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Banco De Gaia ~ Memories Dreams Reflections :: Disco Gecko Recordings ~ Out Soon!

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Banco de Gaia ~ Memories Dreams Reflections :: Disco Gecko Recordings


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Release date: 18th September 2009


Banco de Gaia. Over the last twenty years, few artists can attest to having put more effort into defining a sound and evolving the roots of an entire genre of music as this one. The Banco sound has worked itself into the ears of millions of listeners worldwide, and Toby Marks, the mind behind the name, has honed his skill in blending music of every description into a crowd pleasing orchestra within every one of his tracks. Toby’s music ranges from acoustic instrumentalism, to trance, break beat, and ambient, with a plethora of stylistic influences in between. All of which has earned him high praise from everyday listeners and keen-eared enthusiasts of every walk and background. With an impressive discography consisting of ten albums and even more compilation tracks, Banco de Gaia's music and performances remain as highly acclaimed and sought after as they have been since the start of his own generation.


Banco de Gaia's latest release, "MEMORIES DREAMS REFLECTIONS" is a double CD which encapsulates everything that Toby's sound has evolved from, and into, over the past two decades. Featuring new tracks, remakes and overhauls of widely favoured classics, and not at all in the least, a stellar twenty two minute remake of the legendary Pink Floyd ensemble, "Echoes", illustrates in painstaking detail the history of the Banco de Gaia act. Released on Banco's hugely popular self-started label Disco Gecko Recordings, this compilation is a must-have addition to anyone's collection and will infuse playlists, dancefloors, and chill spaces with yet another refreshing wave of Banco de Gaia's unique brand of music.





Disc 1


1. Spirit of the Age

2. Starless

3. Echoes

4. Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)

5. Tempra

6. Terra Om


Disc 2


1. Analogique

2. Indecision

3. Soufie (Blue Mix)

4. Qurna

5. China

6. Celestine

7. How Much Reality Can You Take?

8. No Rain

9. Drunk as a Monk

10. Last Train to Lhasa





Spirit of the Age

The introduction to this half of the compilation is an information overload of the current times. A pitch-rising power supply of a note kicks the neurons into gear. Descending into live percussive electronica, all elements blend smoothly together into a jazzy, groovy beat with enough musical quality to get a variety of crowds out of their seats.



A lackadaisical drum and snare beat sets the metronome for ethereal layers of synth pad, string and brass layers. The atmosphere is of a lazy ride through lush twilight sounds capes. Percussion and leads alike pick up in an intuitive way to undercurrent sultry vocal lyrics. And that is just the first half. Prepare for a deep tribal remake of what precedes into a second equally intense climax.



Banco de Gaia takes on the hefty task of transforming this Pink Floyd classic into a twenty-three minute electronica odyssey. Masterful recreations of original Floyd sounds and textures pay proper homage to the legendary original, as well as plenty of added newness from Banco himself. The track as a whole has a proper live band feel and is just as time warping as the maiden incarnation.


Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)

This richly eastern themed track puts you directly on the banks of the Ganges from the beginning. What follows is a deep ethnic immersion which ushers the mind to ancient chapters of humanity through the vehicles of cutting edge sonic technology and two decades of musical master ship. Tribute is paid to both early and modern Indian traditions, from Raga to Goa Trance styles.



This piece plucks you from your tropical surroundings and places you into a Gothic sounds cape. Thick, bassy drums and crisp snares do their work to generate your body to wiggle, while gossamer vocals and string pads give your mind plenty of cushion to coast on. Drifting silver flute and choral saw waves put the finishing touches on this Carpathian-themed requiem.


Terra Om

Finishing up this first half is an ambient masterwork that lifts you vertically through the atmosphere and beams to you simultaneous global flavours as your mind drifts weightlessly through sonic orbit. Gentle touches of influence from eons and corners past and present defy normal spatial dimension to colour a tapestry of audio chemical cerebral programming straight to your third eye.


Disc 2



An appropriately epic, meaningfully rich intro spreads the curtains before a groovy body grinder of break beat electronica. Granulated synth stabs, bleeps and bloops both retro and modern, come together in a melodic cornucopia of style only Banco can emulate. The mood changes dramatically within seven minutes into an intense dance floor shaker for outside or in.



Complex Congo beats collide with digital flow and high voltage leads. The result is a dynamic contrast of moods built for generating tension. At once menacing and gentle, influences of electro, hard house and hip hop seems like a sonic mix of human and alien genealogy. High in rhythm and drive, "Indecision" seems to go in every direction and keeps you on your toes from start to finish.


Soufie (Blue Mix)

This strategically placed remix deviates from its previous iteration into a seaside Mediterranean gypsy style. The instruments are emotive enough to water many an eye and get your attention emotionally invested in the musical progression. The sounds are so rich and alive that they almost seem to be telling a story with an open, uncertain, yet profound ending.



This track's predecessor is a masterfully artistic setup for the horizon this one transports you to. Wind-laden natural ambience sinks you into an alien landing pad of sounds from the limits of synthesis. Scaling melody is cleverly used to lend airs of childish innocence. Flanged sitar drones and analogue oscillations aside dub style bass beats wait afterwards amongst curtains of pad and string.



Ancient legends from the oldest empires of the East theme this track into a sly musical narrative. Obscure instruments emanate portraits of faraway places and imaginative spaces. Before you realize it, an innovative break beat which seems more improvisational than rigidly technical takes centre stage with a feeling that no matter how many times it is heard, each one will be the first.



This chilled out groove is a twelve minute breather, ideal for easy body movement or a hunkering down into a soft space. Floating arpeggios and clear, spacious snares and hats might make you reach for your hookah straw as the heady, panoramic vocals drift into your ears. Brilliant infusions of bluesy jazz sax and world percussive influence spell out a global ride in a mental hot air balloon.


How Much Reality Can You Take?

Enough relaxing! Banco gets your pulse pumping again with this four on the floor dance tune. Meaty, pitch shifting bass copulates with analogue synth melody in this intimate mating session of musical style. Between the synths and the sauternes and the choo choo train of the bass beat, there's enough horizontal and vertical motion to give your hands, feet, and mind plenty to dance to.


No Rain

Jam band drums kick this track off with chirping synth crickets calling out to each other in an attempt at chaotic assembly. Background vocals subtly send you pictures of sipping steamy Turkish tea as your head unconsciously nods quicker and quicker to the tension the percussion builds. The layers bloom out full with a rippling baseline, electric leads and spiritual group choir.


Drunk As A Monk

Banco arranges this piece as more of a live improv rock bit with binding electronica influences. A Staccato synth riff alternates sound space positions to make room for electric guitar, Middle Eastern woodwinds and other regional world elements. Broken drum beats provide thick elements of musical groove and formula in a blend of multi talent which shows music's boundlessness brightly.


Last Train To Lhasa

This Banco signature classic makes a new appearance as the grand finale to a decades-spanning compilation of genre-defining sound. Familiar melodies and textures are given new sets of clothes and curtain your ears with harpsichord, string, choir and effects which are every bit and more as clear and emotive as the original. This remake is a truly fitting end showcase of talent and effort.




'Memories Dreams Reflections' Official CD RELEASE Party:



Sunday, 20th September at 7.30pm

Camden Lock

Chalk Farm Road

Camden Town



Pricing: adv Ł10





Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk |



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