastered by Ognen Zafirovski
Cover by Fetex



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