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  1. What's sex? I'm married. Just joshing. Here's my soundtrack to the bedroom/kitchen/night bus


    Get down on it -Kool and the Gang

    I still have'nt found what I'm looking for -U2

    Whipcrack away - Doris Day from 'Annie get your gun'

    Lip up fatty -Bad Manners

    Knees up mother Brown -Cockney trad tune

    the hokey cokey

  2. at a certain point you are right but If I would start a thread every time I heard goa that I didn't like  :rolleyes: ... I would like be a full time job, they should pay me for doing that  :D cool job...


    off course it's your right to open threads like this but you could have expected that kind of replies... You say we have to get over it because you don't have the same vieuw about AP as we do... that's just kicking the ball in our direction... we also have the right to express our vision about AP


    conclusion: this kind of topics always bring ups the pro & contra's replies and no one is right at the end...


    so let's just keep it peacefull  B)


    respect to you Zebedee Gherkin  ;)


    Indeed. Likewise I wouldn't start a post about every band I didn't like either. However, I like to get FRIENDLY debates going about anything that's generally regarded as great, classic, the best of its kind, most popular whatever e.g. Harry Potter books, the Beatles, Lord of the Rings films, Princess Diana. Why? because I think a lot of people are like sheep and accept things without questioning them. I like to question everything. So, on a very minor level I just wanted to get people's views here on why AP are so well regarded on the psy scene. I never said I didn't like them, just that I think they're best in small doses. Maybe it was a language thing. If it's any easier I can post in French, German or Italian. No problem.

  3. To those slagging me off for this post. Well, it got you going didnt it?? If you dont see the point of this post, what's the point of having a forum. As I said , I was taking my cue from the post about Hallucinogen.


    Seraph, Amith etc. Duh!!.. this forum is about voicing opinions, good and bad. You dont find me getting all upset just cos several people criticised Hallucinogen, a particular fave of mine, in the other post. So, we dont all have the same views about AP as you. Get over it.

  4. After the post about Hallucinogen I thought I'd put up one of psy's other sacred cows for discussion -Astral Projection


    I used to have all of their albums but found I could never listen to any one of them all the way through. I used to turn off the CD player after the third tracks. I like AP's stuff in small doses such as within the context of a various artists compilation but IMO their material is pretty samey and too straightforward for my liking. For me they never did anything better than 'Mahadeva'.

  5. In our smallish psy trance world I'd put my head on the line and say that 'Twisted ' is THE seminal album. The one that took trance to a new more sophisticated level. For sure, Hallucinogen is one of the best 3 psy acts IMO. Juno Reactor is another. I'd probably say GNOTR as the third but they only made one album plus several tracks that appeared on compilations. The thing I like about Hallucinogen is that he has strong hooks in his tunes and a quirky element as you can year in 'Snarling black Mabel' and 'Mi-loony-um'.

  6. 96 -98 I guess, when most my particular favourite psy albums were released


    Twisted -Hallucinogen

    Let's turn on -Doof

    Shhh -Quietman

    Rock bitch mafia -GNOTR

    Bible of dreams -Juno

    Synergy -Cosmosis

    tantrance 1-3

    TIP blue and green compilations

  7. Scaning Amazon just now I see that Astralasia have recently re-released their first few albums. I was just wondering what you people here think of them. They're often lumped in with the psy scene and you tend to find a lot of their stuff on 90s Goa Head, Return to the Source and Tantrance compilations. Not that all their stuff can be considered trance. A lot of its quite ambient and tribal/world fusion. Still it's all good stuff for tripping out to. If any of you have lived in London you might've been to the Whirl y Gig where 'Hashishin' was the club's signature tune.

  8. Once in a while, along comes an artist or group who's that good IMO that I try to get hold of everything they've done even if I've never heard the stuff. For me these include Juno Reactor, Simon Posford, Underworld, Orbital, Fluke, Joe Satriani, Transglobal Undergound, Afrocelts, Leo Kottke, Groove Armada, Astralasia, Banco da Gaia, Martin Taylor (jazz guitar phenom) and err..that's about it.

    And you? Psy and other

  9. I'm not a fan of sci-fi and so haven't seen any of the Matrix films. I know Juno Reactor had a big hand in making the soundtracks for the 2nd and 3rd films but I haven't heard them. How do they compare with their proper albums?

  10. I know this is a psy/Goa forum but I'm just wondering what folk here think of 'world fusion' styles for want of a better phrase. That and psy/Goa sort of go hand in hand, especially with artists like Astralasia and Juno Reactor who kind of straddle both genres. I'm talking about acts like Suns of Arqa, Transglobal Underground, Azukx, Banco da Gaia, Afrocelts etc. I know they're considered out of fashion but all their recent albums have been pretty excellent.

  11. About Slinky Wizard I just know that I saw Dominiq a while back, and he was doing house music and did not seem very intent then to get back into trance.


    But he did show up in Goa and seemed to enjoy himself, so maybe he has changed his mind.


    I didn't hear any rumours myself about a Slinky Wizard album being on it's way, but that would be nice if it was true.

    Where did you hear that from?


    It was a couple of years back on Flying Rhino's website news section. Maybe nowt happened cos of FR's demise.

  12. Ive seen Dick Trevor on flyers for parties and he has a track on that tsunami fund raiser cd.


    He did work with Danny Howells?will have to check that out.



    Sure did. Science Dept released several proggy numbers, such as 'Repercussion/Persuasion', featured on the first Bedrock comp

  13. Having been out of touch with the psy scene for a while I' m not sure what's become of certain acts. Anyone know?


    Slinky Wizard - promised an album at one point but then?


    Green Nuns of the Revolution - no follow up to the excellent 'Rock bitch mafia' . Head Nun Dick Trevor went off to form Science Department with Danny Howells but then what?


    Blue Planet Corporation - great 1st album but ...?


    I see Atmos released '2nd brigade' last year. How does it compare to 'Headcleaner'?


    What's become of James Munro and the other Flying Rhino boys?

  14. This is one monster of an album and matches 'Bible of dreams' all the way. Sheer power. JR have a fully defined sound of their own that separates them the rest of the competition thanks to the live percussion. For me the outstanding track is 'Zwara'. Bit of a pain that it's only available in the UK on import? 9.5/10

  15. Nothing to offer? That's bullshit. I rate UK Trance and Sally Doolallys Trancexpressions as some of the top compilations of last year. Very sad news!



    After Flying Rhino went belly up about the only contact I had with the trance scene was through Transient and Dragonfly. So, major let down to see that they've jacked it in. Thought their budget range of comps was excellent so I'll miss those

  16. I've been out of the psy scene for a while after Flying Rhino went to the wall but am getting back into it after getting introduced to Tribe of Frog. I'm a bit old school and out of touch with newer acts ever since my local indie record shop changed hands and stopped stocking any trance. Also have to admit I got a bit close minded about newer acts thinking nothing could top classic psy from the 90s. As none of my mates or anybods at work can tell psy trance from nu-metal so it's good to find this forum. Cheers.

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