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PARA HALU - Sky City Remixes OUT NOW incl. Fungus Funk, Hyperfrequencies & more

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Release Date: 28 May 2013

Format: Digital

Available on www.psylife.net

and Beatport, iTunes etc

1. Sky City (Fungus Funk remix) 07:56

2. Sky City (Hyper Frequencies remix) 07:50

3. Sky City (Terrafractyl remix) 08:01

4. Sky City (Nagz remix) 04:20

After releasing his 6th album this February legendary Para Halu, who has been producing some of the most influential psytrance music for more than a decade, returns with the first in line of a new remix series - a fresh collaboration between true pioneers of the genre. The massive psy anthem Sky City became an instant classic among fans upon its release and is now masterfully remixed by Fungus Funk (Russia), Hyper Frequencies (France) and Terrafractyl (Australia), all known for their unique and uncompromised sound. On the top of it all a very interesting freestyle non-trance remix by fellow Hungarian producer Nagz is also included.


Fungus Funk remix by Sergey Prilepa, Russia

Hyper Frequencies remix by Gilles Beraud, France

Terrafractyl remix by Felix Greenlees, Australia

Nagz remix by David Halmi, Hungary

Original "Para Halu - Sky City" written by Adam Hohmann, Hungary.


More info:

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