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  1. Horrordelic Proudly presents a new VA, celebrating our 10 Years in the scene.

    Download links and info: https://horrordelic.com/va_-_realm_of_death + Bandcamp: https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/the-realm-of-death



    Track list:

    1.Yamaraja - Back To The Horizon (150Bpm) 07:45
    2.Shadowform - Faliro Section (152Bpm) 08:48
    3.Eternity & Polymorphia - Utopian Elements (154Bpm) 07:17
    4.Circus Freq - Genetic Memories (164Bpm) 07:06
    5.Crom - Coming From Within (170Bpm) 05:38
    6.SilverDaze - Son of Zeus (199.95-173Bpm) 08:36
    7.Twilight Morph & Machlou - Spellslinger (175Bpm) 07:20
    8.Paranoia Sector - Novus Ordo Seclorum (178Bpm) 06:43
    9.Evil Scream - Vendetta (180Bpm) 06:07
    10.ApeTech - Magical Dimension (186Bpm) 08:36

    The Realm of The Death:
    The ancient Greeks believed in an underworld to which the souls of the dead journeyed. It was known by names such as Hades or Erebus which have become synonymous with the concept of ‘Hell’.

    The Underworld was a structured place. The souls of the dead were sent to various realms based on how they were judged: blameless heroes to Elysium, the evil to Tartarus and those who were neither good nor bad to the Fields of Asphodel. To safely travel from the world of the living to that of Hades, the soul needed to cross the Styx (the River of Hate) on a boat steered by a grim ferryman known as Charon.

    The cost of the trip was a gold coin and it was the custom of mourners to place one in the deceased’s mouth to ensure safe passage.

    released June 28, 2022

    Compiled By Yamaraja
    Mastering By Komfuzius, Track 3: Mastering by Dark Spectrum Lab
    Artwork By Artistry
    Released By Horrordelic


  2. Full track from the new album, a Vs. with Noise Gust ...


    Baphomet Engine vs. Noise Gust: Brazilian Ninja....


    Get your own copy of the CD (Digipack) get the mp3 files direct after payment: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hor/hor1cd007.html

    Digital only: https://beatspace-horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/baphomet-engine-solve-coagulaSpotify stream: https://play.spotify.com/album/3Pfzg53itP6VVrbpjaddPl

  3. Horrordelic Proudly Presents

    - A Free VA called:

    Horror Stories - OUT NOW !!




    Bandcamp: https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/album/va-horror-stories-horrordelic-2015

    Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp298NMF4QkHJZNN9dxvNnKTIJ


    Mastering By Anomalistic Studios (USA)

    Artwork by Antikriz&Psytanic (Norway)


    The world is full of mysteries; murders and deeply disturbing true stories. So with Halloween just around the corner here are 16 true stories that seems perfect for a horror imagination ......

    Here we go ; Take hope as we are floating to the sky....



    1. Baphomet_Engine_-_Psypain-[151_Bpm]

    2. Blind-Ox_-_Sinister_Masquerade_[210_Bpm]

    3. Crone_-_Horror_Stories_[180_Bpm]

    4. Dhrupad_-_DarkThroHolic_-_[160__Bpm]

    5. Grainripper_-_Written_on_stones_[152__Bpm]

    6. Gurgamesh_-_Zephyr_[162_bpm]

    7. Master_Of_Horror_-_Passage_to_death_[160_Bpm]

    8. Miquiztli_-_Road_To_Death_[170Bpm]

    9. Nazrael_-_Ohhh_No,_I_Now!!!!__[170__Bpm]

    10. Sepehraka_-_Shingon_[185__Bpm]

    11. Setek_-_Dream_Mechanics_[190__Bpm]

    12. Sick_Lion_-_El_Olvido_[200__Bpm]

    13. Unfug_-_Dead_Rabbit_[173__Bpm]

    14. Voidscream_-_Lim_Dul's_Vault_[180__Bpm]

    15. Xhamanik_Ritual_-_Boson_de_Higgs_[165__Bpm]

    16. Psy4tecks-_Inshah_Allah_[155__Bpm]


    Stay tuned every party needs great music to make your Halloween memorable check out this best choices to start your play list.


    Releases (Horrordelic FREEVA0XX series):

    FREEVA009 - VA - Horror Stories- 2015

    FREEVA008 - VA - Smiling Through Your Horror Times - 2015

    FREEVA007 - VA We Are Dead Vol.2 - 2014

    FREEVA006 - VA Doors Of Shiva - 2014

    FREEVA005 - VA The Fallen - 2014

    FREEVA004 - VA Mysteries Of Death - 2014

    FREEVA003 - VA HoRRoR TecH MecHanIcA - 2013

    FREEVA002 - VA Dance Of Shadows - 2013

    FREEVA001 - VA We Are Dead - 2013


    Get them all at https://horrordelic.bandcamp.com/

    http://horrordelic.com/- Visit Us.

  4. Baphomet Engine - Solve Coagula [CD/DIGITAL - OUT NOW] - Horrordelic CD007


    Link (Cd + Digital Free @ Psyshop):





    We proudly presents the masters of darkpsy from Brazil, the epic project Baphomet Engine. This is the third solo album. Baphomet Engine showcasing a new perspectives behind the darkpsy style, showing a new way of equilibrium (Solve and Coagula).


    Introducing a new range of frequencies that never was explored in the past. More quality and more simplicity. This is the point, looking forward of his own style and with great co-works with Noise Gust, Yata-Garasu and Low Rezolution.


    Preview it all:




    01. Baphomet Engine - Vacuum Vacation

    02. Baphomet Engine - Kabalah Reverse

    03. Baphomet Engine - Lee Water

    04. Baphomet Engine - Treta

    05. Baphomet Engine Vs Yata Garasu - Solve Coagula

    06. Baphomet Engine - Soul Caption

    07. Baphomet Engine - The Dark Bishop

    08. Baphomet Engine vs Noise Gust - Brazilian Ninja

    09. Baphomet Engine vs Noise Gust - NoiseEngine

    10. Baphomet Engine - Treta (Low Rezolution RMX)


    More links:





    Mastering By Anomalistic Studios (USA)- Released By Horrordelic (Norway)


    http://facebook.com/horrordelic| http://horrordelic.com | http://horrordelic.bandcamp.com - Visit us, 24/7 - 666- Darkpsy.

  5. Hexatech_-_Wearing_A_Hat_Made_Of_Moss_Fr




    Horrordelic Records Proudly Presents

    Hexatech Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss


    From Germany comes Hexatech, a project from Synthetic Forest. Prepare yourself and Stay Tuned for a Trip through Slower, Mesmerizing Electronic Soundscapes! Download links below...



    1.Hekse Trær 135 Bpm

    2.Wearing A Hat Made Of Moss 138 Bpm

    3.Splittering Galaxy 138 Bpm

    4.Etter Mørkets Frembrudd Kommer Lys 135 Bpm








    Artwork by Edelf & AntikRiz

    Mastering by Anomalistic Records

    Released by Horrordelic Records






  6. hor1cd006_b.jpg


    Horrordelic proudly presents their new album, a friends compilation with Holix.

    URL: http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/hor/hor1cd006.html


    10 tracks and 4 Bonus tracks for download, all in the psychedelic forest realm.

    Original psychedelic artwork by talented Artist Sebastian Gallegos (Mexico),

    Digipack CD package.


    Mattias Lindholm aka Holix (Stockholm, Sweden) a Psychedelic Dark-Forest wizard from the north,

    invite friends over for psychedelic blasts and experiences. You are invited to share this experience.


    Mastering by Anomalistic Records (USA). Join us into the Powerful Forest Experience, let go and let's Rock!





    1. Sacrament



    2. Unexpected Journey



    3. Forests And Deserts



    4. Prayer



    5. Silent Scream



    6. Pakawulu



    7. Third Eye



    8. Fifth Element



    9. Kerberos



    10. Why So Serious

    HOLIX AND DARK ELEMENT + 4 Exclusive downloads, link inside cover...

  7. Horrordelic Records Presents

    -----A Xmas Gift for You----

    Yata-Garasu - Lost Tapes [Full album]


    Fast direct download:

    WAV: http://goo.gl/cyDvQR

    MP3: http://goo.gl/bYMwHz

    Youtube Playlist: http://goo.gl/KdLrzR






    Tracks made by Yata-Garasu between 2007 and 2010, once lost but now found and brought to you mastered and salvaged from the abyss.



    1. The Begining Of The End 148bpm

    2. Sloth 148bpm

    3. Yuna 148bpm

    4. Pull Me Away 150bpm

    5. Ragnarok 150bpm

    6. A Place On Earth 154bpm

    7. Inside Sin 160bpm

    8. Steven & Paul 160bpm

    9. Yata-Garasu vs Osito vs Twisted Nerve - Silent Abyss 160bpm


    Original cover artwork by Florence Nicodèm, remixed by AntiElf. Mastering By Anomalistic Studios. Released 26. December 2014 By Horrordelic Records.

  8. Released by : Horrordelic Records
    Music by: Synthetic Forest
    Mastering by: Anomalistic Records
    Artwork by: Edelf
    Horrordelic Free EP: 009
    Download Free: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/synthetic-forest-eventyr-horrordelic/
    Youtube Playlist:



    Synthetic Forest (Germany) comes up with his 4th. Ep named Eventyr. Eventyr translates to Fairytale in Norwegian language.. After adventures and live set at Skogtroll in Norway, September 2014, the creativty and drive to create something special was strong. Work started shortly after to finish this EP in this full spirit and energy ...

    This journey continues Synthetic Forest`s powerful, atmospheric and mystical expression through Darkpsy. Having 3 EP`s allready out and many tracks through his label Scared Evil Records and good friends worldwide, truly establisihing as a serious dark-forest-psy act !! Exclusive artwork from Edelf, perfectly finalizing the package for you.

    Fairytales ahead, blast it loud !!

    1. Skogtroll 156bpm
    2. Eventyr 168bpm
    3. Mirkwood 169bpm
    4. Skogsbarn (Elephanticias remix) 172bpm
    5. Gloomy Phantom - Burning Heaven (Synthetic Forest remix) 160bpm
  9. --- 15 - 18 August 2014

    --- The World Iz Turning ---

    Darkpsy party Norway Underground Power

    Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar !!




    Tracklist Part1:

    01: Crone - Fire And Blood (170bpm) Horrordelic Records

    02: Necroillusion - Mr. Hyde Is Coming (170bpm) Triptec Records

    03: Lepudness - Energy Heaven (178bpm) Horrordelic Records

    04: Mk Ultra - LSDeath (180bpm) Triptec Records

    05: Bones vs Miquiztli - Voces En El Abismo (180bpm) Triptec Records

    06: Miquiztli - Ceremonial Circles (180 bpm) Triptec Records

    07: Uphurya - 13 - Tales of Victory (190bpm) Dopetec Records

    08: Azzault - 06 - Om Namah Shiva (180bpm) Horrordelic Records

    09: Voidscream & Akira - 06 - Purgatory Gates (175bpm) Scared Evil Records

    10: Asamori - Warped Instinct (177bpm) Scared Evil Records

    11: Gloomy Phantom & Synthetic Forest - 01 - Knocking on Hells Door (164bpm) Scared Evil Records

    12: Bones - Dark Voices (Tribute To Jim Morrison) (160bpm) Triptec Records

    13: Prospectum Mortis - Kill The Monster rmx (160bpm) Obscurum Records

    14: Made In Hell and DeeJoker - Demonizz da Garoa (157bpm) Obscurum Records

    15: Dark Chico - Real World (158bpm) Darknox Records


    Part 2:


    Tracklist Part 2:

    01: Nazrael vs Zaiklophobia - Fantasy

    02: Holix & Dark Element - Spirit Guide (150bpm)

    03: Space Alien - Happy Birthday To Us (148bpm)

    04: Satyr Iasis - Tickler (150bpm)

    05: Lost Reflection - The Weight Of The End (157bpm)

    06: Zigorat - The World Can Not Restore Equilibrium (150bpm)

    07: Ozore - A Night In The India (155bpm)

    08: Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama

    09: Necroillusion - Feel My Pain (154bpm)

    10: Nazrael - Dark Days

    11: Unfug - Hazy Fog


    Ooops, wrong button here ... But back at it ;)


    11: Aum Sync - Lunatik Karma - 172bpm

    12: Paranoia Sector - No More Badtrip 168bpm

    13: Selective Mood - Maine Frame 184bpm

    14: HyperBurst - Star Childrens 185bpm

    15: Kaya - Swastika 185bpm

    16: Blind-ox - Eleusinian Mysteries 188bpm

    17: Motorbrain - 10 - Blood Moon 190bpm

    18: Somarobotics - Mentally BLind

    19: Surupo - Dark Saga

    20: Cyko - Data Beast


    - Darkpsy Dj Set : Antikriz/Horrordelic @ Forest Bday for Fleinar


    Find all tracks FREE @ Tracklist: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/


    http://facebook.com/horrordelic - http://horrordelic.com

  10. Horrordelic Records presents:


    VA: The doors of Shiva

    Artwork by Paranoia Sector

    Mastered by Anomalistic Records

    Download Free Wav/MP3: http://darkpsyportal.anomalisticrecords.com/va-doors-shiva-horrordelic/

    Youtube Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLNlcSeDBp29_dIDwYCEAGCSobQmXAd8UL







    Music is a transmitting pole of God! It should electrify you with His presence! When Shiva speaks, it is poetry itself, It is the sky caressing the Earth, from His lips did song itself take birth.In this rare painting, Shivji sings a Dhrupad on His Primal Tanpura. As Ganesha accompanies on the Pakhawaj, The Goddess of Ragas, Ragini Rageshwari herself appears.The picture depicts once again, how lord shiva is the Origin of all things.


    Aum Namah Shivaya! Lord Shiva is known for love, but he is also known as a protector.


    The tracklist for this album is:


    VOL 1


    1] Mk ultra- Natraja Tandava [150bpm]

    2] Ohm-in - No-Identity [152bpm]

    3] Highstyle-Sexy dance fighting [148bpm]

    4] Yaotzin Tech -Regression's [150bpm]

    5] BAR - Trinetra [152bpm]

    6] DarkChico - Power Of Mandalas [152bpm]

    7] Voodoo - Sik Bastards [163bpm]

    8] Leonofobia - Great Strength [155bpm]

    9] Skup - Energy Invasion [152bpm]

    10] Yogh - Zargh [149bpm]

    11] Dark Cygnus - Sahasranama [159bpm]

    12] T-Virus - Karma [160bpm]

    13] Gloomy Phantom - The Twilight Zone [166bpm]

    14] Hector Miller - Pure [???bpm]

    15] Plasma force - Legend of Shivatron [170bpm]


    VOL 2


    1] Gloomy Phantom - Soulcatcher [160bpm]

    2] Xochipilli - Secret Shiva's Face (knowing the unknown) [160bpm]

    3] Miquiztli- Inside [160bpm]

    4] Neosapiens & Massive Noise In The Top of The World [160bpm]

    5] Psy4teks - Ancient Voices [160bpm]

    6] Limbo- Shamanic Ritual [160bpm]

    7] Paranoia sector- Chronic Pain [164bpm]

    8] Paratrip- Blazer Lights [169bpm]

    9] Psyoyorale - Om 'Doom [160bpm]

    10] Dirty Phreak VS. Deadhead - Delirium in Detail [174bpm]

    11] Qakbatzulu - Om Namma shivaye [190bpm]

    12] Lyzergik Brain - Mahamrityunjaya Mantra [178 Bpm]

    13] Master of Horror- Beyond the Doors [160bpm - ???bpm]

    14] Lepudness Energy Heaven [178bpm]

    15] Fractal DNA vs Plasma Force - Dimensional Disintegration [180bpm]


    VOL 3


    1] Crone - Fire And Blood [170bpm]

    2] Sepehraka - In my Head [180bpm]

    3] Maantrik frequency(Btoxik&sampler) - New world shit [180bpm]

    4] Baphomet Engine - Casaducarai [185bpm]

    5] Kliluk- Everything is possible [186bpm]

    6] Azzault Om Namaha Shiva [180bpm]

    7] Mentalsystem vs Necronomus - Torturer of souls [186bpm]

    8] Mekanikal mind - Of Course [190 bpm]

    9] Yoshua Em - I am a Ghost [190bpm]

    10] Walhalla Project - Florestrial [180bpm]

    11] Dhrupad - Naamo [The Doors Of Shiva] [194bpm]

    12] Lisergico Saeure The King among Physician [190bpm]

    13] HOSMO ZONIK - This Is Me [190bpm]

    14] Manik buluk- Anadenant Peregrina [195bpm]

    15] DarknesSs - Darkness In Shiva [210bpm]



    This is Free Release to for you to copy and share please! Horrrodelic 2014. Download top :)

  11. Yeah many people like other gengres as well, im into alot of black metal for the time being :)


    But as you know, somethings doesnt bore you.. For me this is computers, skateboarding, psytrance etc etc :) I dont get bored with it.. Maybe some day I will ? Who knows


    Variety is the as key as Time_Trap said..


    And the parties only gets better IMHO, i have visitied trance partys since 2002, and now im grooving alll night/morning ;)

  12. Hehe i see "the big labels" getting afraid ? Hehe the psychedelic community cant be stopped and I would think even more labels will pop up in 2006... Why do they destroy anything ? The only thing frustrating for me is remembering all the labels :)


    As Dmtree said: "I usually find the newer smaller labels releasing the more interesting music, albeit their production isn't as good.."


    And maybe when you think about it we dont need any big labels, small/independent is the way to go IMHO :)


    -- Btw.

    I think all these small labels is started because of love for the scene and community. You dont release a album printed in 500copies for big proffit :)

  13. Hehe i see "the big labels" getting afraid ? Hehe the psychedelic community cant be stopped and I would think even more labels will pop up in 2006... Why do they destroy anything ? The only thing frustrating for me is remembering all the labels :)


    As Dmtree said: "I usually find the newer smaller labels releasing the more interesting music, albeit their production isn't as good.."


    And maybe when you think about it we dont need any big labels, small/independent is the way to go IMHO :)

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