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  1. Just to make one thing absolutely clear: the stuff Ultimae releases is (for the major part at least) not "ambient". To my knowledge, there's not one single label in the entire psy scene that releases only "ambient".

    Sure, they release various kinds of psychedilc stuff but while exploring there website I felt that they were focusing more on ambient style. Maybe I'll add downtempo.


    Hello Bersa! :)

    We release Goa~Trance music. :)


  2. Hello there!


    This is my first post here and I'd like to start by asking for your suggestions on the recording labels

    that specifically focus on a particular subgenre of psytrance or genres of psychedelic music in general.


    Here are my own suggestions:


    Goa trance - Suntrip Records, Ovnimoon Records, Timecode/Sangoma Records ...


    Full on - Dacru Records ...


    Progressive Psytrance - ?



    What about Psybient?



    Psybient - Altar Records ...


    Ambient - Ultimae records (Ambient and downtempo in general)...


    P.S. Feel free to add you favorite sub-genres.

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