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  1. It's clear who contributed what to UX project: Slide's Unstable is plain harsh dark psychedelia, while EON Project is very rhythmic, layered and atmospheric music.


    This album holds my interest from start to finish, something that Unstable could never do. I like the industrial sounds mixed with trance here. Chris Kylven has a lot of diversity in his music. I think he's underrated. He's the reason there is some soul in the Ultimate Experience album.


    8/10 from me.

  2. I don't know why this received such a bad response, because it's actually quite good music. Yes it is goa trance, not all goa trance has to sound the exact same style or have popular dance-floor appeal. All tracks are pretty good, nice melodies and atmospheres and great detail. The final downtempo track is great too.

  3. It's sad to see people saying this album would be better without the downtempo track, The Zinc-Plated Goddess, that's by far the best track on this album.


    The other tracks are not bad, but I quickly lose focus after the first or second one because they're all the same and not very interesting to listen through. Nothing stands out.


    The Unstable album is nothing like Ultimate Experience, it's more scattered hard psychedelic trance rather than thick dark goa trance. Maybe the tracks are better on their own or in a mix, I don't think this is an album to listen straight through.

  4. I am an elitist but I think the majority of others around here are against elitism: they support things like re-releasing CDs, releasing music for free, etc.


    Maybe we can use a different word for believing your opinion is right and everyone else's is wrong. ;)

  5. Anoebis bought some items from me, all was well, he doesn't seem like a very talkative jolly eBay buyer, anyways, I was going to send him some Suntrip records stickers with them as a joke, but I decided I'd rather keep them. :D

  6. Well I think you could find both with a little googling and torrent searching, but here ya go:


    01 Twelve Moons: Zero Gravity (Remix 2)

    02 Planet B.E.N: Y2K

    03 Dreamtec: Venus

    04 Shpongle: Divine Moments of Truth (Instrumental remix)

    05 Matenda: Split Personality

    06 Stoop & Fidget: Bits & Pieces (Sunday Night Live Madness Mix)

    07 Vibrasphere: Autopilot

    08 Monoclone: Dark Whisper (Tuesday Morning mix)

    09 Psychonaut: Neurosphere

    10 Infected Mushroom: Symphonatic

    11 Man With No Name: Revenge


    All trax 2000, except MWNN 1998, Vibrasphere 1999.



  7. I completelly disagree with the idea that Goa trance is only oriental melodies.

    Most of AP tracks have not oriental melodies (People Can Fly, Enlightened Evolution, Searching For UFO's), but they are prfect examples of Goa trance.

    One of the most famous Goa tracks hasn't any oriental melody MWNN-Teleport.


    But is Koxbox a Goa group?

    IMO its is and it's not.

    It has Goa elements, but sounds as one of the first psytrance attempts too.


    Koxbox for me is Psychedelic Goa Trance ;)


    Interesting, I'm curious what you think classifies the music as psychedelic. Some goa trance seems to achieve this through complex patterns and layers and acid sounds solely, while other achieves it more through unpredictable changes and effects. I'm probably not wording this too well, but I think projects like Cosmosis, Shakta, Dimension 5, Miranda, etc, etc, on one side created a very different style of psychedelic music than projects like Koxbox, Ubar Tmar, Sandman, Infected Mushroom, etc, on the other side. Of course there is overlapping of the styles in each.
  8. I think JonCrow is trying to stir up a flame war by accusing others of being trolls. This is a classic trolling technique called the Anti-troll.


    Anyways, what I wanted to discuss here is why certain people like certain artists. I know it is different taste, but I believe there are some underlying factors that determine one's taste, and also that it can be described more accurately. This thread seems to have missed the point, perhaps people are too eager to defend themselves rather than explain themselves as Elysium has said.

  9. It seems you (topic starter.. who ever u really are Posted Image) just dont like old school psychedelic trance, so don't try to understand it... just leave it to other people. Stick to Goa... you keep comparing it as if it the same, maybe thats where the confusion of intelligence comes in...?! If u try to look at a certain object with a set frame of mind it can be very hard to observe what you actually are are looking at, well to put it simple: a biased mind sees only what it want to see!


    I don't "like" any genre, I "like" certain good musics which may or may not fall into certain genres. There's always crap in every genre, and I think Koxbox is one of the rare craps in goa trance.
  10. I think most goa/psy mixes don't have that good of track selection and arrangement. There are too many mixes just using popular tracks. Mixing skills is mostly just making them go together smoothly at a good point, which is still important, but only after picking tracks and arranging them first.


    One thing I like about the mix I mentioned in first post is that it's mostly obscure tracks just released on an EP or something, not that special alone, but they all work perfectly in the mix.


    I also think goa might be harder to mix, since lots of the [better] tracks are so unique and different from one another due partly to the complexity of the music as well.

  11. I don't know when Tiesto stuff got called trance but maybe someone else can enlighten us. :) Most trance I have is from 1992-1996.


    That L.S.G. track is nice, his first album is good, the rest I don't like so much though. But he has a ton of good singles on his various aliases as well as L.S.G..



    Here is typical Mystic Force sounds, melancholic, eastern, melodic. I think any goa lovers should find this easily accessible, since it's quite similar.



  12. There's a lot of great normal trance releases for those after GOOD music, not just PSYCHEDELIC music, which is often overrated.


    My favorite artists so far are:


    Alien Signal



    Earth Nation



    Mystic Force

    Solar Quest



    Union Jack

    Virtual Symmetry


    There's a lot others.. and probably a ton more I've never heard of. Share some. If they are vocal please indicate that; none that I listed use vocals.

  13. Very overrated album.


    Maia and Alycone are excellent, and Electra and Celaeno are pretty good.


    The rest may be some of the most psychedelic music you ever hear, but that doesn't make them good, and indeed they are not very good.




  14. Top 10:


    Miranda - Phenomena

    Dimension 5 - Transdimensional

    Shakta - Silicon Trip

    Asia 2001 - Live

    Cosmosis - Cosmology

    Deviant Electronics - Brainwashing Is Child's Play

    Man With No Name - Moment Of Truth

    Electric Universe - One Love

    Ra - To Sirius

    UX - Ultimate Experience




    Bottom 10, top disappointments:


    1. The Infinity Project - Feeling Weird

    2. Hallucinogen - The Lone Deranger

    3. Koxbox - Forever After

    4. X-Dream - Radio

    ... to be continued....

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