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Twisted D*U*O

Twisted DUO - Cliff Notes

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Thanks to all who supported my last mix, Ebb and Flow. The mix found its place on DI.fm and to this day, I still get lots of feedback on that mix. This time around, I decided to take it to another level but still dropping some great chilled-out beats.


You can download it here:

Twisted DUO presents: Cliff Notes


I find my inspiration in the strangest places. For this one, I went to the Sunset Cliffs State Park in San Diego, California. After spending most of the afternoon there. I decided to record a set of ambient. One of the joys of going digital is the freedom of being able to play whenever I want, wherever I feel. Having all my music, my laptop, and even the controller readily available; I plugged in the gear to the car and played this set live through the car speakers. Not expecting much from the set, I brought it home to listen to. Turns out that it came out rather nice. But then again, I'll let you be the judge of that. Enjoy.



The Black Ghosts - Full Moon (Marlow Remix)

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Central Plains

Biosphere - Path Leading to the High Grass

Twisted DUO - Symphony Of The Planets (Version 2)*

Aes Dana - Lysistrata (Album Edit)

Antonio Testa - Sunset

Bluetech - Swimming in a Feverdream

Aerosol - Midnight Ride Down The Mental Freeway

Wendy Carlos - A Clockwork Orange (Cosmic Journey Remix)*

Moby - Mistake

H.U.V.A. Network - Orientations part 2 (Ephemeride 15.43°)

Björk - Hunter

Solar Fields - Discovering

Ambientium - Another World (Part 1)

Shpongle - Invisible Man

B.B. King - Blues Boys Tune


For booking or more info:


or email:


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