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  1. Here's an homage I did recently to old school goa tracks from artists like Hi Score, Prana, Rhythmystec, Psychopod, Lunar Asylum..

    It's all sequenced and performed on hardware and recorded in one take on PC.  More info on that in the link if you want.  I know the intro is too long haha.

    Been a long time since I posted here but I was here since the old forum, can't believe how long it's been..

    Anyways hope you enjoy, would love some feedback.


  2. This one is pretty good for a darker set, of course bring in another track before the actual one begins:


    These two are good for lighter goa or morning psy sets (I had to upload this one..):



    And then one that's suited for any kind though probably best goa but it's one of my favorite intros ever:


    Bonus that's probably not good for either one, maybe goa but it's still great:


  3. What a great topic, and timely.. I just happened upon this little forgotten gem the other day and it's quite good.  https://www.discogs.com/Various-The-Abyss-A-Journey-Into-Deep-Trance/release/361647


    It's from 2000 so a good deal older than most in this thread but it certainly fits.



    Since I can't seem to post a thread in this forum yet for some reason despite being here since basically the beginning of the forum on goatrance.free.fr  :unsure:

    Also, this album from Moai.. it's a promo record and I guess it was too different for anyone to pick up but it's a real gem, I remember his track still from the first Psynews comp I think, anyways the whole album is good, shame we didn't get more albums from him, but the promo is available from his website: http://www.moai.se/


    It's a shame my cover wasn't chosen, I could have fancied up the text more lol..



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  4. It's an Analog Four, I would love an Octratrack though for sure..  I feel like sampling and sequencing are weak spots in my setup right now..  Thank you for the offer I'll be sure to check it out!  I got it at an insanely good price and was just going to turn it around to make a few hundred bucks off it, but I really like the sound of it and the effects and overbridge are pretty great as well..  I dunno what the guy selling it was thinking, but I took a chance and it arrived in pristine condition with original box etc..  $650!!


    Aside, I see Martian Arts has an Analog Four as well..  Any good tutorials or videos for it?  It's my first piece of Elektron gear, and my god, the buttons..  I've just figured out how to demo sounds, and scroll through patches and load them..  for some reason all the patches are played polyphonic, maybe that's just for auditioning though?  Seems like an odd design decision..

  5. Yeah, they were ahead of their time..  If they released it today I'm sure it would sell a lot better, but back then it was just too expensive and the demand wasn't there for it quite yet..  But with the analog resurgence in full swing now, it would do well..  But yeah, it's a pretty crazy project for them to undertake a synth like that, they put all their eggs in that one basket..  One of the guys involved in the project used to post over on The Gas Station, which was Sonicstate's now abandoned message board, was pretty interesting..  of course everyone on the board was pumped up for it, but then it came out and no one could afford it.

  6. Nice setup man! I'm going to get myself an Erebus as well one day, and hopefully an Abyss.. :) I really dig the stuff that Dreadbox makes.

    Dreadbox stuff all has a really nice sound to it, so I love it.. they also make some interesting design choices when it comes to their architectures which really set them apart from others who keep basically the same paradigm across the board.. Like on the Erebus, the inclusion of glide time knobs for each oscillator, and the lovely dirty delay (which sounds very nice, and not anywhere near as noisy as the one on the Korg stuff (Volca Keya, Minilogue)).. I do wish it had some more patch points, for instance resonance amount or echo feedback.. The Abyss just looks awesome, the analogue effects on that thing sound so juicy and mindbending..

  7. I'm working on it, the 2 years of web hosting that I got free from school just ran out and I don't wanna stay with that company.. Plus I never finish anything LOL.. :unsure:

    Room treatment? Eh.. It's probably necessary if I was doing mastering or mixing for other people, but I'm basically a hobbyist so there's better things to spend money on.. I don't record any instruments or vocals so there's that, as for the monitoring yeah it's less than ideal, the monitors themselves aren't stellar, I'm sure I might get around to it some time. It is my bedroom also so I don't really want to put a bunch of foam on the walls or anything.

  8. Moving things around a bit, need to make some slanted stands for a few pieces I think.. Still a few things on the short list, most pressing is a 303 clone of some sort, learning towards the Cyclone Bassbot TT-303 but not sure.

    Definitely want to pick up the new Erica Synths Fusion Box when it comes out, it sounds absolutely gorgeous.. Would also like a Dreadbox Abyss, and at some point, an Emu Morpheus, Ensoniq Fizmo, Roland JD-800.. Well, too many things really..


    Click for full size.


    That's a Yamaha TG-77 under the desk, and hidden on top of that is a Kurzweil Mangler.. The other monitor speaker is off screen on the other side of the desk to the right.





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  9. Nah no one's saying you did anything illegal, and those samples have been around so long they're surely in the public domain, they were released for free use for everyone ages ago.  I just meant to be a bit more forthcoming about the origins, since you kind of made it sound like you sampled them from your own equipment..


    And I am informed, if I wasn't I wouldn't know about those samples.


    It's just a peeve of mine when people take credit for someone elses work, but as you said you've done a bunch of processing and stuff.


    Anyways, it's great and generous of you to make your edited versions available to everyone, so thank you for that..  

  10. Sorry man, but that's a big lie.. Most of these samples have been around for like 20+ years, at least the originals.. They were originally on the cdrom.com ftp site ages ago as part of the Hornet Archive and were meant for trackers. More of them are also from Hyperreal.org.. I recognize a bunch of them, some of them can still be found here:



    Please be honest.

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