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Perpetual Loop - Catching Zinc (Digital Duvet) OUT NOW!

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Perpetual Loop ~ Catching Zinc :: Digital Duvet


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Release date: 19th December 2009


It wasn't too long ago that UK artist Charles Massey, known as Perpetual Loop, broke through the bubble in Manchester onto the world with his debut album, "Universal Flow". Coupled with track releases on compilations, his first major release was acclaimed worldwide as a top album in the genre. His follow-up album certainly lives up to his original and surpasses it in many ways. The sound quality is masterful in all stages, from the theory and structure of his tracks to the crisp equalization and layering. With eleven tracks, "Catching Zinc" is full of moments which seem to warp time and immerse both your thoughts and feet. Influences both electronic and organic, Balearic and eastern and beyond, abound, and without a doubt, "Catching Zinc" will receive the share of worldwide rotation and enjoyment it deserves.




1. Release

2. Simulated Neurons

3. King In U

4. Scattered Mind

5. Wake Within

6. Trapped In The Inconceivable

7. All The Matters

8. Catching Zinc

9. Overcome

10. Festival

11. Morning Comes





Popping bongo grooves, soft, subtle bass, and layers of voice, strings and synths lull the listener into head-bobbing rhythm. The skilful percussion kicks in for extra up-down motion and the synths evolve just right towards horizontal swaying. Atmosphere is added in the form of an eastern vocal duet and soft background pads.


Simulated Neurons

This track starts off a bit more space-age, with ambient pads and sweeps hallmarking abstract glitch rhythms and willowy arpeggios. The percussive break beat is most nice, and from the low frequencies upward, the whole track develops nicely in melody, texture, and mood. Layers take on new meaning throughout, with plenty of change-ups to be had.


King In U

Funky sub-bass aligns with up-and down Indian melodies. The drums help to fuse together East and West in masterful electronic style. Every lead takes its turn to immerse your eardrums in revolving sonic dominance. String pads add touches of bitter sweetness topped with high frequency harmonics. This one is a superb journey through emotion.


Scattered Mind

Glassy, reverbed droplets bounce amongst the panorama. The deceptive intro leads into an up-tempo array of filtered, grinding bass, vocoded rhythms and crisp percussion. The arpeggios never repeat in exactly the same manner, constantly changing and twisting and the backdrop of swept synth atmospherics paint the sounds cape as clouds in the sky.


Wake Within

"Wake" eases up on the intensity of its predecessor, offering up a heady dose of classic and retro synth sounds to a relaxing dub bass beat. vocal choirs and leads harmonize well with his sonic digitalism, and gradually the layers together create a soothing curtain of smile-inducing beats which draw from cultures new and old.


Trapped In The Inconceivable

An ascending mid-range riff gives you something to latch onto as you drift through waves of outer space-like synth ambience. This dreamy arrangement progresses slowly before taking form with the aid of minimalistic drum works. The bass is present but non-obtrusive, leaving plenty of room for complex melody and build.


All The Matters

This piece has a very urban feel, with distinct elements of vintage electronica and analogy synth influence. The drum line is catchy and classic, with reverbed snares and subtle high hats which keep the time. The melodies and leads are spacey with a touch of hopeful melancholy. An epic, drifting breakdown lends refreshment to a second build-up of sound.


Catching Zinc

The title track to Perpetual Loop's second album encapsulates the message and feel of its tracks masterfully. Brilliant piano work is incorporated into a drum and bass section you can instantly begin grooving to. Myriad parts of synth lead span the frequency spectrum and the vocal effects are clear, biting and fit with the track like a jigsaw piece.



Robotic and electro, this track's feel diverges from its track mates, and the result is pleasing. Healthy amounts of drum and synth funk cascade against mechanical analog goodness. Plenty of up and down, left and right make this ride enjoyable. Dynamic contrast of sound ranges from the pneumatic to the symphonic hold your attention throughout.



Beginning with a very basic drum line and pad, maximum room is given for the sound to unfold, and Perpetual Loop uses it. Layer upon layer builds slowly, audibly and deliberately. Biting acid rhythms tap on your neurons and well-placed Tablas get the head bobbing in anticipation for the bass beat groove to come.


Morning Comes

The finale track to this space odyssey definitely fit the bill for an amazing album. A highly psychedelic intro ushers in panoramic, polarized effects which launch you straight into mental space. This track is a quick cab ride to the Crab Nebula. Drum and synth frequencies inundate your ears from every direction among a wide variety of spectra.



Worldwide digital distribution through Digital Duvet | www.digitalduvet.co.uk |


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