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Phazur - 5 years of Producing Megamix


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Hi folks, as far as I can remember it's been 5 years i have been producing music, so to celebrate it made a summary in form of a small set!

Most people know me strictly from goa, so that's why i didn't put too much typical stuff from me in it, but more unknown tracks who rarely got some playtime in my set, cuz they didn't really fit the darkpsy context.. Some tracks don't sound 100% finished, that's because some were made during times I was less educated than now or because I was too lazy and put more time in psytrance music. But all of the track have good ideas or nice feeling. This set contains a lot of different emotions because, so it fits the context of 5 years that passed by cool


I will post the tracklist with some genre discription and date i made the track:


Pain In Spain - Indian Hippy Guitar Bollywood Soundscapes 2009

Obscure Minimal - Weird Liquid Minimal Techno 2008

Acidprog - Minimal Technoish ElectroTrance in a blended Progression 2009

Acid Infection - Psychodelic Acidtrance Grooving with some Fluffy Silk Waves 2006

Disco Blues - Filthy Funkbassed Happy Electro 2009

Discocrooking - A Wrong Discodelic Suomitwister 2008

Funky D - Another Funkadelic Porngroove on the Move 2009

Jazzybass - Jazzy IDM with some Neurotic Tendence to add Distortion 2009

Bad Stories Need A Happy Ending - Chaotic Drill 'n Bass with a Carnival Organ at the end 2009

Don't Dance to this one - This blend of Fucked up Disty Psytrance beats with some Glitchy Noisecore influences (works the best when having a good ol' hangover to push out some extra vomit 2007 (=> maybe that's why the sound is so ugly lol =) ))

Voile Moile - Same Shit but less dist and more melody

Hapercore - Straightforwarded Perverted Breakcore 2007

Splittersessie - Over 500 bpm Splittercore made during a frustrating exam moment, really dirty track, which is better to skip if you want to save your ears 2006


So overall returning elements are acid, breaks, funky shizzle, wrong disco, trancy, core, chaos, psychedelic, contrast, floathing sounds and distortion.

It would surprise me if there were actually people who like all these tracks, because they differ a lot from eachother and are made in a lot of different moods like happy,stressy, serious, joking, agressive. Hmm maybe this is a perfect set for crazy girls having moodswing thx to their periods or young boys still finding a scene to fit in (like me?)

Well all in all I think there is a moment for everyone, even if it is just for the moment you can take a vomit during the last tracks instead of taking the usual piss during the break Wink

I guess now I should stop being a melodramatic nostalgic whiner and give you guys the link smile





Enjoy and thx to al the people who supported me and let me play on their parties!

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