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  1. Wow, jesus christ, this thing is amazing, the greatest 303 emulator ever, forget ugly yellow audiorealism whatever, Phoscyon is just top banana!!!


    Gotta say personally I've struggled in the past to write any decent Psy, maybe I'm just a bit crap at it, but in time.......


    However since I've been playing around with Phoscyon I've suddenly written some amazing bits of tunery, I think everyone should at least give this thing a look, if you haven't already, and if its old news then, fuck it have another look.



  2. "we fight not one beast but legions that go on age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living"


    I know the actual sample is from Dracula, but what is the track?

  3. Hi, if anyone can get this it would be amazing, I for some reason have a feeling it may be a logic bomb track, Ive uploaded it to our beta records site





  4. This from another old goa tape I think, sample goes something like this


    This is a sample of Peter Locket hitting a bongy thing, first the funky loop, now the second loop unprocessed


    something like that anyway


    haven't heard this track for a long time but I'm curious to know who its by

  5. Just uploaded a couple of tunes, they aint Psy, which I know is kinda irrelavent for this site but we like to incorperate a trancy sound in most of our tracks so heres a couple, please have a listen, all comments, pos/neg, welcome!





  6. I dont quite know where your going with this, I think I cleared things up with deathposture in the last thread, unless you really took it to heart, I do appologise.

    I cant see that theres really any more to say.

  7. Oh chill out dude, of course its a joke, if you think its lame, OK. But dont stress yourself right out about it, I'm just not into that love and harmony stuff, if thats what you wanna do when you party, no problem go for it, and pr0fane I do actually appreciate your help and suggestions, it just happens that, that particular suggestion really was not up my street.

  8. Excuse me, I'm sorry, there's a slight problem with one of your suggestions, it is as follows, and I quote directly from the website;


    "Here we will all meet, dance, chill, inspire, learn and teach each other as one unified, diverse, and divine family. We thank you for joining in this experiment, where will be cultivating seeds of peace to spread back to our many homelands, creating a flower of life that will shift our global paradigm towards universal harmony."


    I believe I did entitle the topic "Psy Festivals", it seems though:


    1.You have for some reason taken an instant disliking to me, and tried to ship me off to a festival full of hippies who like to suck sweetcorn out of each others asses and make necklaces from it.




    2.You are infact the Master Cornsucker and wish me to join your cult.


    I will not be fooled by your evil attempts and so will most likely be avoiding this kind of love flower event.


    Please though, don't take this the wrong way, I just dont do sweetcorn!

  9. Could be a tough one, got a few off an old mix tape which I shall route out soon, the only one that comes to mind that I liked had a sample of some guy shouting "Behave Yourself"



  10. If only, even though I'm in the centre of a large city it seems difficult to find decent or ANY internet providers, I hate BT!!!, to make it worse Carphone Warehouse introduced free unlimited Broadbean just as I got contracted for a year, though I'm sure there some dodgy hidden cost aside from the line rental.

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