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[Woorpz Rec.] Spectral Vibration - All About Feelings EP

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"First Progressive EP @ Woorpz Records [Portugal]"








Rogério was born in 1988 in Portugal. He started with piano lessons when he was 8 years old and began his musical career at the age of 14, after two years of friends house parties, when he started to mix different types of music.

That phase had a short duration, 3 years later he was to his first psychedelic trance party, where he discovered a completely new and fantastic world. So, he change is musical style and started to play Psychedelic Trance and created Lethal Injection Project.

In 2012 Lethal Injection released their album (Shake Before Open) debut on Spliff Music Israel / Plusquam Records label. Also in 2012 Woorpz Records released a compilation (VA - Progressive Time) where the original track was released Mirror's Bright Side (Original Mix). Up! Noize Records released a remix (Elektrik Boy - The Book Of Urizen (Lethal Injection Remix)) on the album: Elektrik Boy - The Book Of Urizen (The Remixes).

But that was just an experiment. After improve some production skills Rogério creates a new project.

Spectral Vibration is a Psychedelic Progressive Trance project that was created with the mission to exploring positive emotions in the subconscious of everyone.

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