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Smiley Pixie - Chillout Moods To Urban Grooves (Free Freak Music) – 25 Sept 2009

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Smiley Pixie - Chill Out Moods to Urban Grooves


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Release date: 25th September 2009


"Chillout Moods to Urban Grooves" is the second album by international artist The Smiley Pixie. The Pixie has built up a reputation on multiple continents for his freeform interpretation of live music, and this latest collection of works is no exception. Like a true wandering minstrel, the Pixie's life has been one of transnational, multicultural musical training, experience, and cultivation, and this dedication shows itself in his eclectic, diverse array of sounds and arrangements. From gypsy-style piano to freestyle guitar to nigh-futuristic electro breaks and drum and bass, the Pixie infuses his music with enough flavour for all to be able to enjoy. So, why wait? Listen for yourself and feel the heart and energy that this fairy folk has built his life's purpose around.




1. A New Beginning

2. Questions of Perceptions

3. Moving Forward

4. Little Friends of the Forest

5. Microshipped

6. Chasing Dreams

7. Urban Dreams

8. Ever Lasting Myth

9. The Lesson is Made





A New Beginning

The beginning of this eclectic, stylish album features a bass beat groove reminiscent of dub step and industrial and dub step fusion, but the atmosphere is anything but dark. The pads and melodic riffs are deep and rich in sound character and fill your ears with rich aural invasion. Slightly radioactive effects blend with eastern European style piano to create a, infectious trans genre mood.


Questions of Perceptions

The Pixie ramps up the energy a notch along with the tempo. Harshly grating acid leads combine with hefty, chunky bass beats and crisp snares in a dynamic amalgam of urban and gypsy musical styles. Haunting and highly psychedelic, "Questions" illustrates refracted worlds seen through a warped looking glass. Full of groovy, thickly curtained layers of clever, gripping arrangements.


Moving Forward

This progressive four-on-the-floor rump shaker combines elements of sultry pads, crisp, prominent percussion, and harmonic melody to create an emotive sounds cape that's deeper and richer than triple chocolate ice cream. Classic piano minor chords mark a breakdown reminiscent of a foggy Romanian night. This is a brilliant, enjoyable combination of classical and modern influences.


Little Friends of the Forest

"Friends" begins with trippy, pitch-surfing goodness before ushering in low, flowing bass beats drawn from deep and electro house ancestry. Roughly-edged, panoramic synth scratching opposes smoothly filtered sine waves and metallic, robotic percussion, which build great atmospheric contrast. The breakdown is a swelling wave of energy upheaval before a tail-end rearrangement.



Like a choo-choo train, the groove of this piece chugs along and invites you aboard for the ride. Panoramic percussion adds a lively feel and plenty of breakdown mashups recycle the sounds and keep them fresh. Effected vocal samples utter subliminal moral messages. Solidly arranged from the beefy bass to the clean, punchy snares and hats, this is fun music with a serious aspect.


Chasing Dreams

What's immediately unique about this arrangement is a woody analogue bass which stands out. Corrosive hits are glued together by futuristic urban arpeggios. Clever percussion adds an essential up-down feel that's easily danced to. The sounds here are one of a kind treasures... one would be hard pressed to hear in other present styles, speaking loads of their producer's talents.


Urban Grounds

Pixie takes his music into a different direction with this two-step break beat drawn from concrete jungle electro and hip-hop with an acidic twist all his own. Uptempo melodic synth arrangements conspire with half-time beats to create an off-kilter musical pattern which swells with gnarly tension and release. This is the perfect night-time track for the dance floor, auto, and headphones alike.


Ever Lasting Myth

Continuing along the break beat leg of this track is a slightly more relaxed, yet no less satisfying, web of smile-inducing sine waves. With heaping spoonfuls of four-four bass beats mixed in for good measure, "Myth" serves up a slightly more morning sound than its predecessor. Subtle vox waves flesh out the sides of a thumping drum and bass section which drives you straight down the middle.


The Lesson is Made

This finale track is perhaps the most experimental of the collection, and makes a fitting end to this deep, genre-spanning psychedelic odyssey. High speed collusions of jungle-style break beats quantify rolling melodic leads of sinister club synth and distorted acid squelching. Freestyle metal guitar thrown in for good measure makes this piece a menacing full-moon masterwork.



Worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesquedistribution.com |



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