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  1. Well of course you can edit samples too.

    Personally I use both synth and samples, I think it doesn't matter as long as you don't sound like anybody else.


    Agree. Samples are big part of my productions, but u will never regocnize them even if u know the sample cd. U need to work with them. It is like abusing all fm-synths or all subtracitve synth if u say u abuse samples.


    Peace B)

  2. Sometime i produced a track:


    LO-FI Massaker - Choose ur Destiny


    165 bpm _ rough mix




    U can get it via e2dk network, its a free track so no problem to share it :)


    Here is the link:




    Copy and paste to ur e2dk client, like emule.



  3. Le Lotus Bleu, i don't know what's your problem this is hell of compilation...!!! u have something personal against com.pact lately?!


    you saying stupid things lately!


    what is commercial?! you know?


    being commercial is making something u don't like to make, who the hell are you saying these tunes are commercial or not, only the artists may know if they are commercial or not , and who the heck care if this is commercial or not, this is good stuff, i love what sounds good to my hears and this is how i like it , this is what i buy... i think only these release worth the money!

    you dissapointing with ur immature hate spreading


    this is the best compilation com.pact ever released in my opinion with final fantasy of course.


    just keep your shit and hate for yourself.

    saying something commercial and not to buy because it is commercial is the most stupid thing i have ever heard.


    if it sounds good and you like it, fuck keep it "commercial"!


    thumbs up for com.pact.

    killer compilation


    Agree 100%


    Nice compilation!


    About the review, yes u'd better posted here, i don't want to go anywhere and search it. So i havn't read it.

  4. I just updated the FM Spiralator to a new version.


    New specs:


    FM Spiralator is designed for weird 'spiral' sound effects, which are

    often used in psytrance music. But it is able to synthese a wide range

    of different sounds and effects. Also pads, leads and atmospheres.






    - 2 Osc

    - Add, FM, PM and Ringmod modulation

    - 5 LFO syncable to bpm

    - SV filter (LP/HP/BP/BR)



    New in v1.0.3.3

    - Complete new internal routing

    - Switchable Add/FM/PM/Ringmod synthesis

    - CPU usage again optimated

    - Ringmod from osc 1 to osc 2 working now

    - even more LFO routing posibilities

    - Complete new and easier GUI

    - LFOs syncable to variable BPM

    - Filter optimated

    - 16 new presets







    Of course it is still freeware


    Get the new version here:




    Tell me what u think about the new version.


    Peace and greetz lofi / EYB

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