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Rhythms of Peace Festival 2006

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17, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22 OF AUGUST 2006







Greetings in the Spirit of Peace!

The Rhythms of Peace team welcomes you home and invites you to enjoy and co-create the journey of a lifetime. We invite you to experience for 6 days an event unlike any other. There we will all meet, dance, chill, inspire, learn and teach each other as one unified, diverse, and divine family. We thank you for joining in this experiment, where will be cultivating seeds of peace to spread back to our own homelands, creating a flower of life that will shift our global paradigm towards universal harmony.

After the successful first edition of Rhythms of Peace festival, we are very happy to announce this uplifting second edition full of surprises. The location this year will be very close to Spain, in order to make it easier and more accessible for you. The festival will take place on a 40 hectares wild and virgin beach.

This year you will have music for all tastes, with one of the best line up of the summer; our 6 villages will propose very diverse activities and entertainments.


This is a global tribal gathering, connected through earth, water, music and sky.


See you on the dance floor






Andromeda (Millenuim )

Atmos (Spiral Trax )

Atomic pulse (BNE )

Bizzare contact (Compact )

Bliss (Phantasm )

Chromosome (Millenuim )

Chemical Drive (Rhythms of Peace)

Cpu (3D visions)

Crazy lions cult (Acidance)

Deeper in zen (Solar)

Dynamic (Phonokol)

Electro sun (translucent )

Fatali (BNE)

G.T.E (Rhythms of Peace )

Grapes of Warth (Parvati )

Hyper frequencies (Mechanik Sound)

Inner Action (3D visions)

Lamat (AP)

Mekkanika (Planet Ben)

Menog (Spectral Rec./Timecode/planet ben)

Mey on the Moon (Rhythms of Peace)

Naked tourist (Parvati)

Neuromotor (Acidance)

P.O.T.S (Tribal vision)

Parasense (Rhythms of Peace)

Psynema ( Vision 34)

Shift (Crystal Matrix)

Shotu (Hadra )

Silicon sound (Neurobiotic)

Sonorphil (Rhythms of peace)

Soul surfer (Millenuim )

Space tribe (Space Tribe Music)

Syntax Error (Parvati)

Tegma (Tribal Vision)

Vibrasphere (Digital Structures)

Visual Contact (Compact)

Visual Paradox (Compact)






DJ set :




Anti (Spiral Trax)

Shane Gobi (Alchemy )

Jhon Phantasm (Phantasm)

Ans (Nano)

Emok (Iboga)

Bogg (compact)

Slater (Tribal Vision)

Vlado (Pukka Music)

Moon (Rhythms of Peace)

KRISTIAN (Antiworld)

Osho (echoes)

Kaa (exposure prod.)

Zefer (life festival)

Driss (Hadra)

Meko (Gaitech)

ToTo (World People)

Deo (Trancekarma)

Fiuzz (sindar)

Dr Sam (3D vision)

Daox (Rhythms of Peace)

Chaka (Rhythms of Peace )

Thales (Rhythms of Peace)

Green (Rhythms of Peace)

Redskin (Rhythms of Peace)



Miss tick





Rhythms of Peace festival will take place on 40 hectares desert beach on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by green hills. The location is 12 Km south of Assilah, very famous little city all painted in white and blue.









Rhythms of Peace is an intercultural event composed of 6 independent villages:




Camping and bivouac : you will have the possibilities to rent a very nice traditional nomad tent check web site for more infos.




Sea sport area: Surf, wind surf and kite sur for rent.




Inner development and ecology: A very large programme of workshops and conferences will be given during the festival, including: yoga, reiki, tai-shi, naturopatie, healing, conferences about ecologic issues …..

Please check the website for more infos.




Flea market: Traditional Moroccan handicrafts and international shops will be available. If you want to put on a shop at the festival please contact us at: stand@rhythmsofpeace.net






Chill out : With Electro-world ambient music, traditional Moroccan groups and special live fusion instrumentals sets, the chill out will offer you different types of musicals journeys. Programme available on the web site.




Main stage : With today’s best sound systems, V-DOSC form L-Acoustics, a dance floor build like a five star branch spaceship of 2500 m², splendid decoration from around the world, a giant visual screen set up of 15 m high and a blasting powerful laser show. Rhythms of Peace dance floor will be an unforgettable experience.






Main structures: Jbilettes prod.

Deco by : Tribe of frog, Dream team, Jamin murphie and many many more

Laser show by : Decotech

Light show by : Octopus PROD





Tickets will be available from the 15 of may

Presales Points and E-Tickets coming soon...

Tickets price :


Before the 15th of june 2006 : 65 €

Before the 15th of July 2006 : 80 €

At the door : 100 euros


Ticket price for Moroccans (Moroccan identity card required) :


Before June the 30th 2006 : 600 DHS

Before July the 30th 2006 : 800 DHS

At the door: 1000 DHS







More infos : www.rhythmsofpeace.net

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