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  1. Universo Caramello is a once off night of music in celebration of the wonderful universe we live in.


    Join us for jolly good stomping session... top quality music, an awesome crowed and a rip roaring atmosphere.


    In Room one you can expect...

    The Phatest Psychedelic Progressive....

    The Highest Quality Driving Full on...(No Cheese)...

    And a dip or two into the Dark Side later on.


    In Room two we bring you the Pre Launch of the new underground Minimal/Tech brand

    Carte Blanche...delivering the finest dirty, driving, Tech sound around.



    (Hosted by A.T.A.R.I Project)


    Bedouin (Further Progressions)

    Neutrino (A.T.A.R.I Project/Static Progress)

    Ryan Wilkinson (Static Progress/Friendz)

    Devine Machine (A.T.A.R.I Project/Psychedelic Sessions)

    Ped (Psy-n-tific)

    Andy Force (Magnetix)

    Mark Day (Psy-n-tific)

    Retox & ElBlada

    James Donaldson





    (Hosted by Carte Blanche)


    This is Stereo (Republic Artists/We Are London/Lose Control)

    Seano (Republic Artists/We Are London/Carte Blanche)

    The Berettas

    Josh Hanger (Carte Blanche)

    Hugo and Alco Fury (The Truth)

    Rudi (Fiction/Optimacy)

    Dan C (Prohibition)

    Renton (Prohibition)


    We will be stopping at midnight for a minutes silence with respect, and in participation with the Earthdance festivals worldwide.

    The club will stay open after 7am and become the after party for the Earthdance festival.



    >>> FULL DECOR




    To get on the £5 guest list please email your full names to >>> kate.elks@gmail.com


    Peace, Love & Luscious Light


    Universo Caramello Crew


    Price: £5 Guest list, £10 on the door

    Start Time: Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 10:00pm

    End Time: Sunday, September 27, 2009 at 7:00am

    Location: Club Life (The Factory), Vauxhall

    Street: 65 Goding Street

    City/Town: London, United Kingdom


    Phone: 07920123521

    Email: kate.elks@gmail.com


    £10 on the door

  2. Wicked :clapping: my friends and I are looking very forward to this! We've got our tickets but it's going to be a 450km drive there (we'll hire a small bus or something). Kan, do you possibly have a photo of the location to show us? (Pleeeeeeeease!!!) I'd really like to know what the location is like so I can come better prepared. Cheers!







    take a look to www.freedom-festival.org


    there are more information like the Location of the festival


    stay all fine and



  3. Wotsup ppl


    Been too long since I was last on this forum. How's everybody doing? Hows the producing going - is everyone achieving? Gooood. :P


    Well I see this forum board has turned into a posting board for new songs. Well OK, cool. Maybe there should really be a board for all this ya know...


    Since everyone else is doing it, I might as well jump in on the act. I made a new song the other day after watching a lot of lost. Thought of doing something prog/fullon-ish, slightly jungly with lots of SFX. Well I can't say I'm done adding it all, nor is my bassline quite finished, but if you'd like a listen, you can download it from two links.


    My FTP server




    My Soundclick page


    Enjoy ;) Send some feedback if you have the time.


  4. Hey, there is a question for anyone who cares enough to read. Is it here? Yes, just read along.


    Five or so, minutes ago.

    I decided to find out, what trackers were all about.

    Many decisions to make on what tracker to take.

    The real question is, will my new laptop be able to handle this?

    I haven't bought it yet, and perhaps i never will.

    Should I maybe take a chance? - Get the laptop and make jolly psytrance(:)).

    I've used Fruity Loops for quite some time, it works well but needs much cpu time (:)). If I would use Reason or Cubase, would it up the pace? Would I be able, to work steady and stable, on my new laptop, or would the processor just stop?


    Thanks in advance, keep lis'ning to psytrance.


    Edit: Added some nice bold tags, poetry isn't only for fags!

    My original question is still staying. Is there a difference in performance for the different trackers with the same amount of samples playing?


    Heheheh :lol:

    How long did this take you to write?

  5. ive been using reason for over a year and can never get the kind of bass i truly want for psy.  i can make some nice bass, but not the stuff u hear from the pros.


    i really think u have to go to a VST to get the best bass!


    To get the best bass, you have to actually invest some real money in hardware to be precise. :P But ofcoures at beginner level, such things are more than a luxury.

  6. I'd really like to participate with voice samples or at least content (texts/poems/etc)


    My MSN is rafaelabreu@hotmail.com. You can email me at this address as well.


    What kind of stuff you interested in?


    English only? Portuguese possible?

    The recording is done with a crap 2-dollar microphone, but you effect-it-all-up and it shouldn't sound too crap  :lol:


    Contact me ;)


    PS: an example - a text I wrote called "See you @ Sonica" ;)




    You Brazilians are craaazy.

    I can just imagine the story's you have to tell for lyrics.


    take the chance shaft, take the chaaaance!!! Maybe some portugeuse even! :lol:

  7. Hi Guys


    I'm back again after a long while of being somewhere between changing countries. I'm now in London (finalllly) and I think this place is fantastic. I just came across something I found and having been waiting to come. I thought it best to share it with you.


    The new Audigy X-Fi is finally out and there are various models. The Elite Pro is fully kitted with it all, so go take a look. I'm not sure who's selling them yet or how much they cost, but for a lot of you, there should definately be some interest into getting one of these.




    Creative also own E-MU as some of you know, and they're selling these cards for a good price at http://uk.europe.creative.com/shop/category.asp?cate=70. It includes delivery.


    Good 2 b back ;)



  8. Just a request... And maybe a few of your suggestions:


    We need a new forum. One for people to post their songs on. If you look through this one, you'll see that almost half or more of the posts are people posting their songs. I have no problem with songs being posted for review but it's hard to find any discussions on the actual making of music and it throws people off the idea of actually discussing.


    That is all.

  9. If you want HD audio for your songs, go to the movie-rental shop, pick up a DVD - record the sound you want using a wav editor, such as soundforge, wavelab or cooledit. Presto. Now you only have to figure out how to get rid of those damn background noises that are usually always there (cars, people, gunshots, music, etc....) If only movie companies made their audio tracks publically available. :P

  10. Yah, right click on an instrument and select "piano roll". This is your "tracker" in fruity loops and you can adjust the length, position and key of your notes. Very simple really. Also, in FL5 there is a dropdown menu at the top where you can choose how those notes will snap to size, for example: 1/4 note, 1/2 note, 1 note, 1/4 bar, 1/2 bar, etc. You can also select a mode where there is no 'snap'.


    Don't bother wasting ur time with your keyboard - using it sounds crap and you only have a small selection of notes to use (as far as I know). Just key the notes into the piano roll until you are as lucky as to get a midi k/b.

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