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  1. Hey guys.


    I'm working on a track called Psykka, and i'm planning on releasing it within april, so i would love if some of you would take a listen to it and say what you like and what you don't.


    The track is a rock inspired full on trance piece, and the guitars are recorded by the brazillian guitar guru Zakka. I originally called it Robotitis and had robotic voices here and there, but after i received the guitars from Zakka, the track formed into something totally different, and felt that the robot theme was wrongly stuffed into it, so inspired by Zakka, i renamed it Psykka.


    Hope you take a little time out to give some constructive critics as i really listen and have a goal about Noforix that it should be a community inspired project, and hope people want to join in on it.


    You can listen to the release candidate as it is here:




    and this track will get updated as ideas come in, so the URL will never change for this release candiate.

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