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6CD VA Hallucinations Of The Buddha (Global Sect, 2024)

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6CD VA Hallucinations Of The Buddha (Global Sect, 2024)

The entire existing world is the dream of Buddha, as some of the most ancient spiritual teachings tell us. Any phenomenon of the universe, from majestic clusters of giant stars to a growing flower in a summer forest, is a dream, a mirage or an obsession that appears to the infinite, empty and immortal consciousness, which can be compared to space in which everything is possible.

Listen to 17 fresh tracks, pre-order epic 6CD digipack, and UV-active merch: 


We present to your attention an adventure consisting of 6 different musical stories, which were compiled by DJ Adept, DJane Hisui and DJ Masala.

Attention! The project is under development, changes are possible in the tracklist, design and, partly, in the release concept.

Dream I. Intergalactic Cult

1. Intergalactic Cult - Polar Lights
2. Ovnimoon & Atlantis - Gratitude
3. Median Project - Mountain Gundabad
4. Travma - Tesla (Median Project Rmx)
5. Track In Progress
6. Track In Progress
7. Katedra - Alienated Hallucination (Alienapia Remix)
8. Third Eye Channel - Visions Of Life

Dream II. Another Lifeforms

1. Morioun - Sectempfang
2. Acobas - 12 Micro
3. Proxeeus - Olney Street
4. Morioun (feat. SETI Project) - Moonrock
5. CompleteMidiotz - Astral Map Reference (Gellarfield Mix)
6. Fiery Dawn - Furya
7. Merr0w - The Sea's Encounter With Namor (Original Mix)
8. Proxeeus - Almost Nobody dances Sober
9. Lunar Dawn - Turbulent
10. Track in Progress

Dream III. Anomal Zone

1. Fiery Dawn - The Darkside
2. Korov - OS Corrupted
3. Neogenia - Dream Genesis
4. Morphic Resonance feat. SUN Project - He Left His Body
5. Autoflow - Stronger All The Time
6. Morichino - Firlefanz (Goa Mix)
7. Liquid Sun - Revolution
8. Indigo & Galaktik Wizdom - Temple Of Mind
9. Track in progress
10. Median Project - Hallucinations Of The Buddha

Dream IV. Name in progress

1. Fiery Dawn - KOI 2
2. Atlantis - Galactic Cult
3. Astronobios feat. E-Mantra - Track in Progress
4. SETI Project - Pigs In Space
5. Dumpster Diver - Lord of Destruction
6. Track in Progress
7. Track in Progress
8. Triquetra - Track in Progress
9. Centavra Project - Track in Progress
10. Journey Into Sound - Up To Me

Dream V. Memories about Reincarnation

1. Clementz - Glimmer
2. Fiery Dawn - Hi Tech Dervish
3. PharaOm - Ego Death
4. Remix on Oldschool Legend
5. Mindsphere - Our Happiness
6. Clementz - In The Hands of Space
7. Moon Beasts - A Goat Story
8. Triquetra - Reincarnation Railways
9. Art Of Doubt - The Verge (Centavra Project Rmx)
10. Remix on Oldschool Legend

Dream VI. Nirvana

1. Arthur Pralaya - The Cult Of The Sun (Remaster)
2. Arthur Pralaya - Black Continent (Remaster)
3. Arthur Pralaya - Dragon Spirit (Remaster)
4. Arthur Pralaya - Cosmic Rays (Remaster)
5. Arthur Pralaya - Sky Mechanics (Remaster)
6. Arthur Pralaya - Now I Can Touch The Stars (Remaster)
7. Arthur Pralaya - Transhuman (Remaster)
8. Arthur Pralaya - You Create Your Own Legend (Remaster)
9. Arthur Pralaya - Dreaming Sky (Remaster)
10. Arthur Pralaya - Under The Stars (Remaster)


The first disc "Intergalactic Cult" is a vision of other dimensions, advanced space civilizations and a powerful intergalactic cult. The tracklist consists mainly of sci-fi goa trance tracks with a modern sound.

The second disc, "Another Lifeforms", will take the listener to distant alien worlds, inhabited by many bizarre and amazing creatures. A little peculiar and fun tracks await you, with high BPM and crazy acid synthesizers.

The third disc, "Anomal Zone", is an adventure through a dangerous, mystical anomalous zone on another planet. A gloomy musical canvas will unfold before the listener, drawn both by masters of the genre and by promising new projects.

The fourth disc is currently in production, but we can already say that you will hear amazing and varied tracks. We will update the information very soon.

The fifth disc "Memories about Reincarnation" is a kingdom of morning music and positive, spiritual vibrations. Light musical sketches will excite the imagination like mirages and memories of past incarnations that escape attention. At the end, we will prepare for you a remix of a truly brilliant track from the legendary project of the 90s.

Nirvana's sixth disc will be special. We spent a lot of time thinking about giving this massive tracklist an epic, spiritual ending with a slow tempo that fades into an ambient feel. In the end, our choice fell on a real, underrated diamond, the Arthur Pralaya project (formerly known as ArmagedDance).

Yes, the final disc of the compilation is, in fact, an album from one artist. The project works in different genres, so you can expect a smooth immersion into Nirvana and a return to yourself.


Release Date: 09 July 2024
Label: Global Sect
Compiled by DJ Adept, DJane Hisui, DJ Masala
Mastering: Ovnimoon, Tim Schuldt, One Day Mastering Studio
Cover Art: Artrama, Mir 

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