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BMSS Records

VA / Transmissions (Compiled by Boom Shankar & Alexsoph / BMSS Records) (Out now!)

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Hi Psynews community,


we are happy to announce our latest double CD release "Transmissions" compiled by Boom Shankar and Alexsoph.


We hope you enjoy what we came up with!




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Label Name: BMSS Records

Catalogue Number: BMSS2CD007

Date: 2nd November 2012

Artist Name: Various Artists

CD Name: Transmissions

Compiled by: Boom Shankar & Alexsoph

Number of Tracks: 20

Barcode: 5060147128659


Tracklist CD1:


01: Elegy - Low Red Moon

02: Yan Gecko - Beyond Perception

03: Egorythmia - The Resurrected

04: Ovnimoon - The Source (Lightsource Remix)

05: Zyce - Technology (Zyce 2012 Remix)

06: Soul Kontakt - Initiation

07: Spirit Architect - The Fortress

08: Hypnocoustics - Into the Ninth

09: Meller & Pikachu - Rise of the Machines

10: Sephira - More than Human


Tracklist CD2:


01: Sonic Entity - The Object

02: Hypnoise - Demetrium

03: Headroom & Zen Mechanics - CBR (Tron Remix)

04: Tantrix - Catch 23

05: Ying Yang Monx - 16th Love

06: Rigel - Tsunami (Remix)

07: Pulsar & Thaihanu - The World is changed

08: Sonic Species & Avalon - Back to Reality

09: Spirit Architect - Anti Gravity

10: Braincell - Witches in Nature (Interconnekted Remix)


Bonus Tracks:


01: Mirok - Dark Glow

02: Point - Flip Side (Cylon Remix)

03: Via Axis - Lost in Space


Promo Text:


Egorythmia, Hypnocoustics, Sonic Species & Avalon, Headroom & Zen Mechanics, Zyce, Ovnimoon and Hypnoise are among the plethora of producers who are involved in this latest release by BMSS Records. Boom Shankar and Alexsoph spent the last year sampling the highest calibre of audible delights from around the world and have managed to create an epic musical story consisting of 23 tracks, given to you in two chapters (CD's). Chapter one is fuelled by the energy of the Sun, giving lashings or progressive and morning drenched psychedelic trance tunes. As the sun goes down so does this CD end… but not the compilation! The second disk is infused with the energy of the Moon, our friend of the night, which is why this final chapter consists of those moving twilight psychedelic and goaish soundscapes of the night time variety. The full journey of this 2CD monster (with an additional 3 bonus tracks to download online!) really does showcase the wide spectrum of audible treats our lovely scene has to offer. Mastering: Silicon Sound & Design: Miro Moric


Release Dates:


02. November 2012 (CD via Beatspace, Psyshop, Goastore, Saiko Sounds)

09. November 2012 (Digital via Bandcamp, Beatport, Juno, iTunes and Amazon)




Beatspace (CD): http://tinyurl.com/9oyg56g

Psyshop (CD): http://tinyurl.com/9wydrqy

Goastore (CD): http://tinyurl.com/8ql57es

Bandcamp (MP3 / WAV): http://tinyurl.com/8vq4o2e

Beatport (MP3 / WAV): http://tinyurl.com/9xvnb4v

Juno (MP3 / WAV): http://tinyurl.com/9hj439g


Tune in!



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