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I am a lover of the ability for photo and video to really show the the world the incredible experiences we all have come to know and enjoy. Share your favorite Photographers & Videographers who dedicate themselves to capture the variety of incredible moments and scenes that make up our worldwide community!

Who are the ones who dedicate themselves to quality as much as our favorite producers and Dj's? Where are they from?

What are the types of images which really speak to you? What kind of images would you want to see from Psy events and festivals from around the world?

My mission is to travel around the world and show the best vibe festivals, the festivals which push the limits on technology integration, the ones who are growing but don't forget their family roots. Residing in the Northeast USA, I capture as much as I can in this area. I've been to 3 of the highly regarded festivals on the continent --> Ometeotl (Mexico), Eclipse (Canada), & Geoparadise (Panama). If any of you want to take a look at the various events that happen around here, see the vibes & the types of production and atmospheres, I have several albums on my Flickr account and will be adding more archives on my website, www.fractaltribe.org / https://www.flickr.com/photos/fractaltribe/albums


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