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Introducing myself

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Thought I'd introduce myself to the forums. I'm a 29 year old trance/psytrance producer from Edinburgh, Scotland. Just about to move down to London where I plan to have my first psy/goa gig playing some of my own music and of course other artists. Decided all I want to do with my life now is PARTY !!! :)


I use a large variety of software, my main sequencer is Sonar 4.0 which I love and will never change. I use Vaz Modular and Reaktor and my 2 main sound source's and a bunch of plugins for mastering etc.


I'll upload some stuff so you can hear...maybe let you hear the stuff I'm working on now which is quite a melodic psytrance track.


Anyway...Looking forward to hearing from you all.




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Hi Dave, i'm new here as well... (if anyone wants some intro about me, just ask) are you the same hybridx chap who hangs around on #trax on irc net by any chance? I'm called 'junkfood' there so i might already *know* you a bit, but welcome ;)

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