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Come stimulate your body and mind with a night of heart pounding, foot stomping, brain bending psychedelic trance at its finest.

Let these DJ's take you on a journey through a maze hypnotic sounds sure to poke you in your third eye!!

This is going to be a Mind-Melting, Face-Rearranging, Should have called in to work for the next Week Halloween Costume Party!!!!


:: Be sure to get there early for the Fire show by Big Daddy of the Burn Brothers



Sound Manipulators of the Evening ::


Karma :: Bad Kitty Productions :: Charlotte, NC


Mixtress Krikett :: Single Cell :: Charlotte, NC


Panties the Clown :: Those People :: Greenville, NC


Koji :: Bad Kitty Productions :: Charlotte, NC


$10 cover , 18+ to Dance 21+ to Drink .


more info and flyer image




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