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Ozmali - The 5 Seasons Ep - [OZMALIDD01]

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Released here/now: Ozmali - The 5 Seasons Ep


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title: Ozmali - The 5 Seasons

label: Ozmali Records

catalogue#: OZMALIDD01



01. Soulstice - 145.67bpm - 08.46

02. Audiofire - at Hunters Moon - 147bpm - 11.26

03. Woods World - 148bpm - 8.42

04. Junglesoup - 148bpm - 6.50


Tropic joy and warmly waves,

the sky will never end,

together into timeless bliss

of dancing with a friend.


Subtle clear gold rising deep

and crispy thoughts to rise,

so slowly storming growly waves,

where clouds will meet with eyes.


Frozen sounds of wind and steel,

will meet with solid wood,

more purple light for darker days,

and sparkle up some mood


Melting drops of ichy joy,

will take the weight away,

and open up the rainbow bridge,

where we have crossed one day.


Where four reside in balanced pulse,

no need to call on five,

't when weirdness has it mysteries

the present day alive.





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