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  1. On 5/23/2018 at 3:39 PM, Trance2MoveU said:

    I'm afraid the reviews section has taken quite the hit over the last year it seems.  I suppose we are all getting older and spending time with our families to the detriment of the music. 

    That + I much believe that Facebook has taken its toll on forms in general.

  2. Long ago, when he made available most (all?) his music under different projects too available digitally free I submitted it all to discogs. Whenever I had a question I used to pm him on FB and he always got back quickly. For example, we would not have known this curiosity wasn't for him. Since quite some time he de-friended me though.

  3. The original album is one of those releases which were screaming to be reissued one day, first for rarity and matching prices accordingly and second for remastering issues - something which High Society apparently never did -  not at least before '98 since it's by then that the CDs started sounding good - then again by then production had done great progress. All releases before '98 seem to have been transferred directly from DAT to CD. Only the Kinder Der Erde album sounds great, probably the author was good in finalising tracks. Paradise Connection is also good though not at par with KDE in terms of production.

    Mastering credit never appeared on High Society releases, no wonder.

    In all fairness, the original does not sound (that) bad - it only needed a punch - volume is low for example. However I seem to remember that the last track had different dynamics, and that definitely needed a fix. Used to have the original - bought it for €40 - sold it for €80 - still was happy ;)

    Looks like tracks 3 and 4 aren't going to be switched anymore on reissue :)


  4. Bought it. Listening to the Bandcamp download now.

    Clearer sound than the original (that's a given). The only complaint I have right now is that while on the original the tracks flowed into each other, here most tracks end with a crude fadeout (which leads to some rather questionable starts on a few tracks). While not a huge failure, I still hope that this is not the case on the CD.


    Might be because wasn't remastered from original master but from CD? The bandcamp page claims 'gone are the clicks'.

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