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Babagoon - Quantum Mind (Sangoma Records)

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Babagoon Quantum Mind

Artist: Babagoon

Title: Quantum Mind

Label: Sangoma

Catalogue: SANGCD011


Release: DECEMBER 2015

Format: CD/Digital

Mastering: E.V.P @ Wild Mastering

Artwork: Aashit Singh (theare.co.in)



1. Anauê

2. Machinewolf

3. Insight

4. Multiple Dimensions

5. Bong Monk

6. Synergic System

7. Cosmic Dance

8. Vortex Engine

9. Hybrid Technology



Sangoma Records presents Quantum Mind the debut album of Babagoon from Brazil. Gustavo Jeker is also known for his project Space Vision and released his debut album on the Japan based label Grasshopper in 2012. The Babagoon project reflects his edgier side of psychedelia a powerful twisted combination of atmospheric foresty sounds, tribal percussions and deep mighty mesmerizing groove. Babagoon will be the first release of a new psychedelic Brazilian school we want to introduce it represents a very lysergic visionary sound, that tastes like earth, and smells like the jungle; enriched and inspired by indigenous shamanic themes, which are native in the diverse culture of both urban and rural Brazil. A true glimpse of the countries spirit - far away from common eurocentristic ideas and stereotypes like carnival, waxing and bikinis.

Sangoma records Medicinal Music



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