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  1. Artist: Whicked Hayo

    Title: Soundbreakers

    Label: Night Oracle Records , http://www.night-oracle-records.com

    Format: CD

    Cat. #: NOR CD02



    Track listing:


    01 Whicked Hayo vs Highligh Tribe - Tribe Of The Whicked (intro)

    02 Whicked Hayo - Area 07

    03 Whicked Hayo - Vertel Nekeer

    04 Whicked Hayo - Mol Life Extension

    05 Whicked Hayo - PC Naar De Reet

    06 Whicked Hayo - Please Dont Fuck With Us

    07 Whicked Hayo - Tripsaus

    08 Whicked Hayo - In Sickness And In Health

    09 Whicked Hayo - Lets Anders



    Mastered by : Shulman

    Artwork by : Hai

    Distribution by : Arabesque



    Night Oracle Records proudly presents the debut album of the Belgian project Whicked Hayo.


    After five years establishing Whicked Hayo as one of Europe's

    best-loved (and sometimes most feared) night-time live acts, Dan

    Firiou and Morad Bensaoud present ''SoundBreakers'' - their first album

    release at Night Oracle Records. Combining solid basslines with truly bizarre samples and

    their unique breakdowns that drive any dancefloor crazy, SoundBreakers has

    a sound that will delight and disturb the scene all over the world.

    Balancing the most insane breakdowns and positively violent drum

    tracks with truly twisted humour, the ecstatic chaos of Whicked Hayo's

    sound opens up a new direction in psytrance.


    Based in Gent, Belgium, Dan and Morad have worked together on the

    Whicked Hayo project for over five years. Appearing on numerous

    compilations from Night Oracle Records (Greece) , Ketuh Records (Austria) and

    many others, plus the Fullmoon Festival 2006 DVD (Circuit VIII/BNE,

    Israel), their sound is well-known – yet still strangely alien – to

    lovers of night-time trance sounds. They have worked with many of the

    dark and tribal scene's biggest names, including Azax Syndrome, Psykovsky,

    Highligh Tribe, Secret Vibes, Claw, CPC and others.


    Whicked Hayo have appeared at most of Europe's leading festivals,

    including Fullmoon Festival, Freaky Dragons and Transylvania Calling.

    Their relentless audio rampage – bombarding the dancefloor with the

    unexpected – creates an incomparable atmosphere, which has established

    them firmly at the top of the Belgian dark scene, and is a hit

    wherever they go.

  2. Down Town Crew + Night Oracle Records presents at 2 december 2006 @ polytechnioupoli zografou a free event..



    JELLYHEADZ - France (tantrumm recs / night oracle recs)


    WHICKED HAYO - Belgium (night oracle recs / femina mandragora-rhakti dei)


    PSYTOUR - Greece (owner of night oracle recs / vertigo recs / femina mandragora-rhakti dei)




    PS - Greece


    DIMITRIS + FRIEND - Greece



    we hope that the people will be possitive with this free event. be gentle and enjoy music!!

  3. Night Oracle Records


    VA - The First Oracle (cd 01)


    01.ARSENIC (italy) - I AM THE PRISON

    02.STEREOGRAPHIC (brazil) - DON'T BOX ME IN rmx

    03.IRON MADNESS (israel) - PSYCHO PIANO rmx

    04.FUNGUS FUNK (russia) - FACE OFF


    06.BABAJELLY (france) - SEXYZZ

    07.WHICKED HAYO (belgium) - DEADLY CARGO

    08.FEARKILLER (russia) - MTS

    09.HOKUS POKUS (denmark) - VUPTI


    -- website for cd cover and logo :




    -- Compiled by PsyTouR



    -- Release Date : 05 December 2006



    -- Distributed Worldwide By ZMA Label Group Distribution , www.zma-distribution.com



    -- Mastered by Tim Schuldt @ 4CN-studios , www.4cn-studios.com



    -- Art made by Valentina Kallias , vali@kallias.com



    -- Design & promotion services: Mermer & Truly , www.anmg.eu



    -- Night Oracle contacts,infos,bookings :





  4. a new label under the name : NIGHT ORACLE RECORDS, based on Greece-Athens, very soon will make the first release with a big smile.


    The first compilation is...




    BON (italy)

    STEREOGRAPHIC (brazil)

    IRON MADNESS (israel)

    OCELOT (usa)

    FUNGUS FUNK (russia)

    BABAJELLY (france)

    WHICKED HAYO (belgium)

    FEARKILLER (russia)

    HOKUS POKUS (denmark)


    infos and contacts :





    Distributed Worldwide By : ZMA Label Group Distribution




    i hope that the people will enjoy the first cd.


    thnx and good day

  5. we would like to inform u that we will have our friend and great artist CLAW at athens. saturday 15 april 2006. the party will take place in a small club of athens. so we cannot have flyers,promotion or more than 130 people inside. if someone want to come at this event,he can send me a privet message for infos. the ticket will be 15 euros.

    the line up is this... maybe there will be a small change at the times.


    23.30 - 1.30 : PS vs POET

    1.30 - 3.30 : PSYTOUR (femina mandragora,vertigo recs)

    3.30 - 5:30 : CLAW (temple twisters recs)

    5.30 - 7.00 : JIM (alcoholiday)

  6. ...ALL TOGETHER NOW....



    DERANGO (Sweden)

    AODIOIBOA (Leipzig)



    SOFIAX (Greece)

    PSYTOUR (Greece)




    cosmic walkers (Leipzig)





    Pi Club


    12103 Berlin


    A 100, exit Alboinstr.

    near Bauhaus/Ikea




    Its a party for the organizator's wedding and birthday and we want to celebrate with all of you on the dancefloor, so


  7. Posted Image




    AZAX SYNDROM (Timecode, Israel)


    FUNGUS FUNK (Acidance, Russia)


    PSYFACTOR (Trishula Records, Russia)


    WHICKED HAYO (Femina Mandragora Family,Belgium)


    P-MAC (Owner of Ketuh Records, Boom 2000, 2002, 2004, Porugal) VS Djane Chaos (Macro Cosmos, Germany)


    PSYTOUR (Femina Mandragora Family, Vertigo Records, Greece)


    FUNKKIMUNKKI (Femina Mandragora Family,Belgium)



    UV-LAB (UK)


    U.V Lab (Julian) u.v specailist in dark futures and cybernetic worlds...

    also a props builder, learning the aspect of special FX... also theatre and 3d model structures...he has been exploring this media for the last 7 years, but also working into the realm of set stage production. “I am available for commission designs and project ideas”!


    Tr3-D (Sweden)


    Over the last 6 years he has built installations in the north part of Europe. Known for his high tech precise clesign style using many forms, he creates an epic landscape of geometric and flowing shapes that play with your eyes and provoke your senses. He is always looking for new angles and different ways to free your mind.






    entrence free +- 13 euro


    More info pleas check her site








  8. OK we have new location now!!!! :)




    Saturday 18-6-2005


    Underground Club

    Fwkionos 50 + Papastratou . Peiraias.



    Derango (Sweden , Inpsyde Media Recs)

    Psyfactor (Russia , Trishula Recs)


    Dj sets

    Jahbo (Denmark , Parvati Recs)

    PsyTour (Greece , Femina Mandragora)

    Cymazz (Greece)


    Decoration by Flying Agaric.

    Time : 23:00 till 09:00.

    Entry fee : 20 euros + drink.

    Capacity : 500 people.

  9. The venue is shit...!! It'as such a tiny place...with poor air conditioning....!!

    It's written on the flyer 800ppl but their gona melt there if it's full...!!


    I'm not gona be in Athens probably...but even if i was here...i'd have gone there...!!




    excuse me Goazzz... but we never said that the party will be at venue. yes venue is shit :) but we said at danza.


    now danza cancel our event. and we r looking for new place. derango + psyfactor will be at greece for sure that dates cause they have air tickets.


    just wait to see more infos about new location.....

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