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Cosinus - Sacred Mirrors (Sangoma Records)

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Catalogue no: TSANGEP019

Label: Sangoma Records

Genre: Electronic

Style: Psychedelic Trance

Format: Digital EP

Mastering: Alex E.V.P. @ Wild Mastering

Artwork: Ashtak Singh @ Trilochana


Sangoma Records proudly presents the second EP Sacred Mirrors by Cosinus.

Michael has made a tremendous amount of growth with his new and improved sounds and production since

his last release.

The EP reflects Michaels current preferences for psychedelic music and is inspired by experiences

from various travels throughout the globe. Although hes been spinning records for over two decades,

his first live set took place over a year ago and took him on journey into unfamiliar territory that

brought new reflections of spiritual growth, which inspired the creation of Sacred Mirrors.

The listener can look forward to hearing three solo tracks and a collaboration with Braincell that

contain deep atmospheric nighttime grooves with crunchy bass lines and a wide spread of dynamic range.


releases June 20, 2016


Cosinus would like to thank:

My beloved family, Daksinamurti & Emiel for your countless support and for believing in me and my music

and the great friendship we share, My Soul brothers Izzy and Yan Sequoya, Luis @ Psycheground,

the Southwilds Jay & Bonnie, Ralph @ Braincell for the great opportunity to work with you and for the

open ears, Sinan for our great friendship and sharing the passion for good electronic music,

Gaspard & Ajja @ Yab Yum, Nico @ DS, Brouss Psyberpunk, Kelton @ Hoodwink, Ron Jon & Gia,

Steph the Wild Bourdeau , Fabien Illegal Machines and the Bom Shankas ,Yan & Audrey @ Synthetik Chaos

And last but least YOU!!

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