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  1. Well, not really bought today, but 14 days (and therefore my latest CD purchase) ago I ordered two pieces of modern electronic music-history:


    Fluke - Risoto

    Leftfield - Leftism


    I've had these two in my collection some years ago, but had to sell large parts on my cd/records in order to make a living at that time of my life... I'm slowly starting to rebuild the whole collection, but it'll take some time.


    Risoto & Leftism are highly recomendable to anyone who has a larger musical taste than psytrance only. :)

  2. The new page is swell as well - but I think I've seen the new design before? Is the list of studio "gear" complete? Because I don't see any actual synths there :P - but okay, the mac is nice and bragable. I want one!


    Doh... yes, you have actually seen it already... my bad! hehe... <_<


    Don't have any outboard gear any more.... everythings gone... lack of money and space, made me sell it... miss the knobs, though... :unsure:

  3. Hi Lars - good to hear from you. Yup, it's a bit different. I think I just got tired of doing the same stuff, with the same sort of drum-section and leads. How are you doing...? And what are you doing? Long time no see :)




    I'm doing grrrrrrrreat... well, at least fine... :)


    Work, work, work, being with my girlfriend, and not that much music... to my ages to redesign my website mindfly.dk - but I got it up and running, so more time for the music making now... check it out (<- not accesible unless you find the "hidden" link from the website...) the top track is the latest I'm working on....


    cheers mate

  4. Maaaaaan.... this brings back the memories 'n emotions that came to me after listening to Atmos 'Headcleaner' album for the first time...


    Indeed very very veeeeery nice stuff... and totally unexpected, it's so far from the stuff I knew you once did. But I like it a lot... :)



  5. Hmm.. that seems to be what the product is supposed to do - make drum beats fast?


    You're right - and it is, very easy to use. So does drum beats will be made in a spliffy. :)


    Was it stable when you were trying it out?


    It didn't crash, when I used it with Logic - and also it was quite "light" on the cpu.

  6. Synths are funny like that. My first synth was a Yamaha CS1x. I got rid of it years ago, now I wish I had it again. :-)


    Sigh... yeah, know the feeling... Got rid of my jp8000...miss it a lot now... and all the leds that seemed like sparkling stars, whenever I turned it on... :(

  7. hi there im a portuguese producer of psytrance and i want find a label eheh...if there any interested contact me on msn-shakri@netcabo.pt

    updown festival in portugal comming soon.....im gonna put the main floor in flames ekek


    No offence ment, and hopefully none taken, but when I was young (I never needed anyone.... ok, different story (and a quote from a Celine Dion cover)!)... Maybe, times really have changed...but when I was "younger", I spent my time tracking down labels, instead of asking them to track me down. There are plenty of places to search for psy-labels on the web, do some searching man...it pays off, writing the labels and getting a contact. It's good showing initiative, instead of letting "them" come to you... ;)



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