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Stormfront (GAUDI Remix) - Andy Mason & Aphid Moon

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Kundalini Records are delighted to announce their upcoming release…a journey into the mysterious mind of one of the world's foremost dub/electronica music producers...



Internationally renowned & much respected dub supremo Gaudi has taken Stormfront to a different level & created an inspired new take on one of this year's peak time dance floor monsters...


Gaudi’s dream music for the future, without boundaries or genres…no tag, no box…groundbreaking, futuristic, freedom of expression!!! This is deep, sexy & highly psychedelic! It's gonna hit you like a STORM (front).


Plucked from the ether & magically manifested at his London studio, we are over the moon it came about…Gaudi's totally unique remix is already going down a storm in his recent live sets around the world…


Available now from :

Beatport : http://btprt.dj/1SuIQUW

Itunes : http://apple.co/1SuJWA2

Amazon : http://amzn.to/1YFhFKI


Listen to LIVE Gaudi Mix on the Sun Drenched Tribal Grooves Show - The Kundalini Experience on WARPStage Radio - http://warpstageradio.com

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