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VA - Digital Mantra | Nataraja Records | NTJ007

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Title: Digital Mantra - Compiled by DJ Tim

Label: Nataraja Records ( http://www.nataraja-music.com )

Format: CD + Digital

Release: 02/06/2014 (2nd of June 2014)

Catalog: NTJ007




1) Abstract Layers Sunny Spell

2) Suduaya Magic Breeze

3) InnerShade & Alter Ego Back to Life

4) Relativ Burning Babylon (Zyce Remix)

5) OxiliTe Apache Rythm

6) Nerso & Ori Pulsar

7) Static movement Twisted trip

8) DLB Emilys shit (Out of Jetlag remix)

9) e-Mov - Boating on the Seine

10) LunaRoot (aka LunaRave & D_Root) Sunny Dusk


Since the dawn of times, music gathered people. Allowing them to take control of their own lives by the way of trance and dance, it has the very particular ability to dissolve the usual boundaries of the perceptions and to emphasize consciousness expansion.


Through history, music and dance have established themselves as a strong vector to transcendence, being one of the most popular way to an intense experience. In our times, the soundtrack to the modern rituals of trance are coming in a digital shape, as the mantras to a collective meditation.


Selected by Dj Tim, those ten progressive tracks are the soundtrack to a whole psychedelic story, crafted to lead the listeners to self-elevation.





Trailers are available on : http://soundcloud.com/natarajamusic

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