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Cosmic Brahma - Incredible India - Twilight Chronicles CLOCKDG009 - (ClockTail Rec, 2016)

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India has always been a land of diversity with it's rich culture spanning across 29 states and 7 Union territories with 22 regional languages. India is a country of great values and sounds. The vedic sounds, the hymns of the vedas and the sounds created in accordance to nature which comprises of various organic instruments. Owing to its diversity, it's very hard to travel and explore through each and every corner as someone said, "If you see and travel each and every corner of India you might not have to see the whole world as the whole World is here."

So to depict and honour the World inside it, I have tried to craft the sounds of India with my fellow friends and artists, who has also given their insight about what they feel when it's the story about the sounds of India during the Twilight time. And, so we call our next compilation "INCREDIBLE INDIA: TWILIGHT CHRONICLES".



Tracklist :


01-Cosmic Brahma Vs ChakraView - Mogambo 148 bpm [07.04]


02-Cosmic Brahma Vs Zzbing - Raga Drum 148 bpm [08.34]


03-Cosmic Brahma Vs Kaya Seneman - Magical Vibes 150 bpm [07.25]


04-Cosmic Brahma - Tribe-O-Dance 148 bpm [07.47]


05-Cosmic Brahma - Artificial Intelligence (Bonus Track) 148 bpm [07.43]



Artist: Cosmic Brahma


Title: Incredible India: Twilight Chronicles


Label: ClockTail Records



Media Format: Digital Download


Genre: Psychedelic Trance


Catalogue Number: CLOCKDG009


Distribution: Beatspace Digital


Release date: 30.04.2016


Artwork Design by: Fractalis


Mastered by: Mindworx Mastering



release available by next online platforms:







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