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    Beyond the boundaries of fantasia there is a place of great understanding, a place where feelings of love, Joy and fulfillment stand at the fore. To get to this place, a great journey will partake. In the deepest part of the mystical forest you will find the Southern Oracle.


    This years Southern Oracle will feature over 30 artist from around around the globe. One Dance Floor Over Two Big Nights...


    With a creation of music, artwork and visuals for your exhibition.


    Lost World Productions are proud to present the Noise Poison crew all the way from Germany.

    8 hours of Noise Poison !




    Cosmo - (Noise Poison) Slovakia LIVE

    Highko - (Noise Poison) Germany LIVE

    Highcosmos - (Noise Poison) Germany LIVE


    Strange Planet - (Namaha Records) NNSW LIVE

    Sun In Aquarius - NNSW Live

    Audio Unit - Victoria LIVE

    Double Vison - NNSW LIVE

    Digital Playground (Digital Mayhem) Victoria LIVE

    Self Existance (Adapted Records) NNSW LIVE

    Algoriffmix - NNSW - LIVE

    Spyrallus - (Bom Shanka Music) Brisbane LIVE

    Bagz Menace - (Fowl Play Records) NNSW LIVE

    Afam Phair - Brisbane LIVE

    Srialdabaoth - NNSW

    Fil - (Sundance Records) Brisbane

    Burnt Receptor - Brisbane

    Fungalicous - (Diskonekia)Brisbane

    Redline - (Digital Mayhem) Victoria

    PsycaRumber - (LWP) Gold Coast

    Problem Child - (LWP) Gold Coast

    Hazard - (LWP) Gold Coast

    Trance N Bentle - Brisbane

    Fairyrose - Brisbane

    Blackrose - Brisbane

    Trancducer - Brisbane

    Catalyst - Brisbane

    Sketi - Brisbane

    Mind Control - Brisbane



    Tristan - Gold Coast

    Asylum Seaker - Brisbane

    Nick Moose On The Loose - NNSW

    Cacktiey - Brisbane

    Psydemon - Brisbane


    Chill space will be provided by 33 Expressions.



    Sound, Decor And Lights

    Joelle - Brisbane

    Kimberley Bianca - Brisbane

    Lost World Productions - Gold Coast

    33 Expressions - Gold Coast

    Treeluminatii - Brisbane

    Dj CosMick Anormaly Media (Laser Productions) - Gold Coast

    Sound Storm - NNSW



    Lost World Productions holds the right for security to remove any misbehaving people.

    This is a drug and alcohol free event.

    This is a no glass event.




    1 hour South West of Brisbane.

    1.5 hours north from Byron Bay



    Presold: $40 - Tickets limited available

    On the door: $60


    Pre sale tickets available from:



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