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  1. Thats pretty sad. Ive already ordered me a Pioneer DVD player with SACD compability and a couple SACD discs including Bolero and Dark Side of the Moon. Ive read a bunch of reviews on different websites, and just by reading how fucking great these sound, I couldn't help but buy them. I'm gona post on the Infected website forum, and see what they have to say. BTW i am usually one of those MP3 guys, but I do buy some that I really, really like. And if the SACDs are rally that good, than I would definitely buy the originals instead of downloading them.

  2. I'm looking into buying a SACD player, but unfortunately I can not find any psychadelic trance that is released in the format. Does anybody know of any, or are there some upcoming releases that are considering using the new format. Im pretty sure that psy like some classic infected mushroom or hallucinogen would sound fucking awesome in 2.8224 megahertz sampling rate.

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