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@ Club Colosseum


1 Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 5NQ


Presales : £12 / £17 w/CD (+bf)

On the door : £15 / £20 w/CD


Main Room: Psytrance


Tristan LIVE | Laughing Buddha LIVE | Psymmetrix LIVE | Chameleon LIVE | Shane Gobi | Edoardo Liquid Ross | Nanook | Paul+


Room Two: Techno


FØRM (aka Ans & Allaby) | James Harcourt | Ed Real | 4D | Peter Dijital | Chris Organic


Carlo Rossi | Francesca


Room Three: Alternative / World Beats


Younger Brother | Youth | Gaudi LIVE | Eat Static (Funky Eclectic DJ set) | Slackbaba LIVE Entheogenic | Casanueva | Robin Triskele


Installation and deco by Global Village Productions & Fluffy Mafia








3 x CD



Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is not only the poorest island in the Caribbean but quite possibly the poorest in the western hemisphere. A lot of people were moved by the recent events in Haiti and have made contributions towards the relief event; however Haiti Appeal Project would like to emphasise that the island still needs our help, and the Haitians should not be forgotten, especially as they approach the rainy season. With this single cause in mind Haiti Appeal Project is hoping to generate funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) by hosting a charity psytrance, techno, dub and trance club night on Friday 9th April at Club Colosseum, SW8 and by releasing a triple CD ‘Haiti Appeal Project’ spanning techno, trance and down-tempo electronic on Monday 12th April.


Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community of like-minded electronic music lovers. Make a difference and please buy the CD or attend the club night. They're hoping that this message will be passed on generating more sales... For a mere 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks you could be contributing to a new school or hospital in devastated Haiti.


The CD


They’ve pulled together an array of groundbreaking music which features artists such as Extrawelt, Alan Parsons Project (feat. Shpongle and David Gilmour), Eat Static, 1 Giant Leap, James Harcourt, Younger Brother, Perfect Stranger, Minilogue, Gaudi & Greg Hunter, Dnox & Beckers, Fiord, Sensient, Spektre, Burn In Noise, Entheogenic, Zen Lemonade vs System 7, Saiko Pod, Fearsome Engine, Protoculture, Saiko Pod, Dickster, 4D, HoeHLE, The Wave Farmers, Freakulizer, M-Theory, Jay Selway & Christian Smith, Resonant Dawn, Antonio Testa, Switchbox, Logica and Zumbi, Friends Electric, Astronivo, Riktam & Bansi, Dimitri Nakov, Gabe, Tron vs Glitch, 1NTT (Tul & Total Eclipse), KiloWatts, John Monkman, Indigo Child, Warp Technique, Dyno, Avalon vs G-Nome & Triangle and more!


The triple CD will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. There is also a digital download bundle collection of 38 tracks and 3 exclusive mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby). The CDs are available to download for just £12.99 from all normal online digital outlets such as Beatport and iTunes with all proceeds going towards the DEC for Haiti Appeal Project. The CD will be available 9th April 2010 and released 12th April, 2010.


The Party


The techno, psytrance and dub night will take place on Friday 9th April at London’s Colosseum and feature psytrance artists Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Psymmetrix and Chameleon live with DJ sets spanning techno and world beats by Shane Gobi, Edoardo, Liquid Ross, FØRM (aka Ans & Allaby), James Harcourt, Ed Real 4D, Peter Didjital, Chris Organic, Carlo Rossi, Francesca, Younger Brother, Youth, Robin Triskele, Eat Static (Funky Eclectic DJ set), Entheogenic, Casanueva and live sets by Gaudi and Slackbaba. The installation and deco will be provided by Global Village Productions & Fluffy Mafia. All artists will be DJing for free with all proceeds going to DEC for Haiti Appeal Project.


In 2005 the guys behind Love Haiti also released a CD for the Asian Tsunami Benefit and raised £9,000.


Let’s get together and make a difference!


Triple CD track listing:




1. Entheogenic – Body Of Light (Sophia Mix)

2. Alan Parsons (feat. Shpongle, Dave Gilmour)- Return To Tunguska

3. HoeHLE – Digital Cave

4. Friends Electric – Pondlife

5. The Wave Farmers – Playful Waves

6. Resonant Dawn – In This Moment

7. KiloWatts – Remembering Spring

8. Zen Lemonade vs System 7 – Dream Me A River ( Arc of Darkness Dub Mix)

9. 1 Giant Leap – Ta Moko

10. Antonio Testa – Spiritual Water

11. Eat Static – Bedlamite ** digital only

12. Gaudi & Greg Hunter – Ca$hmere ** digital only






1. Astronivo – Reveal

2. Switchbox - Hit the wrong Button

3. Extrawelt – Fernweh

4. Fiord – Zephyr

5. John Monkman – Player Praia

6. Perfect Stranger - Living in the past (The Medicine pt II) 4D – Amped

7. Saiko Pod – Compassion

8. Minilogue - Little Sisters (Dnox & Beckers RMX)

9. Indigo Child- The World Is Changed

10. Jay Selway & Christian Smith – Move (Riktam & Bansi, Dimitri, Gabe remix) ** digital only

11. Minilogue – Doiicie A ** digital only

12. Triangle – One ** digital only

13. Dyno – Vinci ** digital only

14. Perfect Stranger - Prata da casa (Spektre RMX) ** digital only

15. James Harcourt – Proton ** digital only




1. Logica and Zumbi – Sometimes

2. Warp Technique – Ethic Gradient

3. Sensient- Cluster F*%k

4. Freakulizer – Groove Control (Burn In Noise Rmx )

5. Dickster - Nutcracker

6. Tron vs Glitch - Dharma

7. Avalon vs G-Nome – Funky Voodoo

8. Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (M-Theory Rmx)

9. 1NTT (Tul & Total Eclipse) – Organico Maniac

10. Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbons (Protoculture Rmx)

11. 11. Fearsome Engine – Beyond Imagination * Digital Only




www.haitiappealproject.co.uk | www.dec.org.uk




For further info, interviews or images contact: letitia@outpostmedia.co.uk / 020 7684 5634 or robin@triskelemanagement.com

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