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Guatemala & Central America Psy

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Central americas psyscene, its groing and tis groing fast, I cant speak for most of the countries, I am from Guatemala, and ive visted El Salvador for some psyparties and they are wack!, and in Guatemala... our psyscene, promoters and everything are going wild here. Theres great places for parties, lakes, parties near some ruines, lotza crazy folks around here, if you have the chance of visiting us feel free to contact me for some info.


There also awesome places to visit,travel and chill for some time, Tikal is a beautiful mayan city, lotsa turism, infinite places to visit, other towns like Antigua Guatemala and Panajachel with awesome psychedellic parties on lake shores. Artists, ravers, travellers, psychonauts, everyone whos interested on getting to know this beautifull country, you wont regret it, and if ya wanna party! well heres the place too! peace everyone.


BOOM all the way from guatemala city

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