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PHYLER - four years of our musical work for free!


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Hi everyone!


Based in Hamburg, Germany for almost 8 years we had a Progressive Trance Project called "Phyler". Maybe even some of you have heard of us, although we didn't release a lot of tracks. However, some time ago we quit the project.


Cleaning up my computer I've found these years-old progressive trance tracks that we've made and that are slowly gathering dust on my hard disk. They are all unreleased, unmastered and some of them, especially the old ones, are in a horrible sound quality, but still it would be a pitty to let them rot on the hard disk. Posted Image


We've played them in several live-sets but apart from that always kept the tracks under tight wraps, but now that we've quit, we've decided to let you people out there listen to what we've produced over the years. Maybe we can still put a smile on someone's face. This is what we made music for in the first place. We've uploaded a collection of our tunes on Youtube.


Enjoy! Feedback is still welcome as we put our heart, souls and creativity into our music for many years. :wub:


Cheers and thanks for listening,



Here's the link to our channel:


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