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    Avalon - Distant Futures ~ Nano Records


    Posted Image


    Release date: 26 March 2010


    "Distant Futures” is the debut album from ‘Avalon’, the exciting new solo project from Leon Kane (ex-member of Reality Grid on Wildthings Records). Having played in over 20 countries at some of the biggest festivals worldwide like Tribe, Glade, Universo Paralello and Burning man, the Avalon name has gained a huge reputation for dance-floor satisfaction, not to mention experience from some of the best events around. His unique style is captured right from track one and takes you on a rip-roaring, mind-melting journey. The Avalon sound is full on with expertly implied melodies, driving basslines, hard hitting percussion and evocative sound-design, all resulting in a top-class album, sure to be marked as a 'classic' Trance album for the rest of time. Not only has Avalon put down some massive solo tunes that are sure fire winners for 'Distant Futures', but he has also got the nod from some of the UK's most influential producers such as Tristan, Dickster and Cosmosis who have in turn collaborated with him on tracks for this amazing debut album. Added to all this is some supreme mastering by Ido Ophir aka Domestic, ensuring a quality release of the highest order.





    1. Play It Bahia


    2. Into the New World


    3. Teleporter


    4. Destiny Awaits


    5. Funky Voodoo


    6. Out There


    7. Another Planet


    8. Swamp Funk


    9. Distant Futures


    10. Opus Pokus





    Play It Bahia


    Swelling synth sweeps move in like a warm front atop churning waves of rolling bassbeats. Arpeggiated acid riffs squish your eardrums with doughy saturation. The introductions of layers of rhythmic hi hats, background pops and belches, and miscellaneous bits of sonic candy build the sound into an energetic dancefloor thumper.


    Into The New World


    The beginnings of this work is hallmarked by distinctive synth string plucking, hooking you into what becomes a highly evolved mood by this track's end. The sound bites contrast against each other well, adding foreground and background It's all cemented together by full, meaty basslines which keep the flow going like a tide undertow.




    A prominent kick and bass combo ushers in an array of snares and highs to cover it. Sweeps and stabs are carefully, deliberately placed to provide subtle buildup. It isn't long before screaming leads and pitchy oscillations take center stage. Multiple climax moments offer up stellar, non linear progression of tension and release.


    Destiny Awaits


    This track is a touch more chilling than its predecessors. The chords have a slightly hair-raising sinister quality around their edges which provide a nighttime stomp factor at the outset. Funky arrangements of panoramic rhythmic lead vibrations ping pong your body around, with bouncy bits and bites providing the pogo stick for you to get vertical on.


    Funky Voodoo


    Alien sci-fi atmospheres provide the backdrop for incoming arrays of sound frequency. The bassline is quite distinctive from its trackmates, and there is a telltale retro feel to many of the lead layers. The percussion is excellent and ranges from the rhythm defining to the background coloring. Plenty of breaks and beat punches keep the energy fresh throughout.


    Out There


    This work's beginnings are sloppily squishy and delightfully organic. Well filtered snares and clever beat manipulation contrast dynamically for rich, thick lead synths to stretch the tension like a rubber band. Reverbed background saws fill out the sharp, jagged leads which take the fore. From start to finish, "Out There" is a buildup into foot-wiggling frenzy.


    Another Planet


    An awesome arrangement of synth rhythm goodness takes you straight into the outer nebulae. Bumpy bass riffs nudge you ever to the directions of ascension, with phased and flanges middle frequencies filling the sunyatic sonic spaciousness. A midway climax progresses into explosion, allowing for old school flavours to be rearranged anew.


    Swamp Funk


    The low notes take a definite full on, in-your-face stance in this full moon masterwork. Spiced with droning atmospheres, feral oscillator wiggles and sixteenth note stabs riding down the middle, "Funk" lives up to its name. This one is fit to be an outdoorsy groover rich in rhythm, drive, and sonic plot.


    Distant Futures


    A diesel-powered, uptempo beat stitches together roaring, dissonant waveforms using the thread of masterful, real feeling percussion sections. The breakdowns couldn't be placed better, and the voice engineering is fantastic and goosebump inspiring. Fitting in mood and texture to its predecessor, every melody and riff summons up paranormal trance dance energy.


    Opus Pokus


    Avalon spares no expense in his finale track. Ending with a bang of energy,"Opus" works from scratch to bake a psychedelic cake containing every taste of the rainbow. At once aggressive and progressive, this track's unrelenting bassbeat section and unearthly strings and leads section transport your psyche to alien dimensions, working out your body until its last moments.


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    Avalon MySpace | Myspace |


    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |



    Right guys .... so we have been really at it collecting some well groovy prizes to RAFFLE. This is another GREAT way to raise some funds....


    The raffle will be held at the HAITI APPEAL PROJECT Event on the 9th April, 2010 at 3am. BUT This is open to anyone !


    We will make a list and any persons NOT at the event and not able to collect we will post the prizes to the following week.


    As there are some SERIOUSLY killer prizes, were assuming some people may want to buy more than one ticket so we have made it easier by offering more for less...


    £1 for 1

    £4 for 5

    £7 for 10


    Remember this is ALL for donation, 100% will go back into the fund to go to DEC.









    1X Glade

    1x Waveform

    1x Sunrise

    1x Alchemy

    1x Solstice Ruigoord NL





    2X Glade

    2x Waveform

    2x Sunrise

    2x Alchemy

    2x Solstice Ruigoord NL



    Shpongle - Are You Shpongled

    Shpongle - Tales of the Inexpressible

    Shpongle - Nothing Lasts... But Nothing is Lost

    Shpongle - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland

    Shpongle - Live in Concert DVD Roundhouse

    Hallucinogen – Twisted

    Hallucinogen – Demented

    *all the above never played and signed by Simon Posford


    Green Nuns of the Revolution - Conflict/Cor (Vinyl) TIP/BlueRoom

    Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Afterburner EP (vinyl) Flying Rhino

    Green Nuns of the Revolution - The Green Nunions/Ring Of Fire (Eat Static rmx) (vinyl) Flying Rhino

    Danny Howells & Dick Trevor – KinkyFunk (Vinyl) Yoshitoshi Recordings

    *all the above never played and signed by Dick Trevor


    A Bottle of Champagne from Club Colosseum


    £20 voucher for Digital Downloads at Aboriginal Records download shop http://aboriginalrecordings.ithinkmusic.com/my-store/index.php




    NANO CD bundle of 10 releases

    Alchemy CD bundle of 10 releases

    Liquid CD bundle of 10 releases

    Neurobiotic CD bundle of 10 releases

    Bom Shanka CD bundle of 6 releases

    Interchill CD bundle of 6 releases

    2 x Wildthings CD bundle of 5 releases

    Interchill CD bundle of 4 releases



    8 x 10CD mixed bundles

    20 x 5CD mixed bundles


    *Mixed bundles host a wide range of styles from downtempo to trance, prog to dub. CDs donated from labels such as: Nano, Liquid, Alchemy, Neurobiotic, Exogenic, Transient, Maia, Free Spirit, Hearts Eye, Phar Psyde, Sabretooth, Wampus, Fiin, Space Boogie, Hippie Killer Prod, Pukka Music, Samsara, Vision, Ajana, Sacred Media, Aboriginal, Cosmic Theatre


    Tickets will also be available on the night... but you know how it is when you have 4£ left and it is between raffle ticket and that last drink.... at that point reason goes for the drink LOL ;-)

    Save yourself the worry of pocket change and go on and GET YOURS NOW !!







    Cant wait to see you all there !!!!!!


    1 WEEK TO GO !



  3. HAITI APPEAL PROJECT 3XCD :: Organic Records


    Posted Image


    Digital Release date: 09 April 2010

    Physical Release date: 16 April 2010


    To hear samples of each of the tracks and to PRE ORDER yours now please see: HAITI APPEAL PROJECT WEBSITE


    Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community of like-minded electronic music lovers. With this single cause in mind they have pulled together a stunning array of groundbreaking music from the best artists in each genre and are releasing a triple CD ‘Haiti Appeal Project’ spanning techno, trance and down-tempo electronica. For a mere 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks you could be contributing to a new school or hospital in devastated Haiti.

    Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the western hemisphere. Many people have made contributions towards the relief event; however Haiti Appeal Project would like to emphasise that the island still needs our help, and the Haitians should not be forgotten, especially as they approach the rainy season.


    The triple CD will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. There is also a digital download bundle collection of 38 tracks and 3 exclusive mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby).

    The CDs are available to download for just £12.99 from all normal online digital outlets such as Beatport and iTunes with all proceeds going towards the DEC for Haiti Appeal Project. The digital download will be available 9th April 2010 and the physical CD released 16th April, 2010.


    We are now taking PRE - ORDERS for this physical CD. We will be printing a limited edition 1000 and expect this to sell out very quickly. We will be also selling CDs at the London Launch event HERE:: So do expect them to go FAST !!! Get yours now to avoid disappointment!!!


    Please buy it! And when you do please do not give the music to other people as that would literally be taking food out of mouths.. get them to buy it too! We're hoping that each of you will pass on this message; get your friends to buy this and pass the message on and so on. Please. It will take 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks and if we all do this then we could end up building a school or a hospital or even more.




    Triple CD track listing:




    1. Entheogenic – Body Of Light (Sophia Mix)

    2. Alan Parsons (feat. Shpongle, Dave Gilmour)- Return To Tunguska

    3. HoeHLE – Digital Cave

    4. Friends Electric – Pondlife

    5. The Wave Farmers – Playful Waves

    6. Resonant Dawn – In This Moment

    7. KiloWatts – Remembering Spring

    8. Zen Lemonade vs System 7 – Dream Me A River ( Arc of Darkness Dub Mix)

    9. 1 Giant Leap – Ta Moko

    10. Antonio Testa – Spiritual Water

    11. Eat Static – Bedlamite ** digital only

    12. Gaudi & Greg Hunter – Ca$hmere ** digital only




    1. Astronivo – Reveal

    2. Switchbox - Hit the wrong Button

    3. Extrawelt – Fernweh

    4. Fiord – Zephyr

    5. John Monkman – Player Praia

    6. Perfect Stranger - Living in the past (The Medicine pt II) 4D – Amped

    7. 4D - Amped

    8. Saiko-pod – Compassion

    9. Minilogue - Little Sisters (Dnox & Beckers RMX)

    10. Indigo Child- The World Is Changed





    1. Logica and Zumbi – Sometimes

    2. Warp Technique – Ethic Gradient

    3. Sensient- Cluster F*%k

    4. Freakulizer – Groove Control (Burn In Noise Rmx )

    5. Dickster - Nutcracker

    6. Tron vs Glitch - Dharma

    7. Avalon vs G-Nome – Funky Voodoo

    8. Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (M-Theory Rmx)

    9. 1NTT (Total Eclipse & Tribal Tul) – Organico Maniac

    10. Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbons (Protoculture Rmx)






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    Organic Records | Website |

    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

    Arabesque Distribution Website |



    For contact with helping PR, sell CDs in your country or general ideas for marketing collaborations: robin@triskelemanagement.com







    @ Club Colosseum


    1 Nine Elms Lane, London, SW8 5NQ


    Presales : £12 / £17 w/CD (+bf)

    On the door : £15 / £20 w/CD


    Main Room: Psytrance


    Tristan LIVE | Laughing Buddha LIVE | Psymmetrix LIVE | Chameleon LIVE | Shane Gobi | Edoardo Liquid Ross | Nanook | Paul+


    Room Two: Techno


    FØRM (aka Ans & Allaby) | James Harcourt | Ed Real | 4D | Peter Dijital | Chris Organic


    Carlo Rossi | Francesca


    Room Three: Alternative / World Beats


    Younger Brother | Youth | Gaudi LIVE | Eat Static (Funky Eclectic DJ set) | Slackbaba LIVE Entheogenic | Casanueva | Robin Triskele


    Installation and deco by Global Village Productions & Fluffy Mafia








    3 x CD



    Haiti was struck by a devastating earthquake on 12th January 2010 which killed over 230,000 people and has left many more displaced who are currently living in tented shanty towns. Haiti is not only the poorest island in the Caribbean but quite possibly the poorest in the western hemisphere. A lot of people were moved by the recent events in Haiti and have made contributions towards the relief event; however Haiti Appeal Project would like to emphasise that the island still needs our help, and the Haitians should not be forgotten, especially as they approach the rainy season. With this single cause in mind Haiti Appeal Project is hoping to generate funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee (DEC) by hosting a charity psytrance, techno, dub and trance club night on Friday 9th April at Club Colosseum, SW8 and by releasing a triple CD ‘Haiti Appeal Project’ spanning techno, trance and down-tempo electronic on Monday 12th April.


    Haiti Appeal Project has been put together by a global community of like-minded electronic music lovers. Make a difference and please buy the CD or attend the club night. They're hoping that this message will be passed on generating more sales... For a mere 5 minutes of your life and the cost of a round of drinks you could be contributing to a new school or hospital in devastated Haiti.


    The CD


    They’ve pulled together an array of groundbreaking music which features artists such as Extrawelt, Alan Parsons Project (feat. Shpongle and David Gilmour), Eat Static, 1 Giant Leap, James Harcourt, Younger Brother, Perfect Stranger, Minilogue, Gaudi & Greg Hunter, Dnox & Beckers, Fiord, Sensient, Spektre, Burn In Noise, Entheogenic, Zen Lemonade vs System 7, Saiko Pod, Fearsome Engine, Protoculture, Saiko Pod, Dickster, 4D, HoeHLE, The Wave Farmers, Freakulizer, M-Theory, Jay Selway & Christian Smith, Resonant Dawn, Antonio Testa, Switchbox, Logica and Zumbi, Friends Electric, Astronivo, Riktam & Bansi, Dimitri Nakov, Gabe, Tron vs Glitch, 1NTT (Tul & Total Eclipse), KiloWatts, John Monkman, Indigo Child, Warp Technique, Dyno, Avalon vs G-Nome & Triangle and more!


    The triple CD will feature mostly exclusive and previously unreleased material. There is also a digital download bundle collection of 38 tracks and 3 exclusive mixes by Gaudi, Shane Gobi & FØRM (Ans & Allaby). The CDs are available to download for just £12.99 from all normal online digital outlets such as Beatport and iTunes with all proceeds going towards the DEC for Haiti Appeal Project. The CD will be available 9th April 2010 and released 12th April, 2010.


    The Party


    The techno, psytrance and dub night will take place on Friday 9th April at London’s Colosseum and feature psytrance artists Tristan, Laughing Buddha, Psymmetrix and Chameleon live with DJ sets spanning techno and world beats by Shane Gobi, Edoardo, Liquid Ross, FØRM (aka Ans & Allaby), James Harcourt, Ed Real 4D, Peter Didjital, Chris Organic, Carlo Rossi, Francesca, Younger Brother, Youth, Robin Triskele, Eat Static (Funky Eclectic DJ set), Entheogenic, Casanueva and live sets by Gaudi and Slackbaba. The installation and deco will be provided by Global Village Productions & Fluffy Mafia. All artists will be DJing for free with all proceeds going to DEC for Haiti Appeal Project.


    In 2005 the guys behind Love Haiti also released a CD for the Asian Tsunami Benefit and raised £9,000.


    Let’s get together and make a difference!


    Triple CD track listing:




    1. Entheogenic – Body Of Light (Sophia Mix)

    2. Alan Parsons (feat. Shpongle, Dave Gilmour)- Return To Tunguska

    3. HoeHLE – Digital Cave

    4. Friends Electric – Pondlife

    5. The Wave Farmers – Playful Waves

    6. Resonant Dawn – In This Moment

    7. KiloWatts – Remembering Spring

    8. Zen Lemonade vs System 7 – Dream Me A River ( Arc of Darkness Dub Mix)

    9. 1 Giant Leap – Ta Moko

    10. Antonio Testa – Spiritual Water

    11. Eat Static – Bedlamite ** digital only

    12. Gaudi & Greg Hunter – Ca$hmere ** digital only






    1. Astronivo – Reveal

    2. Switchbox - Hit the wrong Button

    3. Extrawelt – Fernweh

    4. Fiord – Zephyr

    5. John Monkman – Player Praia

    6. Perfect Stranger - Living in the past (The Medicine pt II) 4D – Amped

    7. Saiko Pod – Compassion

    8. Minilogue - Little Sisters (Dnox & Beckers RMX)

    9. Indigo Child- The World Is Changed

    10. Jay Selway & Christian Smith – Move (Riktam & Bansi, Dimitri, Gabe remix) ** digital only

    11. Minilogue – Doiicie A ** digital only

    12. Triangle – One ** digital only

    13. Dyno – Vinci ** digital only

    14. Perfect Stranger - Prata da casa (Spektre RMX) ** digital only

    15. James Harcourt – Proton ** digital only




    1. Logica and Zumbi – Sometimes

    2. Warp Technique – Ethic Gradient

    3. Sensient- Cluster F*%k

    4. Freakulizer – Groove Control (Burn In Noise Rmx )

    5. Dickster - Nutcracker

    6. Tron vs Glitch - Dharma

    7. Avalon vs G-Nome – Funky Voodoo

    8. Zen Mechanics – Industry Of Love (M-Theory Rmx)

    9. 1NTT (Tul & Total Eclipse) – Organico Maniac

    10. Younger Brother - Psychic Gibbons (Protoculture Rmx)

    11. 11. Fearsome Engine – Beyond Imagination * Digital Only




    www.haitiappealproject.co.uk | www.dec.org.uk




    For further info, interviews or images contact: letitia@outpostmedia.co.uk / 020 7684 5634 or robin@triskelemanagement.com

  5. Shiwa 2000 ~ Portinfarttijan Hyppypiertari :: Hippie Killer Prod


    Posted Image


    Release date: Out now!


    The Finns and Russians have been doing wondrous things for the twenty-first century psychedelic music scene. These form a regional trance subculture notorious for pouring their characteristically energetic style into their music. "Portinfarttijan Hyppypiertari" by Shiwa 2000 is the quintessential illustration of this blooming movement. A combination of audio magus Rick Timebees and Tim Thick of Texas Faggott and Mandalavandalz fame, these two Finns represent decades of musical know-how and expertise. This latest album is the culmination of a trilogy of project releases, and with artists like this behind the controls, one can expect nothing less than the best; Crisp, crystal clear production and engineering, arrangement masterworks of dynamic contrast, and a sound style as much a deviation from as a forger of a blossoming genre of music.


    "Shiwa 2000" has been described as the glue that binds together a musical saga. What an amalgam it is, as well. Fifteen tracks chock full of groove show off the versatility of its makers to the finest degree. Borrowing from and expounding on oodles of theory and style, the groove never stops and never grows static. Soundscapes which seem to go completely bonkers never spill a drop of their dancefloor readiness, sticking you into scene upon scene of dust-kicking fervor. These innovators have done their job admirably, for it is truly hard to put a label on this album, or what the Shiwa 2000 sound has evolved into. It can aptly be described as a completely new kind of animal, and a highly recommended must-listen. Released upon equally innovative Russian label Hippie Killer Productions, also known for its tireless effort, attention to musical detail, and ear for the highest quality, Portinfarttijan Hyppypiertari has all the makings of a twenty first century, ear electrifying collectors item.




    1. How Sick

    2. Ginger Smell

    3. Grom-jenka

    4. Munahawk

    5. Portinfarttija

    6. Hyppypiertari

    7. Timebomber

    8. Sentimental

    9. Fartside of the Moog

    10. Martin Vainot

    11. Lonely Man

    12. Gay Heat

    13. Mikael

    14. Kananuha

    15. Nothing To Hide


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    Hippie Killer Prod | Website | Myspace |

    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  6. Green Nuns On Ice ~ Pan Electric Variations :: Absolute Ambient


    Posted Image


    Release date: February 2010


    The Underground psychedelic trance mavericks from England who caused joyous havoc at many an International party in the late 90’s are experiencing a resurgence of interest for which they have changed their socks. PAN ELECTRIC is the artist name for Matt Coldricks’ projects on Absolute Ambient records . The Pan Electric approach of variations rather than re-mixes allows for more creative interpretations of melodies and moods and marks a departure form the rather tired culture of remixes. Quirky, dubby and laced with colour, drama and humour this album is vivid, smells of carnivals, bonfires and tastes like the best spontaneous night in you’ve had. Available from Jan 2010 and available in liquid form at most leading horse stables...


    Smallprint….. Terms and conditions apply – your house is at risk if you set fire to it etc etc .




    1. International Trance Dance

    2. Bing Bang Boing

    3. Still Fluffy

    4. “The British are avin a laugh”

    5. Leuvense Stoofpot

    6. Endless love

    7. Embers

    8. Tribal Nunions

    9. Alhambra

    10. OK Space Cadets





    International Trance Dance

    No prisoners taken in the Commentary booth – a spoof radio fantasy to get the irreverent juices flowing – an excellent use of multiple personality dis-order as we delve behind the scenes in Nunlandia.


    Bing Bang Boing

    Celebrating the absurd – (a very English pastime), a close friend of the nuns and Rock Bitch ” all in one. Featuring Helleanor Webb and her fruity flutey with Matt’s guitars deftly bringing up her rear.


    Still Fluffy

    The half tempo ending of “ Atomic armadillo – the fluffening “ gave the inspiration for this whole album and “Still fluffy draws on the same motifs and vibe. Giving a sense of the world twisting sideways as dinner is served. Originally Written in morse code on the back of a Shetland pony which was then ridden across the studio by a naked vicar - this track has been used as the arrival theme for the Peruvian national flea circus.


    “The British are avin a laugh”

    Life in the Green nuns sometimes felt like a never ending game of “ It’s a Knockout “ (Jeux sans frontiers)- an absurd but very European TV show that seemed to mix Euro folk-lore with psychedelia. The British team invariably came last. I can’t think of a better metaphor for a messy Trance party. The British government swapped its vast and powerful Empire for an absurdist sense of humour just after The Battle of the Somme in 1916 – If you could bottle the essence of that particular moment in time – you’d know what it’s like inside the mind of a Green Nun.


    Trance dance 2

    more idiocy in the commentary booth.


    Endless love

    And with humour comes love, no really …stop reaching for the bucket and hug yer mates - brazenly unfashionable use of vocoded vocals and the usual dubtantric melodies on guitar.



    Deep, dark and down into the base chakra with the aid of some Nepalese chanting and a few of my favourite synths. Takes the Ring of fire bass line and offers it to the god of back-lit caves.


    Tribal Nunions

    Green nunions was our last release before we all took day jobs at the local shrimp factory – our best ever release? Maybe – twas the first time we used loops and it opened the door on a new way of making dance records – so what did we do ? we stopped making them ! - Neil Cowley, whose amazing riffs shaped many a later nun track shares a little of his genius on piano in this African trip Alien Safari SA we salute you



    Ever been there? We did a gig in Granada once and all I can remember is the bruises on my hand afterwards from playing the congas with mucho gusto. Next day we took a trip to the Alhambra Palace and it was astonishing. Dutch artist MC Escher took much inspiration from the varied lines of perspective from the palace – it’s an approach to art that seems so in harmony with the synasthesia of psychedelic culture. Drawing on Octafunks twisty riffs and lines with Moorish intensity and Granada’s natural air of romance. See how I’ve mixed it all up in the experiential blender ?


    Ok Space Cadets

    Lightness – laughter and great trickery from scratch master JFB a local hero in Brighton –I brought JFB in as a new way of creating drum fills and links onto sections but mostly because after 25years of doing this I’d simply run out of new ways of making bit “ A” join up with bit “B” . Scratch culture is very un-fashionable in the world of trance and its associates – so it made nuntastic sense to bring it into play .


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    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |


    Posted Image

  7. Aphid Moon ~ Supercollider :: Aphid Records


    Posted Image


    Release date: 22nd January 2010


    Super Collider the third solo album from the artist Aphid Moon is out now on Aphid Records and avalaible in digital format and CD from all good stores.


    With critically acclaimed albums already released on both Dragonfly and Nano Records, 'Super Collider' finds him very much back and very much on form. With crystal clear production, detailed arrangements, driving basslines and an uncompromisingly unique style that stands out from the crowd it represents a distinct step up from his previous offerings.


    The album kicks off with the excellent "Graviton" an evolving psychedelic yet hard-edged slab of satisfying grooviness closely followed by the delightful atmospherically percussed and low-bassed tribute to pacifism "Give Peace a Dance" both weighing in at a respectable 142 bpm. As does "Subspace" an eerie twisted groove-fest that takes the album for a brief voyage through darker realms. "Kaleidoscopic" picks up the baton and runs in a googley fashion through several waves of epic crescendo designed to energise any night time dancefloor. "Psydoc" at 144 bpms with its bobbly bassline, moody vibe and vibrant array of catchy lines that always seem to stay on the right side of the cheeseometer. "Tonk" has more of a spaced out AMD feel to it and hits all the right spots evolving through several subtle musical mutations. "Hyperdimension" takes us back to the moodier side of the Aphid Moon sound builds to become an epic groove monster. "Hadron" continues in a darker vein with echoes from a fullon underground vibe while "Go For Orbit" shines like a beacon for lost souls at the end with its smooth combination of psychedelic lushness and percussive accuracy.


    Aphid Records joins forces with Mutagen Records for a double album launch party on 13th of Feb Valentine Weekender in the Colosseum Vauhall London. For more info and advance tickets please visit : aphidvsmutagen.eventbrite.com


    for FULL RELEASE INFORMATION as well as where to buy or download please SEE : www.aphidrecords.com




    1. Graviton

    2. Give Peace A Dance

    3. Subspace

    4. Kaleidoscope

    5. Psydoc

    6. Tonk

    7. Hyperdimension

    8. Hadron

    9. Go For Orbit


    Distributed by Arabesque and Ingrooves.


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  8. Goatika ~ Levitation :: Goatika Creative Lab


    Posted Image


    Release date: 4th December 2009


    Hailing from Russia, the music collective Goatika Creative Lab has been making tidal waves of headway in their area. Focusing on inspirational, intuitive, innovative, improvisational productions and performances, Goatika’s artists have a greatly positive time working together, and their music shows. Their latest release, “Levitation” is nothing short of a perfect example of this philosophy. Nine genre-bending tracks draw from influences and talent, both inner and outer, into a unique blend of musical culture and style which will be sure to turn heads for a long time to come.


    Goatika Creative Lab is a community of musicians from Russia and all over the world. Their creative projects focus on music ranging from improvisational, meditative, psychedelic, authentic Indian, and modern trans-culture. The project arose from the aspiration to share dialogue, friendship, and creativity between humans. It has no boundaries, but exists to combine musical styles from all over the world.


    The Lab's lineup differs with each performance, varying the mood and style of each show since each participant brings something unique to the sound. All Goatika musicians strive to use the creative process to create a sound that is not so much a noise as a living, breathing, musical pulse.


    The producer and inspirational force behind the project is Pavel Mikhailuk. Many other Russian and foreign musicians have taken part in the work of Creative Lab, including Artem Yakushenko, Arcady Marto, Sergey Kalachev, Sergey Klevensky, Boris Nazarov, Vladimir Kachanovsky, Joseph Bubrowski, Tony Levin, Kai Eckhardt, George Brooks, and Pete Lockett.




    1. Ajuna

    2. Animal Planet

    3. Check Us In

    4. Angel

    5. Homm

    6. Sunday

    7. Breezing

    8. Air

    9. Ocean Of Joy






    Soft pads, riffs and guitar licks coalesce into a groovy four-on-the-floor stomper. Touches of jazz intermix with copious amounts of tribal percussion into a blend rich with culture and flavor. Warbling strings, filtered leads, and harmonic vocals take the track a step further, building up into a high plateau for the dance floor.


    Animal Planet

    Expressive didgeridoo and short synth rhythms glue together a sonic web of wailing guitar and drum laden organic bass and breaks. Warm analog cutoffs pair off with masterful string melody, with vocal patterns topping off this jamming sundae of sound which seems to bring with it a warm beach breeze of summer.


    Check Us In

    This third track takes a trip down a darker, funkier, edgier path. Warm analog bass forms the undercurrent for crisply attenuated percussion presented in lurching patterns. Layer upon layer of synth does well to build the mood for the tension-releasing lead guitar solo, ending in hair-raisingly good mish-mashes of beat and voice.



    Appropriately named, this track introduces itself upon dreamy, gossamer digital pluck work. Reverbed female singing adds lofty upwards dimension to the sound, along with minimal percussion and full, foggy pads to round out the sound’s bottom end. The overall progression of sound leaves you relaxed and mentally floating by the end.



    Mean riff-picking action makes a superb analog contrast to the equally rough-edged digital screaming. A short breakdown of twisted, mouthy sounds bursts into a frantic lead solo to the tune of rhythmic synthesizer loop progressions. The bass beat and snare are especially gripping, progressing into an end time changeup of sounds.



    Offering pleasant respite from its predecessor, “Sunday” is like a child’s lullaby of fantasy, painting panoramic soundscapes of gossamer environments. The ensuing arrangement of glitchy, urban-tinged percussion comes just as unexpectedly. Before long, all elements collide and mesh surprisingly well and dynamically in their contrast.



    Complex table playing is the mainstay of this track’s percussion section. Backdrops of chanting curtain a full, clean synth lead with just the right amount of resonance, portamento and reverb. Abstract, worldly rhythms, from strings, to saxophone, to bass, build upon and play off each other in tension twisting segments of build and release.



    Wonderful effects pepper various layers of squishy synth, hard-filtered lead and mind-arresting progressions of pitch-bent mouth harp. The bass beat is the meat and potatoes of the track, and its intensity or absence sends your psyche into vastly different directions. It all comes back together, gradually and with loads of sound immersion.


    Ocean Of Joy

    This album’s outro is an odyssey exploring all manner of the outer worlds of sound. Elements of saxophone, didgeridoo, guitar, synthesizer and plenty more work their subtle parts, and the result feels very inspirational, improvisational, and alive. This track could be one of the most innovative and unique ensemble heard in quite a while.Stay tuned at the end, however as this track morphs into a hidden delight....


    This self-titled track awaits in the form of an ambient excursion into the more ethereal states of perception showcasing Goatika’s diverse talent and vision.


    Worldwide Distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesquedistribution.com |


    Digital Distribution through Aboriginal Recordings | www.aboriginalrecordings.com |


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    Goatika | Myspace | Kroogi | Youtube |

    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  9. Perpetual Loop ~ Catching Zinc :: Digital Duvet


    Posted Image


    Release date: 19th December 2009


    It wasn't too long ago that UK artist Charles Massey, known as Perpetual Loop, broke through the bubble in Manchester onto the world with his debut album, "Universal Flow". Coupled with track releases on compilations, his first major release was acclaimed worldwide as a top album in the genre. His follow-up album certainly lives up to his original and surpasses it in many ways. The sound quality is masterful in all stages, from the theory and structure of his tracks to the crisp equalization and layering. With eleven tracks, "Catching Zinc" is full of moments which seem to warp time and immerse both your thoughts and feet. Influences both electronic and organic, Balearic and eastern and beyond, abound, and without a doubt, "Catching Zinc" will receive the share of worldwide rotation and enjoyment it deserves.




    1. Release

    2. Simulated Neurons

    3. King In U

    4. Scattered Mind

    5. Wake Within

    6. Trapped In The Inconceivable

    7. All The Matters

    8. Catching Zinc

    9. Overcome

    10. Festival

    11. Morning Comes





    Popping bongo grooves, soft, subtle bass, and layers of voice, strings and synths lull the listener into head-bobbing rhythm. The skilful percussion kicks in for extra up-down motion and the synths evolve just right towards horizontal swaying. Atmosphere is added in the form of an eastern vocal duet and soft background pads.


    Simulated Neurons

    This track starts off a bit more space-age, with ambient pads and sweeps hallmarking abstract glitch rhythms and willowy arpeggios. The percussive break beat is most nice, and from the low frequencies upward, the whole track develops nicely in melody, texture, and mood. Layers take on new meaning throughout, with plenty of change-ups to be had.


    King In U

    Funky sub-bass aligns with up-and down Indian melodies. The drums help to fuse together East and West in masterful electronic style. Every lead takes its turn to immerse your eardrums in revolving sonic dominance. String pads add touches of bitter sweetness topped with high frequency harmonics. This one is a superb journey through emotion.


    Scattered Mind

    Glassy, reverbed droplets bounce amongst the panorama. The deceptive intro leads into an up-tempo array of filtered, grinding bass, vocoded rhythms and crisp percussion. The arpeggios never repeat in exactly the same manner, constantly changing and twisting and the backdrop of swept synth atmospherics paint the sounds cape as clouds in the sky.


    Wake Within

    "Wake" eases up on the intensity of its predecessor, offering up a heady dose of classic and retro synth sounds to a relaxing dub bass beat. vocal choirs and leads harmonize well with his sonic digitalism, and gradually the layers together create a soothing curtain of smile-inducing beats which draw from cultures new and old.


    Trapped In The Inconceivable

    An ascending mid-range riff gives you something to latch onto as you drift through waves of outer space-like synth ambience. This dreamy arrangement progresses slowly before taking form with the aid of minimalistic drum works. The bass is present but non-obtrusive, leaving plenty of room for complex melody and build.


    All The Matters

    This piece has a very urban feel, with distinct elements of vintage electronica and analogy synth influence. The drum line is catchy and classic, with reverbed snares and subtle high hats which keep the time. The melodies and leads are spacey with a touch of hopeful melancholy. An epic, drifting breakdown lends refreshment to a second build-up of sound.


    Catching Zinc

    The title track to Perpetual Loop's second album encapsulates the message and feel of its tracks masterfully. Brilliant piano work is incorporated into a drum and bass section you can instantly begin grooving to. Myriad parts of synth lead span the frequency spectrum and the vocal effects are clear, biting and fit with the track like a jigsaw piece.



    Robotic and electro, this track's feel diverges from its track mates, and the result is pleasing. Healthy amounts of drum and synth funk cascade against mechanical analog goodness. Plenty of up and down, left and right make this ride enjoyable. Dynamic contrast of sound ranges from the pneumatic to the symphonic hold your attention throughout.



    Beginning with a very basic drum line and pad, maximum room is given for the sound to unfold, and Perpetual Loop uses it. Layer upon layer builds slowly, audibly and deliberately. Biting acid rhythms tap on your neurons and well-placed Tablas get the head bobbing in anticipation for the bass beat groove to come.


    Morning Comes

    The finale track to this space odyssey definitely fit the bill for an amazing album. A highly psychedelic intro ushers in panoramic, polarized effects which launch you straight into mental space. This track is a quick cab ride to the Crab Nebula. Drum and synth frequencies inundate your ears from every direction among a wide variety of spectra.



    Worldwide digital distribution through Digital Duvet | www.digitalduvet.co.uk |


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    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  10. Alapbeállítás re: 2010.08.01-15. Mafia Dance Festival @ Mafia Island, Tanzania, Africa

    Pre-Sales Ending Dec 31 & LINEUP UPDATE ::


    Be sure to grab your presales now as they are starting to go fast, and numbers are limited to 500 first round presales. You can get your ticket for 110€+bf... thats less than ½ price the final sales price. Check online for your local ambassador to purchase from, as you need to purchase your ticket from your home country:


    Official Online Sales UK: http://www.mafiadancefestival.com/in...nline-sales-uk

    Official Online Sales Worldwide: http://www.mafiadancefestival.com/in...ales-worldwide

    Mafia Ambassadors: http://www.mafiadancefestival.com/in...al-ambassadors



    Now for the latest update on the lineup... it is looking WOW !!!



    Main Stage:



    ABSOLUM, 3D Vision Rec - FR

    ANTIDOTE, Neurobiotic Rec - FR

    BROKEN TOY, Alchemy Rec - SA

    CONCEPT, 3D Vision Recordings/Trick Music - FR

    DEVIANT SPECIES, Ambivalent Records - UK

    DIGITAL TALK, 3D Vision Rec/Yabai Records - FR

    EAT STATIC, Mesmobeat/TIP/Twisted Rec - UK (Special 2 Hour Live! No Laptops!!)

    ETNICA - PLEIADIANS, Etnicanet - IT (Special 2 Hour Live!)

    JOURNEY, Free Spirit Records - UK

    KOXBOX, Twisted Records/Solstice Music - DK

    LOGIC BOMB, Solstice Music - SWE

    LIQUID SOUL, Iboga Records - CH

    LOST & FOUND, 3D Vision Rec - SA (Special 2 Hour Live!)

    PHATMATIX, Yabai Records - FR

    PHIBIAN, Trick Music - UK (Exclusive Live!)

    PHYX, Timecode Rec - SA

    PITCH HICKERS, Nexus Media - SA

    PROMETHEUS, Twisted Records - UK

    PROTOCULTURE, Nano Records - SA

    RINKADINK, Alchemy Records - SA

    RUBIX QUBE, MMD/Disasterpeace - SA

    SCORB, Trick Music - UK

    SHIFT, Nexus Media - SA

    SLUG, Nexus Media - SA

    SQUID INC, Ambivalent Records/Trick Music - UK

    THE GRAIN SOCIETY, Ekholab Stud/Oktava Rec - GR (Exclusive Live!)

    TOTAL ECLIPSE, Mandala Records - FR (Special 2 Hour Live!)

    TRANSWAVE, 3D Vision Rec - FR

    TRISTAN, Nano Records - UK (Special 3 Hour Live!)

    XATRIK, Digital Psionics Rec - SA



    ALPHA, Interzone.pa - GER

    CHRISTOF, 3D Vision Rec - FR

    CONNECTO, Vortex - SA

    DADO, IBZ Recordings - FR

    DICK TREVOR, Nano Records - UK

    DINO PSARAS, Boa Group/Oktava Records - UK

    DJ NOON, Concept, 3D Vision Recordings - FR

    DOC, Harmonia Records - GR

    EARTHLING, Neuriobiotic/Spun Rec - SP

    EDOARDO, Neurobiotic Records - IT

    EMOK, Iboga Records - DK

    E303, Antiworld Events/Sonesta Records - UK

    FRANK E, Twisted Records/Solstice Music - DK

    JAMES MONRO, 4Ddigitalaudio, Flying Rhino - UK

    JAY OM, Free Spirit Records - UK

    KRISTIAN, Transient Rec - UK

    LIQUID SOUL, Iboga Rec - CH

    MARIOS, The Grain Society/Mafia Dance Festival - GR

    MAURIZIO BEGOTTI, Etnicanet - IT

    MAX LANFRANCONI, Etnicanet - IT

    MONTAGU, Symphonix, Blue Tunes Rec - GER

    PETER DIDJITAL, Mpdqx/Digital Structures - SWE

    REGAN, Nano Records - SA

    SENSIENT, Zenon Records - AUS

    SERGE, Neurobiotic Rec - FR

    SHANE GOBI, Alchemy Records - SA

    SWARUP, Universo Parallelo - BR

    TEO, Mafia Dance Festival/Oktava Rec - GR

    TRANAN, Solstice Music - SWE

    XP VOODOO, Spun Records - RUS

    YOUNGER BROTHER, Twisted Records - UK



    Alternative Stage:



    EAT STATIC, Mesmobeat/TIP/Twisted Rec - UK (Special 2 Hour Downtempo Live!)



    ATHENA ETANA, Mafia Dance Festival - GR

    CHRISTOF, IBZ Records - FR (Surprise Set!)

    DAKSINAMURTI, Nexus Media - GER

    DEEPR, Nomadstribe - MOR

    DIGITAL MYSTERY TOUR, Sofa Beats/Twisted Rec - FR

    DINO PSARAS, Boa/Oktava Rec - UK (Surprise Set!)

    DOUBLE-D, SB/Wonkay Rec - GR

    DOVLA, Interchill Records/Mafia Dance Festival - CRO

    EDOARDO, Microbiotic Rec- IT (Surprise Set!)

    E303, Antiworld Events/Sonesta Rec - UK (Surprise Set!)

    FOOSE, Ganja Tree Records - BE

    FRANK E, IBZ Recordings - DK (Surprise Set!)

    JAMES MONRO, Tropical Beats, Flying Rhino - UK

    ILLUMINATI, Psychotic Productions/Cosmicleaf Rec - GR/SA

    KRIS V, Radio with Pictures - UK (Surprise Set!)

    MAX & MAURIZIO, Etnicanet - IT (Surprise Set!)

    MERV, Eat static, Mesmobeat/Twisted Rec - UK

    NOON, IBZ Recordings - FR (Surprise Set!)

    ODO, The Wizard - UK

    ROBIN, Triskele Management - UK

    SHAWNODESE, Mind Funk Records - NL

    SIMON BARING, Minimal Mayhem/Casanueva - UK (Special Live Set!)

    TEO, Mafia Dance Festival/Oktava Rec - GR

    VASSILY S, Mafia Dance Festival/Oktava Rec - GR

    Üzenet javítása/törlése Válaszol idézettel Hozzászólás összetett idézése Gyors válasz erre az üzenetre

  11. Posted Image

    *Extra date added due to popular demand*

    Shpongle Live in Concert Oct 31st 2009
    Halloween Fancy Dress Ball

    Shpongle return to the Roundhouse in London on the 30th & 31st of October 2009, with a brand new extravaganza of a show to celebrate the launch of their 4th studio album which is...

    'Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland' (TWSCD36)

    So if you would like to be one of the first few people on the planet to own a copy and see the brand new show before anyone else, then book your ticket now as copies of the CD will be available on the night, 3 weeks before the release date in November.
    Tickets can be booked online or over the phone from the Roundhouse website, and can be collected in person on the night of the performance from the Roundhouse Box Office.

    Tickets are selling fast so please don't delay!

    Time : 7:00pm - 11:00pm
    Location : The Roundhouse
    Street : Chalk Farm Road
    City/Town : London, United Kingdom
    Phone : +448703899920
    Book tickets online
    View Map

    The new album is sounding HUGE !

    It's all finished and at the factory- along with the Shpongle DVD !

    If you aren't able to make the London concert and pick up your copy, you can pre order it now from the Twisted shop, and receive it through your door right after the show on the 2nd November !!


    1 - 15 August 2010




    Posted Image


    A 15-Day multi-cultural music and arts festival offering a step into paradise...


    Featuring 150 Top International and African Artists on 4 stages...


    Mafia Dance Festival will be hosted in one of the most extraordinary exotic island of the world ...






    Triskele Management will be UK Ambassador and heading the Marketing & PR for this festival... so look for regular updates monthly! If you have a way to help out with spreading info or flyers, please do contact me x


    The festival venue will be located in a coconut forest, next to the beach...!!!


    Mafia is the name of a peaceful tropical island of Tanzania that will guest a 15-days multi-cultural music and arts festival, offering a step into paradise!





    Limited tickets for 3000 people only!








    Mafia Dance Festival team always try to keep the ticket prices as low as possible according to the production size.


    The festival team aims to protect the island's untouched nature and the quality of the festival keeping a no-stop info channel to facilitate your participation to this first edition.



    The tickets for Mafia Dance Festival will be limited to 3000 and limited for each country (with a logic flexibility). We advise you to get your tickets as soon as the presale starts, as demand is very high and very few tickets will be available at the doors (if not sold out).



    Ticket price includes entrance to the festival for 15 days and free camping for 25 days!




    The first 500 Early bird tickets will be available ONLY through MAFIA DANCE FESTIVAL Website on October 09.


    The rest 500 Early bird tickets will be available through the local ambassadors on November and December 09.



    1st Period: 1 - 31 October / 110 Euro


    - 500 e-tickets, online only -


    1st Period: 1 November - 31 December / 110 Euro


    - 500 tickets, incl. Ambassadors -


    2nd Period: 1 January - 31 March / 180 Euro


    - 1000 tickets, incl. Ambassadors -


    3rd Period: 1 April - 9 July / 250 Euro


    - 1000 tickets, incl. Ambassadors -


    Ambassadors may charge 10-12 euro per ticket as service fee.





    To buy your ticket you need to submit your full name as the ticket will be strictly personal.


    To avoid fake tickets you will be asked for your id / passport at the door. If you buy your ticket and you won't be able to come anymore please inform the outlet to be refunded.




    Presale tickets will be available in more than 45 countries:



    UK OUTLET - Triskele Management


    London - contact robin@triskelemanagement.com / +44 (0)7963 176818


    Web e-tickets will be arranged very soon!



    All information for line ups, venue, flights, transports and more will follow in October 2009 through MAFIA DANCE FESTIVAL official website, facebook and myspace pages and partners' pages.



    Organised FLIGHTS-TRANSPORT will be provided!



    Posted Image




    Related Links:


    Mafia Dance Festival


    | Official Website | Official MySpace | Official FaceBook Group |


    Triskele Management


    | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  13. Gorump Peyya - Changes :: Manic Dragon Records


    Posted Image




    The name behind the project Gorump Peyya is Meto Kocev from Macedonia. Meto has a stylish way for producing music, in his sounds you will find intense dark-ness, hope, and appreciation to excellent trips that will blast off freakadelic frequencies through dreamfields. His sounds keep getting stronger and higher as he intends to take the listener into a dream of psy-fi high flying! His first album titled "Mystery Of Nitzzy" was released on 5th Element Recs in 2008 and since then Meto has had a huge fan following around the globe. He has previously collaborated with various artists such as Phobos Azazel, Claw, Necropyscho, K_Lapso, Plaex, Blisargon Demogorgon, Infect Insect, Fragletrollet, Wizack Twizack, Furious etc. and has a side project with Silent Horror named "Isentropic" which released an album through Namaha Recs in 2007. His latest side project named "Biosynthesis" which creates forest freak sounds had a few tracks released on Mighty Quinn Recs earlier this year. Manic Dragon is extremely proud to present Gorump Peyya's final project album "Changes" as after this album, his project will be stopped! Hope all his supporters will support his last full length album and share his dreams which he portrays through these new unique sounds which he always wishes to Change people's way towards approaching life! We thank all our close friends and families who have stood behind us in giving Meto support at all times!








    1. Lycans


    2. 9 Months


    3. Gorump Peyya and Kaos – Magic Monkey Juice


    4. Fischers Fritz Fischt Frische Fische


    5. Gorump Peyya and Sectio Aurea - Nipple Complex (Gorump Peyya Edit)


    6. Muschi Track (Do You Believe)


    7. Later Or Maybe Later


    8. Very Powerfull Psychedelic


    9. Join Me



    : Also Just Released on Manic Dragon :


    Baphomet Engine – Baphomet Engine 2

    For samples click below !





    Worldwide distribution through Saikosounds | Website |



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    Manic Dragon Records| Website | Myspace |


    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  14. Baphomet Engine – Baphomet Engine 2 :: Manic Dragon Records


    Posted Image




    Baphomet Engine is today is the solo act of Fabio Aurelio Siqueira from Brazil. Coming from a musical background, Fabio was involved in Thrash Metal bands since 1992. In 1998 with a true musical background and a real psychedelic state of mind, Baphomet Engine started (with Luis Fernando Secchinatto) by creating an incredible experience with a powerful energy. Experimenting with a wide range of sounds and frequencies, the music developed is to reveal to you the insanity and chaos of the ‘true’ world. The first break into psy-trance came with the inclusion of their track ‘Espanta Santo’ on Alkaloid's compilation ‘True Reality’ in 2004. Tracks on compilations by Manic Dragon, Nabi, Kagdila, Yage, Illuminati, Psyber Tribe, Devil's Mind, and Kabrathor followed, including collaborations with SEQUIPA, Shenz, Dejan, and Electrypnose.

    The debut album titled ‘Baphomet Engine’ was released on Manic Dragon Records in 2006 which created a huge fan following of true psychedelic music globally, which provided the opportunities to play in countries such as Brazil, India, Japan, Russia, and Europe. Baphomet Engine is recognized as one of the most innovative and creative acts from Brazil and with a real night music energy. They tell you stories with amazing feelings and take you on a deep journey to experience the final day. Earlier this year, Luis decided to depart from the project to seek his personal ventures as he was travelling a lot (our best wishes to him as always!) Watch out for ‘Baphomet Engine 2’ which keeps the psy journey well in chaos mode!

    Collaborations with Neo-Vox and Rawar will add extra touches to a trippy journey which will lead you to Fabio's mind, which is purely psychedelic!







    1. Meu Filho

    2. Mechanism Of Infection

    3. Waking Hades

    4. Poisonous Fog

    5. Massivevil

    6. Save The Planet

    7. Rebuilding the Miracles (AASS Remix)

    8. The Curse Of The Black Goat

    9. Baphomet Engine vs Rawar – Goas Nightmare

    10.Baphomet Engine vs Neovox – Mundo Maldito







    Gorump Peyya – Changes

    For samples click below !




    Worldwide distribution through Saikosounds | www.saikosounds.com |



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    Baphomet Engine | Myspace |

    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  15. VA ~ Moon Station :: Moon Station Records


    Posted Image


    Release Date: Coming Soon !!!


    Dj Iris collected crystals of dark psychedelic trance and made first Moon Station compilation from it. Loaded with music for deep states, it was made to expand the consciousness and experience the inner side of psychedelic reality. Each of these ten tracks have been selected for their composition of light and dark musical energy in that the finished product offers the listener a glimpse into the broader psychedelic realities both within and without. This compilation's authors hail from all over the world and each one contributes a unique style of music, CD is delivered with cyber psychedelic cover art from

    Ihtianderson and quality mastering from Manifold studios. Moon Station Records former sister label to Sun Station seeks to operate between, and break down, the perceived notions of the music in order to achieve balance and harmony. Their first release, "Moon Station", achieves this idiom superbly.




    1. Spaceshaman - Katedra

    2. Overdream - Throughout The Time

    3. Ocelot - Levitation

    4. Kraft - Far From Earth

    5. Nyama - Waves

    6. Medea - Hellbound

    7. Aku Aku - HoHo

    8. Red - Mentality

    9. Phobos & Deimos - Moon & Sun

    10. Glooex - AnyWay





    Spaceshaman - Katedra

    This intro track to the compilation offers a superb beginning, which builds into a roiling bass and percussion segment augmented by reverbed sweeps and stabs. The hats and snares work in tandem to accelerate the mood before all is brought into crystal clear focus. Abrasive acid synths and noise-laden leads wring your synapses out like a wet towel.


    Overdream - Throughout The Time

    Jumping straight into meaty, thumping bass foundations, "Time" serves up excellent arrays of stereoscopic effects and jangly, dimension-distorted percussions. High-frequency leads augment the rolling, bubbling lower riffs nicely, and layer upon layer builds up to an impressive wash of psychedelic arrangements which will roll you up within their immersiveness.


    Ocelot - Levitation

    World trance virtuoso Ocelot brings us a full moon thumper with grooves sent from outer space. Clear equalization ensures the sounds jump out at you from your speakers, and sweeps, pads, and leads are all in their proper place on the temporal stage. The sounds seem to unwind and restitch themselves for just the right amount of rearrangement freshness. This tracks makes a dancefloor move in a new sonic wave.


    Kraft - Far From Earth

    This twisted tune features a pumping baseline and synth sweeps which seem to swoop down on you from above. Brilliant use of pitch ramps in both vertical directions serve well to amp up the energy and offer up steep downhill slopes. Digital elasticity tickles your neural pathways. Change is the name of this track's game, with build-ups and breakdowns galore for your feet to feast upon.


    Nyama - Waves

    "Waves" displays its author's composition skills amazingly. From the bass to the high hats, all sounds are perfectly placed in synchronistic pulse energy synthesis. Key-changing baselines lead the way for the upper layers to follow suit, providing perfect energy alterations which can really get the dancers grinding away. This is a solid track created for maximum high-decibel enjoyment.


    Medea - Hellbound

    This track from Medea is built from the ground up with dissonant immersiveness in mind. Curtains of eerily pitch-bent pads approach from the musical flanks while resonant-saturated acid leads and effects worm their way into your inner ear. Subtle use of triplet timings and vocoded formant waves give "Hellbound" a patchwork cybernetic fusion feel of organic and mechanical lineages.


    Aku Aku - HoHo

    Chanting and panoramic bass beats usher in a smoky ritual of distorted bass action accompanied by creaking doors, disconnected horns and crisp high hats which paint a vivid and highly danceable atmosphere. No sound remains the same for longer than a few seconds. Nomadic filterings and subtle bass changes keep your feet going even as your mind drifts towards starscapes beyond.


    Red - Mentality

    An in-your-face masterwork from the start, the sounds of "Mentality" makes use of every audio dimension to attack your ego from all angles. Excellent tension and release open up room after room of altered moods and states. No sound becomes overused, and, from the corrosive leads to the stretchings of saw waves, the care given to equalization and arrangement is very apparent. Last two minutes filled with beautiful atmospheric melody that call a sunrise to the twilight dancefloor.


    Phobos & Deimos - Moon & Sun

    This amazing track is unspeakable. Sorry, you must listen to it. :P


    Glooex - AnyWay

    The outro track to this compilation is relentless and unforgiving by it calming effect on a mind. Kicks pound out rhythm with the bass. Synth strings and dynamic saw leads bleep and bloop their way up and down the pitch spectrum. Masterfully filtered sweeps imply feelings of inhalation and exhalation in a track that seems to take on a life of its own.



    Worldwide distribution through Psyshop & Beatspace | www.psyshop.com & www.beatspace.com |



    We have added a special option for people who want to support our music digitally:

    We are trying out a "pay as you want" system, so you, the buyer, can edit price for track or full release before buying. All Payments processed by PayPal.


    To purchase from us digitally .... see HERE !




    Local promoters! For very special booking offer write to info@moonstation.ru



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    DJ Iris | Website

    Triskele | Website | Myspace | Facebook |

  16. VA ~ Sunyata :: Dharma Harmony


    Posted Image


    Release date: 25th September 2009


    Hailing from the torrid New Orleans bayou is USA based trance label Dharmaharmony Records. In a relatively short time, this label has skyrocketed to the top of the North American trance scene and has built an excellent reputation for itself, both in the quality and integrity of its artists as well as the quality and floor-pounding capacity of its releases. Having become a household name from coast to coast in the States as well as abroad, Dharmaharmony is presenting some of the best talent that the scene has to offer. One can expect nothing less from this label, whose artists tirelessly tour the country and whose music finds itself on party playlists across several continents.


    Representing these virtues in exemplary form is Dharmaharmony's third release, "Sunyata". The name itself creates a concept of mutual interrelatedness along with an absence of self-identity through which communication can freely flow. Nine ego-pummeling tracks sculpted by artists from America, Russia, Japan and further grace this track list and provide a gaping auditory conduit of goodies across the globe. These tracks lie between, draw from, and defy the boundaries of classification, providing a sonic encryption that trance dilettantes of every colour can dig their eardrums and feet into. "Sunyata" is well slated to become a rocker that will tickle the senses of collectors, home listeners, and partygoers in scenes the world over.




    1. 2012

    2. Corrosive Vapors

    3. Plow

    4. Reunion

    5. Leuvense Stoofpot

    6. Identity Crisis

    7. Baraka

    8. Shadow Enuin

    9. Iron Lung






    The ultra-atmospheric beginning to this track makes for a stellar compilation intro. Uplifting layers of sound clouds curtain the panorama like solar flares. The bass beat currents pulsate and rhythmic percussion is superbly arranged into sharp ceilings of sonic stalactites. An ephemeral breakdown ushers in a second wave of neuron focusing delight which envelops and trains the psyche for clear dance floor communication.


    Corrosive Vapors

    American artist Dragon's addition features and improves upon his signature style of thick, chunky bass, mechanical effects, driving leads and heavy-hitting percussive elements. Flangelized mid-range riffs slice apart mental tapestries while subtly subconscious saw waves both cascade from above and grumble from below. Bass change-ups and sinister melodies realign your attentions and strip you of your perceptions.



    This feral, full-moon stomper is sure to be a crowd favourite. Scope ratchets the tempo up a notch and hammers your ego away with a gripping baseline and liquid, elastic environmental effects. The echoed melodies are just right, and the alternations of spatial effects and driving rhythms send you into a state of foot-twitching selflessness. Scintillating, glassy bits and bytes are the acidic icing on this psychedelic cake.



    Dribbling wetness and synaptic insinuations are the name of this track's game. Haunting vocal pads flutter through the background as evolving synth riffs prance about with the spidery stiff grace of a marionette. The undertow of the bass coupled with electric hits provides all the needed power to shock a dance floor to life. Outstanding use of rhythm and arpeggio top it all off in a sense-rattling medley of digital diversion.


    Leuvense Stoofpot

    A heavy duty steamroller of a track, "Stoofpot" is a high psychedelic journey through cosma both inner and outer. No time is wasted before glitchy lead sections, choral pad tapestries, and pitch-winding effect sections are in full swing, stripping self-awareness and environment and leaving only a vibrating body atop the dance surface. Delicious bass drops and rhythmic contortions make for refreshing mood changes.


    Identity Crisis

    Eitonin kicks the tempo up even further. Otherworldly dribblings and rumblings play against teams of alien grunts and whistles amongst gardens of staccato hammerings and chorus-drenched middle-frequency insinuations. The intensity builds with each passing bar and punctuations of breakdowns and rearrangements pave the way for new roads of soul-exploring musical mysticism.



    A dark-tinged, edgy track from the outset, "Baraka" jumps straight into evolving bass chaos underpinning corrosive lead frequencies and burbling resonant synth contortions which wrap your psyche into bizarre, pretzel-like knots. Over seven minutes of energy building madness pump the dance floor with frenzied enthusiasm while brilliant arrangement of note and percussion paint hair-raising nightscape moods.


    Shadow Enuin

    Glassy spaceship melodies and extraterrestrial string sections open up into pounding, pulsating measures of synapse stretching bedlam. The bass and kick combination is a gut-punching foundation of tumult while the irregular high hats and upward-scaling riffs launch you into alternate mental dimensions. Foreboding discordian sounds flick the ego away like gnats and work your feet into frenetic patterns.


    Iron Lung

    An aptly named outro, this piece builds upward from near-silence into a breathtaking array of bass and ephemeral tapestries of sound. This is a track that really takes you places, with no bar being the same from one to the next and filled with new sonic delight in every moment. From the distorted saw waves to the melodic synchronicity of frequencies, Iron Lung is a maddening paradox of soothe and serration.



    Worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesquedistribution.com |



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  17. Smiley Pixie - Chill Out Moods to Urban Grooves


    Posted Image


    Release date: 25th September 2009


    "Chillout Moods to Urban Grooves" is the second album by international artist The Smiley Pixie. The Pixie has built up a reputation on multiple continents for his freeform interpretation of live music, and this latest collection of works is no exception. Like a true wandering minstrel, the Pixie's life has been one of transnational, multicultural musical training, experience, and cultivation, and this dedication shows itself in his eclectic, diverse array of sounds and arrangements. From gypsy-style piano to freestyle guitar to nigh-futuristic electro breaks and drum and bass, the Pixie infuses his music with enough flavour for all to be able to enjoy. So, why wait? Listen for yourself and feel the heart and energy that this fairy folk has built his life's purpose around.




    1. A New Beginning

    2. Questions of Perceptions

    3. Moving Forward

    4. Little Friends of the Forest

    5. Microshipped

    6. Chasing Dreams

    7. Urban Dreams

    8. Ever Lasting Myth

    9. The Lesson is Made





    A New Beginning

    The beginning of this eclectic, stylish album features a bass beat groove reminiscent of dub step and industrial and dub step fusion, but the atmosphere is anything but dark. The pads and melodic riffs are deep and rich in sound character and fill your ears with rich aural invasion. Slightly radioactive effects blend with eastern European style piano to create a, infectious trans genre mood.


    Questions of Perceptions

    The Pixie ramps up the energy a notch along with the tempo. Harshly grating acid leads combine with hefty, chunky bass beats and crisp snares in a dynamic amalgam of urban and gypsy musical styles. Haunting and highly psychedelic, "Questions" illustrates refracted worlds seen through a warped looking glass. Full of groovy, thickly curtained layers of clever, gripping arrangements.


    Moving Forward

    This progressive four-on-the-floor rump shaker combines elements of sultry pads, crisp, prominent percussion, and harmonic melody to create an emotive sounds cape that's deeper and richer than triple chocolate ice cream. Classic piano minor chords mark a breakdown reminiscent of a foggy Romanian night. This is a brilliant, enjoyable combination of classical and modern influences.


    Little Friends of the Forest

    "Friends" begins with trippy, pitch-surfing goodness before ushering in low, flowing bass beats drawn from deep and electro house ancestry. Roughly-edged, panoramic synth scratching opposes smoothly filtered sine waves and metallic, robotic percussion, which build great atmospheric contrast. The breakdown is a swelling wave of energy upheaval before a tail-end rearrangement.



    Like a choo-choo train, the groove of this piece chugs along and invites you aboard for the ride. Panoramic percussion adds a lively feel and plenty of breakdown mashups recycle the sounds and keep them fresh. Effected vocal samples utter subliminal moral messages. Solidly arranged from the beefy bass to the clean, punchy snares and hats, this is fun music with a serious aspect.


    Chasing Dreams

    What's immediately unique about this arrangement is a woody analogue bass which stands out. Corrosive hits are glued together by futuristic urban arpeggios. Clever percussion adds an essential up-down feel that's easily danced to. The sounds here are one of a kind treasures... one would be hard pressed to hear in other present styles, speaking loads of their producer's talents.


    Urban Grounds

    Pixie takes his music into a different direction with this two-step break beat drawn from concrete jungle electro and hip-hop with an acidic twist all his own. Uptempo melodic synth arrangements conspire with half-time beats to create an off-kilter musical pattern which swells with gnarly tension and release. This is the perfect night-time track for the dance floor, auto, and headphones alike.


    Ever Lasting Myth

    Continuing along the break beat leg of this track is a slightly more relaxed, yet no less satisfying, web of smile-inducing sine waves. With heaping spoonfuls of four-four bass beats mixed in for good measure, "Myth" serves up a slightly more morning sound than its predecessor. Subtle vox waves flesh out the sides of a thumping drum and bass section which drives you straight down the middle.


    The Lesson is Made

    This finale track is perhaps the most experimental of the collection, and makes a fitting end to this deep, genre-spanning psychedelic odyssey. High speed collusions of jungle-style break beats quantify rolling melodic leads of sinister club synth and distorted acid squelching. Freestyle metal guitar thrown in for good measure makes this piece a menacing full-moon masterwork.



    Worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesquedistribution.com |



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  18. Banco de Gaia ~ Memories Dreams Reflections :: Disco Gecko Recordings


    Posted Image


    Release date: 18th September 2009


    Banco de Gaia. Over the last twenty years, few artists can attest to having put more effort into defining a sound and evolving the roots of an entire genre of music as this one. The Banco sound has worked itself into the ears of millions of listeners worldwide, and Toby Marks, the mind behind the name, has honed his skill in blending music of every description into a crowd pleasing orchestra within every one of his tracks. Toby’s music ranges from acoustic instrumentalism, to trance, break beat, and ambient, with a plethora of stylistic influences in between. All of which has earned him high praise from everyday listeners and keen-eared enthusiasts of every walk and background. With an impressive discography consisting of ten albums and even more compilation tracks, Banco de Gaia's music and performances remain as highly acclaimed and sought after as they have been since the start of his own generation.


    Banco de Gaia's latest release, "MEMORIES DREAMS REFLECTIONS" is a double CD which encapsulates everything that Toby's sound has evolved from, and into, over the past two decades. Featuring new tracks, remakes and overhauls of widely favoured classics, and not at all in the least, a stellar twenty two minute remake of the legendary Pink Floyd ensemble, "Echoes", illustrates in painstaking detail the history of the Banco de Gaia act. Released on Banco's hugely popular self-started label Disco Gecko Recordings, this compilation is a must-have addition to anyone's collection and will infuse playlists, dancefloors, and chill spaces with yet another refreshing wave of Banco de Gaia's unique brand of music.





    Disc 1


    1. Spirit of the Age

    2. Starless

    3. Echoes

    4. Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)

    5. Tempra

    6. Terra Om


    Disc 2


    1. Analogique

    2. Indecision

    3. Soufie (Blue Mix)

    4. Qurna

    5. China

    6. Celestine

    7. How Much Reality Can You Take?

    8. No Rain

    9. Drunk as a Monk

    10. Last Train to Lhasa





    Spirit of the Age

    The introduction to this half of the compilation is an information overload of the current times. A pitch-rising power supply of a note kicks the neurons into gear. Descending into live percussive electronica, all elements blend smoothly together into a jazzy, groovy beat with enough musical quality to get a variety of crowds out of their seats.



    A lackadaisical drum and snare beat sets the metronome for ethereal layers of synth pad, string and brass layers. The atmosphere is of a lazy ride through lush twilight sounds capes. Percussion and leads alike pick up in an intuitive way to undercurrent sultry vocal lyrics. And that is just the first half. Prepare for a deep tribal remake of what precedes into a second equally intense climax.



    Banco de Gaia takes on the hefty task of transforming this Pink Floyd classic into a twenty-three minute electronica odyssey. Masterful recreations of original Floyd sounds and textures pay proper homage to the legendary original, as well as plenty of added newness from Banco himself. The track as a whole has a proper live band feel and is just as time warping as the maiden incarnation.


    Soufie (Now That's What I Call 2009)

    This richly eastern themed track puts you directly on the banks of the Ganges from the beginning. What follows is a deep ethnic immersion which ushers the mind to ancient chapters of humanity through the vehicles of cutting edge sonic technology and two decades of musical master ship. Tribute is paid to both early and modern Indian traditions, from Raga to Goa Trance styles.



    This piece plucks you from your tropical surroundings and places you into a Gothic sounds cape. Thick, bassy drums and crisp snares do their work to generate your body to wiggle, while gossamer vocals and string pads give your mind plenty of cushion to coast on. Drifting silver flute and choral saw waves put the finishing touches on this Carpathian-themed requiem.


    Terra Om

    Finishing up this first half is an ambient masterwork that lifts you vertically through the atmosphere and beams to you simultaneous global flavours as your mind drifts weightlessly through sonic orbit. Gentle touches of influence from eons and corners past and present defy normal spatial dimension to colour a tapestry of audio chemical cerebral programming straight to your third eye.


    Disc 2



    An appropriately epic, meaningfully rich intro spreads the curtains before a groovy body grinder of break beat electronica. Granulated synth stabs, bleeps and bloops both retro and modern, come together in a melodic cornucopia of style only Banco can emulate. The mood changes dramatically within seven minutes into an intense dance floor shaker for outside or in.



    Complex Congo beats collide with digital flow and high voltage leads. The result is a dynamic contrast of moods built for generating tension. At once menacing and gentle, influences of electro, hard house and hip hop seems like a sonic mix of human and alien genealogy. High in rhythm and drive, "Indecision" seems to go in every direction and keeps you on your toes from start to finish.


    Soufie (Blue Mix)

    This strategically placed remix deviates from its previous iteration into a seaside Mediterranean gypsy style. The instruments are emotive enough to water many an eye and get your attention emotionally invested in the musical progression. The sounds are so rich and alive that they almost seem to be telling a story with an open, uncertain, yet profound ending.



    This track's predecessor is a masterfully artistic setup for the horizon this one transports you to. Wind-laden natural ambience sinks you into an alien landing pad of sounds from the limits of synthesis. Scaling melody is cleverly used to lend airs of childish innocence. Flanged sitar drones and analogue oscillations aside dub style bass beats wait afterwards amongst curtains of pad and string.



    Ancient legends from the oldest empires of the East theme this track into a sly musical narrative. Obscure instruments emanate portraits of faraway places and imaginative spaces. Before you realize it, an innovative break beat which seems more improvisational than rigidly technical takes centre stage with a feeling that no matter how many times it is heard, each one will be the first.



    This chilled out groove is a twelve minute breather, ideal for easy body movement or a hunkering down into a soft space. Floating arpeggios and clear, spacious snares and hats might make you reach for your hookah straw as the heady, panoramic vocals drift into your ears. Brilliant infusions of bluesy jazz sax and world percussive influence spell out a global ride in a mental hot air balloon.


    How Much Reality Can You Take?

    Enough relaxing! Banco gets your pulse pumping again with this four on the floor dance tune. Meaty, pitch shifting bass copulates with analogue synth melody in this intimate mating session of musical style. Between the synths and the sauternes and the choo choo train of the bass beat, there's enough horizontal and vertical motion to give your hands, feet, and mind plenty to dance to.


    No Rain

    Jam band drums kick this track off with chirping synth crickets calling out to each other in an attempt at chaotic assembly. Background vocals subtly send you pictures of sipping steamy Turkish tea as your head unconsciously nods quicker and quicker to the tension the percussion builds. The layers bloom out full with a rippling baseline, electric leads and spiritual group choir.


    Drunk As A Monk

    Banco arranges this piece as more of a live improv rock bit with binding electronica influences. A Staccato synth riff alternates sound space positions to make room for electric guitar, Middle Eastern woodwinds and other regional world elements. Broken drum beats provide thick elements of musical groove and formula in a blend of multi talent which shows music's boundlessness brightly.


    Last Train To Lhasa

    This Banco signature classic makes a new appearance as the grand finale to a decades-spanning compilation of genre-defining sound. Familiar melodies and textures are given new sets of clothes and curtain your ears with harpsichord, string, choir and effects which are every bit and more as clear and emotive as the original. This remake is a truly fitting end showcase of talent and effort.




    'Memories Dreams Reflections' Official CD RELEASE Party:



    Sunday, 20th September at 7.30pm

    Camden Lock

    Chalk Farm Road

    Camden Town



    Pricing: adv Ł10





    Exclusive worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk |



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  19. Argaman ~ My Little Forest :: Fairytales Records


    Posted Image


    Release date: Coming Soon !!!


    Rarely in the electronic music world nowadays does an album come along that is so ground breaking and earth shattering, it renews the listener with a second wind of inspiration, enthusiasm, and vitality. And when it does, the amount of mediocrity one needs to sift through to discover it requires a metal detector and a sturdy mental shovel.


    However, this album, "My Little Forest", by Israeli producer and virtuoso Agraman, is the exception to this and so many other percieved rules. Having been playing and composing orchestral and classical music since the age of 6, by the time he reached adulthood, his highly sought after scores were being featured in box office films. Then, Agraman was introduced to electronic music, which completely distorted and revamped his perceptions.


    His debut project album, "My Little Forest", encapsulates a life of musical composition and arrangement which spans both decades and genres. This cornucopia of sound and style draws from a virtual buffet of instruments, both classical and digital, whose genre influences draw from IDM, dub, ambient and the classical training he recieved as a child. "My Little Forest" is nigh indescribable using verbal vernacular. Although an attmept has been made to do so below, the best recommendation the reviewer can offer is to listen to yourself and learn why words simply don't do this ten track masterpiece of art justice. Afterwards, you will be telling your friends all about this amazing artist project as excitedly and kiddishly as the reviewer is as well.


    "My Little Forest" by Agraman is a surefire 10-star achiever, with every track recieving its own ball of shimmering white light.




    1. LSDing Camping

    2. You Will See

    3. InHarmonic Symphony

    4. WierDUB

    5. Don't Leave Me Alone

    6. The Old Times

    7. It's Not For Money

    8. The New Vibe

    9. Concertina

    10. The Silence





    LSDing Camping

    An atmospheric introduction takes us to mental worlds surrounded by unearthy familiar nature. The tones, effects and moods transport you further from your reality and closer into this music's world. Before long, everything begins to take shape in the form of warm, rubling bass and gentle hihat percussion. The atmosphere progresses and explodes into a comfortably eerie dub arrangement.


    You Will See

    The musical atmospheric current continues with soundscapes you feel you've heard before yet not in this unique combination. Resonant harmonic melodies drift into relaxed percussion and digital saw wave stabs. Lyrics emerge from between the layers, using an oddly original voice to convey a deep message. Vague hints of middle east influences carry forth within the musical scales.


    InHarmonic Symphony

    Sounds of surf and glockenspiel introduce a lovely strings orchestral section. Eastern European influence intermix with psychedelic digitalism in a gypsy-esque arrangement. Blossoming into gardens of funky glitch-breaks powered by pan-sweeps and background pads. Haunting melodies contrast against corrosive acid arpeggios in excellent use of tension and release of intensity.



    This piece takes on a sadder, more lamenting air about itself. Weeping violin and organic minor chords descend and rise again into thick bassbeats and ultra-atmospheric, effect-laden percussion and vocals guaranteed to stand your hairs on end. A masterful mishmash of music from multiple worlds, "WierDUB" is more than just music, but a sonic taxi taking you everywhere and nowhere.


    Don't Leave Me Alone

    This two minute ambient intermission blends its predecessor and offspring together superbly. Excellent use of silver flute, natural sound, and cartoony sobbing speaks powerfully for the cerebral chemical reactions these tones induce.


    The Old Times

    Bells and glockenspiels reverberate trickloads of resonant harmony in the upper range as tuba brass belches out along the lower reaches. It isn't long before the rest of this psychedelic symphony fills out the rest. Many different elements, instruments, and sounds collide together in this sonic tapestry which spans multiple moods and touches none.


    It's Not For Money

    An emotive arrangement of bittersweet sounds hearken the entry of layers of elastic bass filling in the spaces of clean, precise percussion which spans the panorama with pleasurable unexpectedness. distinct elements of song body exist here. Proper attention to detail is applied to every layer, adding expert dimension to these twisting moods and making this a true piece of art.


    The New Vibe

    It's amazing how much different and unique music can sound when it doesn't follow the standard. "Vibe" is a classic example of this. Using off-timings to create a lopsided foundation adds asymmetrical rhythm your brain can't get enough of decoding. Combine that with clear, powerful sound layers and globally reaching influences and you have music to please you time and again.



    The reggae and dub influences exist here, but only in the most minimal of forms. Truthfully, there is so much going on in this music that nailing down a region of origin is fruitless. The moods change so spontaneously and seamlessly that the best course oc action is to sit down and buckle up for the ride. This trail mix of a track offers a bit for everybody and asks you to buckle up during the trek.


    The Silence

    This outro track leads the album out in style and flair. Old timey traveling circus performer music seems mixed together with futuristic digitalism with a certain chemical substance used as the glue. Were that every child were blessed with a music box playing such a tune at Christmastime, the world would be a much happier place. Agraman guarantees the surprises aren't over, so listen on.



    Worldwide distribution through Arabesque | www.arabesque.co.uk |



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