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Full Spectrum goa/psy set


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Haven't posted in a while, here is what I have been working on. . .
I am working on a 10 hour goa/psy set for the end of the summer. A full spectrum Goa/psy set progressing from ambient to neuro and all(most) of the goodies in between.
Here is an arrangement of mixcloud sets Including most the patterns I will be using. My main box is the mc808, accompanied by dx200, korg esx, sh101, x0xb0x, 2 kp3s, guitar, bass, and various trinkets via microphone. Any help you can give me on getting my sounds more interesting, intricate, or catchy would be appreciated. My process for recording is through a mackie profx8 mixer via 1/4 inch input into ableton and ran through ozone 5 for loudness standards.

*ambient and psychill*
Potato Microchips 1.58.36 - me and my friend bytepsyze's reaction to sacred earth 2013 in Wisconsin. spacey ambient with me reading nat geo and glen (bytepsyze) doing some Hindu accents.
Unawake 55.59 - melodic style ambient with some instrumentals and a few beat drops
Winter Solstice 2012 57.01 - psychill for Shoom and Bloodwing who run the di.fm goa/psy psychill and progressive psy channels.

Sunshine Set 2.03.16 - All my lighter trance (20 mc808 patterns or so). These tracks are nearly complete and ready for the 10 hour full spectrum performance.
Dusk Set 1.46.36 - All of my nightpsy and dark goa trance (20 patterns or so). I still have to repair a track or two before the 10 hour set.
Scary Music for Crazy People 52.56 - A little to crazy for most people, I am going to spend a few weeks with the Cosmic E.G.G (Minnesotan psy collective) to bring my darkpsy and neuro up to par and standards. The E.G.G. consists of producers artists and djs, martyrs, jagno gaia, bobby b, weak ass transient movie, byte psyze, myself and many other people.

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