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A little help for a travelling kiwi

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Hello All,


This is my first post in the forums, so please forgive any protocols i may break in this post due to ignorance ;)


After 3 years of working like a madman down here in NZ i am about to embark on a 6 month sabatical in Europe where I want to hit some of the better psy-trance festivals happening this summer.


Would really appreciate your thoughts and experiences to help me settle my plans, with the cost of the travel I would hate to end up at the wrong places ! :angry:


So a few questions for ya...


* Is the Full Moon party in Germany going to a problem with the soccer world cup happening at the same time ?


* Is the omni festival on again this year in spain and if so what time and when will a website be up ?


* I was planning to go to boom, but after reading a few reports i get the impression its over-crowded, the camping's not the best and the 40 degree sun is a killer... What are people's experiences ? How did you survive in 2004 ?


I have currently pencilled in Fusion, Full moon and Omni any other festivals people would add or rate better than these ? Festivals like Samothracki and Ozora ??


Any help you can give would be much appreciated !!! :)




PS - am off to a 3 day festival this weekend called Splore !! gotta love the southern hemisphere summer :D

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don't go to omni! I went last year and it was a shambles....too pooped to reply anything of use right now, but I shall definately be back with some of my own personal recomendations :D


Oh, and a big welcome :D

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Hey Heva,


Thanks for that. Am really keen to hit some psytrance festivals but am really flying a bit blind here... am thinking Voov Experience would be cool but really not sure about others...


Any help you can give would be much appreciated...and good for your kharma :D

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