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Mystic Mind - Quantum Reality (Full on/Morning psy-trance)

Mystic Mind

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Hello my fellow music lovers,


I'd like to share my latest mix with you all. Hope you enjoy. :)






1) Cosma -People on hold (Numb 2010 remix) (Noya Records)

2) Cyrus the virus vs. Waio - Encom (Grasshopper Records)

3) Namarrkon - Comet life (Highly Evolved Music)

4) Yan Gecko - Dreamcatcher (BMSS Records)

5) Altruism vs. burn in noise - Intera (Nano Records)

6) Mind complex - Criminality (part2) (Yellow Sunshine Explosion)

7) Brainiac - Alien Technology (Grasshopper Records)

8) Hynoacoustics - Buddha nature (BMSS Records)

9) Allaby - Uberstar (Nano Records)

10) Spirit Architect - Dark tale (Ovnimoon Records)

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