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Orb Festival Bus Info!

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Greetings from Alladin Group and Orb Festival 2009


We are up and ready finalizing minor details for this year’s Orb Festival. Our second tears for advanced tickets are running like biscuits and butter. Those of you still interested they are going for $124 till Monday June 8th. Then from June 8th through July 9th tickets will be $139. At the gate they will be $150.


There is no better way to travel to Orb Festival than in the Bus, reliable, efficient and cost effective. Save the earth and money while you travel with beautiful people with wonderful vibes and great light, which are ready to camp, dance and enjoy for four days in the lovely settings of the New Echo Lake Campground. There is no cheaper way to travel to Orb festival than this. We highly encourage for the sake of good times and the environment. The festival is a green festival for this matter we hope all join in the good spirit mentality.


Those of you interested can purchase their bus tickets from our web site http://www.orbfestival.com (Info will be posted up in a few days so please stay posted). We will have daily buses leaving from Manhattan, NY to the New Echo Lake Campgrounds from the 9th to the 11th on the last day of the event July 12th we will have buses as well, leaving from the New Echo lake Campgrounds back to Manhattan, NY.


The cost of the tickets will be $60 for the round trip package. Departing location will be from Manhattan, NY at 12:00pm and 7:00pm daily July 9th through the 10th, on the day of the 11th there will be only one time schedule departing From Manhattan, NY at 12:00pm. The last day of the event all buses will be departing from the New Echo Lake Campgrounds at 5:00pm.


Looking forward to seeing you all enjoying and dancing with Mother Nature!


Best of vibes

Alladin Group

Orb Festival



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