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  1. I'm sorry that you feel bad about nobody commenting on your mixes. I feel your frustration, I'm also eagerly waiting for someone to comment on mine. You got to understand, though, it takes at least an hour to listen to a whole mix and there are a lot of mixes on this site. I discovered this section not very long ago so I'm just starting to listen to some mixes here (and posting my own). However , I do not always have the time to listen to a 70+ min. mix, so I shut down the computer halfway and don't think (or don't care) about posting. I think it's the same with a lot a lot of people on this forum.

    So the only solution (I think) is to be very patient until someone is interested enough to take the time and listen to the whole mix and give his/her opinion about it.

    I don't know if I'm patient enough myself, though, to not start bumping my thread every day. :P

  2. Fuck! I just noticed it stops at 50 minutes, that's pretty fucked up. I'm a n00b indeed. Does anyone know a way to put this mix online for free? I'll try to get it fixed tonight..

  3. Okay, I've been working on a mix lately and I think it's finished. I tried to create a mix which is perfect for dancing, without getting bored after a while. I used a lot of "new" tracks and lots of variation in the trackselection. Here's the (right) link:




    The tracklist:


    1. Vibrasphere - Newport

    2. Tegma - Desert Tale

    3. Cosmosis - Dissociation

    4. Voice of Cod - The Unknowns

    5. Infected Mushroom - Nothing Comes Easy

    6. Mantrix - Alpha Beater

    7. Tegma - Thunder-Blade

    8. Koxbox - This Can't be Real

    9. Prometheus - 9th (The man who swam through a speaker)

    10. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - DDR & B (GBU RMX)

    11. Digicult - All Balls Out

    12. Pleiadians - I Believe


    I start off with some nice progressive tunes that makes you start grooving to the beat. Then the tempo increases, which takes you in a psychedelic voyage without losing the groove factor. Things get a little more melodic and euphoric along the way to create the feeling you get lifted up higher and higher. Then you're back on your feet grooving, dancing and smiling while psychedelic sounds and melodies flash through your body and mind. Finally you'll be gently taken back to earth with some nice uplifting tunes and leaves you in a gentle high, smiling and wondering what the fuck just happened.


    I know it's a bit of a cheesy description, but it may draw your attention to listen to this mix.

    It's my first time and I've never done anything like this before so all comments (good, bad, compliments, flaming) are very welcome. Please let me know what you think.


    Have a nice trip, I hope you'll enjoy it!

  4. Do someone know similar goa trance like Astral Projection - butterfly trip and celestial groove, the tracks are one of the best tracks out there, they are very atmospheric altough the synthsounds are simple, this tracks give me very good feelings, they just wash my brain, this music goes very deep into my mindbecause it is very atmospheric and the melodies are true goa melodies, what i also like is that there aren´t extremly much sounds like in most goa trance, i can´t chill when the atmosphere is too alive like most goa trance, do you know some tracks which are more like that and not as alive as most goa trance but stil melodic. The tracks aren´t with very many sounds probably because astral projection were limited to a few sounds but i find it better that way, old SFX tracks are also very good and don´t have too many sounds but the melodies aren´t that great.

    I checked out these tracks and they are indeed very nice. One track that came in mind with quite the same sounds and atmosphere is Chi-ad - Purity. If you don't know it yet, check it out. I thought of it immediately when I heard the Astral Projection tracks and thought of this thread. So, here you go...

  5. The first half of the mix is very nice. Perfect for dancing at sunrise at an outdoor party. The last half, though, makes me leave the dancefloor in disgust (I'm very sorry for the rudeness here, I couldn't think of a better word). It says way too commercial and cheesy for me. Just my opinion, though. So 10/10 for the first 5 or 6 tracks (not really sure) and 1/10 for the last 4 tracks. The mixing is very nicely done.

  6. My experience with psytrance people has always been great. Especially Belgium has a nice scene with nice and honest people who just want to have a great time with great music, no elitism there. When I went to metal concerts a lot, I saw a lot of people standing with arms crossed and bitching about how much better their taste was. One time I saw a young guy having a great time and starting to dance on a death metal concert, it made me smile, but some metal chicks started to laugh at him and push him around, trying to make him fall down. It pissed me of and ruined my evening.

    I haven't experienced anything like like that on a goaparty.

  7. that horrible gms song the one that says:rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling rolling ....dont remember the name

    Fuck, I hate that song and the annoying voice. Heard it at the Fullmoon Festival a few times and was always a good moment to leave the Main Stage area for a while.

  8. I think filteria does not intend to please everyone's taste. But just want to explore new styles of music.

    Or maybe I didn't understand what you said... :D

    Anyway, i like your new stuff Filteria !

    I'd like to write a track with you one day! B) And steal all your secrets...

    It was a more ironic statement actually. Filteria doesn't really satisfy my tastes, so he comes up with K.O.B. which does satisfy my tastes. Wait, I'll edit my last post with a ironic smiley :)

  9. Well, being able to produce tracks requires exercise and study. But being able to create melodies and atmosphere requires talent. I don't know about fighting, but I think you need some talent to be able to surprise your opponent.

  10. LMAO :lol::lol::lol:


    Infected Mushroom have won their respect in my heart:


    The Gathering changed what people expected of psytrance (everything was very Delta/X-Dream'ish prior to its release),

    Classical Mushroom is one of the best albums I've ever heard - including Bust A Move, one of the most energetic and

    beautiful trance anthems (yes, it is an anthem) ever released,

    B.P. Empire is very high quality and although it speaks less to me, has one of my top 5 favourite pieces of music ever in any genre - Dancing With Kadafi,

    Converting Vegetarians is the first step in a downwards trend for IM but it still includes some very cool tracks and a great combination with Berry Sakharof,

    IM the Supervisor has lots of really sad, non-psy, shite tracks - but it also has Stretched, Meduzze, Bombat which are some of IM's best pieces.


    Besides, I've started listening to psytrance because of Infected Mushroom, and without them would have never discovered Artifakt, Jaia, Jikkenteki, Ka-Sol, Pleiadians, Shpongle, Ott and so many other great psy artists (what a weird blend of artists, but what can I say - I love 'em all).


    However, what Infected Mushroom play today is barely psytrance. Their shows are commercial, horrible crap - with the masses I can see in Linkin Park concerts. Their music has Radio Edits, targetted at worldwide public playlists.


    Their music isn't played during a sunrise in the desert, or a sunset near the beach.


    I can't blame them - they want financial security, they want global success, they want to break through. This requires a compromise of music style - something that will talk to most everyone. And they're doing it.


    I respect them, or rather - what they have accomplished. I sadly doubt that I'll be getting their latest.

    I agree with everything here. It's funny, I seem to have almost exactly the same taste in music. I somehow like IM the Supervisor, though, but Becoming Insane sounds horrible.

  11. Damn, you're right! Do you think Skazi likes poo? I certainly wouldn't know the answer to that.

    I know! let's ask him on his forum :lol:

    Or just play some old skool Goa @ Trance Orient Express / Solstice Festival @ Ruigoord.

    That would certainly do the trick for many!


    Or if that won't fill your hart, chech out this party: http://www.soma-natesa.nl/viewtopic.php?t=1555

    Yes!! Old skool goa in NL, that would be nice. That party in Groningen looks great! I live in Brabant, though, so it's easier for me to go to Belgium for old skool parties.

  12. This album is one of my favourites. It's remarkably uneven in quality, but some tracks are true singlets, not paralleled by any other pieces of music I've heard. Among these unforgettables are Omega Centauri, Deep Space 5D and Harmonic Convergence.


    Though there really is no other Transdimensional, there is one album I think is worth mentioning that yet hasn't been spoken of.


    Ra - To Sirius


    Christer Borge-Lunde is one of the Ra members. He joined Dimension 5 later, and was involved in the making of Second Phaze. I think their styles are similar. It's good listening, in any case.

    Wow thanks, I also love Second Phaze so I'll definately check out Ra. I'm not sure about the other recommendations. I think the first Jaia album is very different and I never really got into Pleiadians, Too much layers of melodies for me, I like some tracks from Family of Light, though. One album I think of listening to Transdimensional is the first Shakta album, It's not exactly the same style, but it gives me the same feelings of pure bliss listening to it.

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