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  1. blinkin riots....none in keighley, no-one can be arsed! I do think this town is weed central by the amount of fireworks set off on a friday afternoon! oh the was a bullet fired at the taxi office by the station! that was front page news!! lol...that was probably weed related too!

  2. Do you still fancy your relatives, sexual way?

  3. fancy a cup of tea?

  4. Really badly drubbed by you guys , nose to the ground , seems hard to recover from here, but the good news is you are here!! what kept you away and how have you been?

  5. Hey lovely! how are you? :)) x

  6. Hello Charlie! :) xx

  7. Where have you disappeared , Mr. Posford's left testicle! I've have a pirate copy of the new hallucinogen! Reply quick or you will miss the chance to cream your pants in advance.

  8. charlie bit my finger!

  9. Not anymore since the day i met your mother!

  10. Is that you, sir Gaylord Cumloads from Swallows?

  11. aj ust diskovered dat i can squeeze people out of the box, but they will never be squeezed out of the world. :D

  12. shh, i`m not really here.....!

  13. *sprinkles paint-thinner & sesame oil

  14. Ill pwn that Caffein:me dude too, as long as he doesnt wear pedo-poncho in his profile pic, hes nothing to do in this homos profile! Pervs.

  15. Now, im please to say, that im squeezing your from your own comment box, njoy, a-cum-mulator!

  16. You are PWND Charles! Who else, after all these years, believing into little sadist gnomes that sodomize you every night... It was Otto with his tweezers and telescope! NOW GO FIGURE WHAT I MEANT YOU IGNORANT BABOON!

  17. ah charlie boy:) how do:) xxx

  18. oh my.... /giggles and feels confused

  19. Well actually it's not pedo as the girls in question is about my age - whats your excuse??

  20. This post will push the post you're talking about outside of view and nobody will know what the hell you're going on about. Who's pwnd now, sticky bukakke face?

  21. Charlie

    I meant to post that in your profile, not mine. Silly me.

    20 Jun 2008 - 19:06


  22. One mans sausage is another mens desire.

  23. itsa female yesh! And she didn't really pick one of us yet. She tends to lay on my desk alot since it's warmer here, but on the other hand she likes fluffs lap a lot aswell.

  24. People are stranger when your a stranger, people are stange, when you are strange. When your straaange, people think you are . strange . when your . strange. dam dam dam dam na nana

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