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  1. I am complaining that there is not enough moderation. Recently I get about 1 spam personal msg/week from here. That is not so for any other of many 'net forums I am on. Perhaps consider locking the forum and having people that want to join explain why.

  2. >Ultrabeat / Black hole / Zine Wave Enthrophy / Onyx Trance ?

    >[...]>Anyone? I'd like to recover their releases (mostly modules)... lost almost everything when my old pc died... especially from the last 3 labels... anyone still has some of this on their HDD?


    I may have all Ultrabeat's work, one by Blackhole, all P-Tec's modules. Private Message me and I will tell you how to contact me. I believe Soem Aeld (a member here) has some of P-Tec's newer work that I do not have. Do you know if he still uses this forum?

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