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  1. Unfortunately i have done extensive research on my ipone 5 and have come to find out that images cannot be uploaded onto any website including email on my safari web browser which is the default browser for iphones. iphone 6 is different and has been updated to be able to upload images. Ill have to go to a regular computer to upload my profile image.

  2. I am using an I Phone 5. Every time I load an image or picture from my I Phone library it loads but there is an error message in red saying Failed to set new photo but the image did load because i can see it next to where the upload from file/ choose file button is. I try to adjust the crop but nothing happens. There is no image visible inside the image box where i try to adjust the crop

  3. I am having serious difficulties trying to " adjust the cropped image" in my profile picture. I spent an hour today uploading different images from my i phones photo library so i could set a new profile photo for my account here on Psynews. None of the images would " crop" in the editor. I tried several different photos of all different sizes. And help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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