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Mystic Mind - Freedom Of Expression Mix

Mystic Mind

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Hi everyone,


How is it going? I've been a lurker here for while and finally registered recently. I've wanted to share my mix with you guys for a while now actually. ;) Please feel free to share your thoughts and opinions on the mix. This was a mix that I did about a month ago and I'm working on my next one as we speak :). Enjoy the mix!!!





LINK: http://soundcloud.com/mystic-mind/mystic-mind-freedom-of-expression




1) Friends, Lovers & Family - Tribute (Bucket & Spades Mix) (Lush Recordings)

2) Sunstryk - see natures kindness (Plusquam Records)

3) Aho - Tribal move (Antu Records)

4) Funky Dragon & Djane Betty - Sylong (Iono Music)

5) Egorythmia - Eternal (Iono Music)

6) Klopfgeister - instant summer (Iono Music)

7) Shyine - Soo much (Iono music)

8) Ovnimoon - Kundalini of the Andes (Iono music)

9) Plastic Vibes - Drops (YSE)

10) Binary Finary - 1998 (Protoculture remix) (Nano Records)

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