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Digital Drugs


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Digital Drugs: Double the Dose (Volume 1)

Prescribed by Doctor Spook


Geo-Dark STAR (Geomagnetic Records) is proud to present, Digital Drugs: Double the Dose!


Artists from around the world have combined their unique ingredients to concoct a fabulous formula of which no one has ever experienced before! A full-on, 160 minute voyage through an intense psycho trance, dance experience…


Doctor Spook prescribes a carefully measured dosage of the most cutting edge sounds and full power psychedelic mayhem in the form of 21 mind blowing tracks from the seasoned masters and fresh, new talent! From Bus, Electrypnose and Mubali, to new Geo-Label artists debuting their art: Facehead (USA), Neuromyth (Canada) as well as Airi vs Fabiuz (Germany) and lots more…you’ll find everything you’re looking for in a easy to swallow, digital format. ;)


Digital Drugs is a 2 CD collection of high power dance tracks that are sure to warp your mind! From the tripped out ‘Voices From the Darkness’ by Tricossoma and the crazy, psychedelic mind twister, ‘Bagdad Plasma’ by Bus, to the funky ‘War Onno Drugs’ by Onnomon and ‘Two Towers’ by Darkforce, you’ll find this compilation is the perfect way to dance out the darkness and stomp down the demons!

Forgo traditional methods of altered consciousness - and double your dose!


Nathan Vogel (a.k.a. DJ/VJ Doctor Spook) is an award winning artist, creating a wide variety of cutting edge digital projects, music videos, dance party projection graphics, DVDs, 3D interactive games, motion graphics, feature film special effects shots and original computer animated shows…along with mind blowing psytrance music.


For hi quality 4 minute streaming aural samples and to buy directly: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/releases/DigitalDrugs.htm

Track Listing:




1. ELECTRYPNOSE – Let The Games Begin

2. SHAPESTATIC – Headroom

3 DAI aka AMATTI – Eraser Head

4. FACEHEAD – Mission_Statement

5. PRIMORDIAL OOZE – Taking You Away

6. WICKED WIRES vs BRAIN HUNTERS – Prescribed Drugs

7. TOTAL SICKNESS vs TRAKA – Drug Addiction


9. TSABEAT – Intense Radioactive

10. ONNOMON – War Onno Drugs




11. ARABALI (MUBALI vs ARAHAT) – Lunar Freqs

12. TRICOSSOMA – Voices from Darkness

13. NEUROMYTH – Angry Labs

14. DARKFORCE – Two Towers

15. K_LAPSO - Ciclosporina

16. BUS (GUS TILL) – Bagdad Plasma

17. PSYCHOZ – Termology (RMX)

18. SPIRAL – Idiotic Legion

19. THE GORGON – Mutilated Brain Weeps Upon A Dying Soul

20. DISTORTED GOBLIN – Doctor Of Sound



Join the excited conversation on Isratrance Forum: http://forum.isratrance.com/viewtopic.php/.../94484/forum/41


Audio Mastering by Chromatone Waveworks: http://www.chromatone.net/

Mastering Engineering by Random, aka Ross Dubois: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/artists/random.htm

Artwork by Dr. Spook: http://www.doctorspook.com/


Distribution By Saiko Sounds: http://www.saikosounds.com/english/show_la...sp?label_id=560

& Geomagnetic.tv: http://www.geomagnetic.tv/


For the latest releases as digital downloads check out www.beatport.com/geomagnetic+records, http://www.cytopia.org/label.php?LabelNo=5& and apple itunes.


The USA now has it’s own psy-distribution company - Crystal Code - www.crystal-code.com! Founded in September 2006 by Geomagnetic.tv, Crystal Code’s mission is to bring music lovers everywhere the best, new and innovative work from pioneering labels and artists around the world. Based in San Francisco, Crystal Code is perfectly located to link the most important psychedelic capitals on the planet. Expect a steady stream of new releases from both established labels and the most cutting edge new labels blazing the trails for the future...http://www.crystal-code.com!


Also, look out for the Geomagnetic family on TV! Yes you heard it right! Harmony Channel is currently featuring tracks from the Geospirit DVD/CD, tracks including Chromatone: Mitochondria (RMX) and Perpetual Sun (Phoenix Family).


Harmony Channel is the first visual music television network offering positive, experience-based programming that uplifts and enhances your state of mind. It’s offered as part of the Video On Demand service featured on Comcast Cable. If you have Comcast, go to Video on Demand and select Harmony Channel. Chromatone’s songs from Geospirit are featured in the PLAY ZONE. To see Harmony Channel online, go to: www.harmonychannel.com.


Check out (and subscribe!) to Mushroom Magazine (Germany) and Revolve Magazine (UK) for more information about Geomagnetic.tv releases and the global trance community! www.mushroom-online.com/subscribe



DARKSTAR Records is the new dark trance sub-label imprint of Geomagnetic Records. DARKSTAR specializes in presenting the cutting edge night style full power dance music. Expect a mindwarping ride for the body and soul from this focused new team.


Join our Geo-Tribe: www.tribes.tribe.net/geomagnetictv


Contact Info: info@geomagnetic.tv


For all GEOMAGNETIC.TV Offerings:



For more information about upcoming releases, visit:


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