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BlueHourSounds cd001 - MADE OF DAWN (Chapter I)

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Hi there chillout side of the planet! :)


Blue Hour Sound (My link) is very happy to present this new journey.


Posted Image


Thanks to the beautiful musical creations of the artists involved,

we have here a compilation we're honoured to introduce you.



Featuring well experienced musicians and newcomers,

plus a bonus track to download for free from the italian debut Organic Shapes (you'll get the code on the compilation booklet).


That's the tracklist that lead our dawn:


1. LEMON TREE - A Monkey


2. HIBERNATION - The Time of Fire


3. SNAKESTYLE - Across and up


4. PUFF DRAGON - Sympathetic Resonance


5. KICK BONG - From Nowhere


6. SOUNDS FROM THE GROUND - Restless dub


7. PITCH BLACK - Harmonia (Chromidome rmx)


8. BEAT BIZARRE - Slowpoke Pinoke


9. YESTEGAN CHAY - Stormekanika


10. PINEAL - Another time, another place


It's released here: http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5509

and soon on the digital portals.


Our SoundCloud account is here (My link)


We're really curious to have some feedbacks, that's why we decided to give FOR FREE the mp3 files of

this compilation. We'd like to get the download traffic

straight from us, rather than some pirates or file sharing.

Check our website, soon they will be available to download directly there!



With an ecological digipack, we respect nature needs, with intelligent music we feed inner needs.


Chapter 2 is already on the making..


We're guests of nature!

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Hei there!



Wanted to inform that we decided to give free mp3 of the compilation,

directly from the website, so check it out: http://www.bluehoursounds.com


You can download the complete compilation in mp3 low quality, and then you can decide if it's worth to buy it or not!

The bonus track still is dedicated to the people who buys the

physical copy, where they'll find the link to download it.


So.. feedbacks are welcome.. we hope you can enjoy this, as much as we enjoyed it to create it!



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