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  1. some excerpts from the book....Man is the extension of woman

    External genitalia - labia fuse to scrotum and the clitoris extends to become a penis. The ovaries and testicles are basically same. But one is exposed to certain temperature for a particular period to grow into ovaries. Whereas testicles are cooled within time to maintain their integrity. To put it into scientific language, all humans are females to start with. Some develop further to become male. Man or woman is born. At puberty fully grown man or woman develops libido. At menopause, both female and male) estrogen or testosterone resources are finished and physical changes towards opposite gender start appearing. `So our life also runs in circle. We start at birth and then from infancy, become young. Then a full-grown woman or man is developed. One lifetime is consumed. The menopause is reached towards the end of the life. At this juncture man or woman is getting converted into the opposite sex. Before the changes are too prominent to be ignored, the man or woman is dead. They go to the grave with the secret!'

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